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Blue Thunder in Miami – 12-27 Key Biscayne Library

December 27, 2006

Dear Family of Light,

Hope everyone enjoyed the Christmas time with family and awaiting a glorious New Year. Keep this thought, ” AS YOU THINK SO U WILL BECOME,” Only think high quality thoughts.

In Jan 2006, I got an email from Bennie Le Beau, Blue Thunder – Shoshone Tribal Elder, see bio below…and it tiggered a memory. Time to unite tribes and reveal the prophecy. I even posted it on my blog, see

This past Solstice, Benny came to Miami and we did a ceremony at the Miami Circle. 7:22 pm at the exact time the Solstice came in, we had a fire, singing and drums.  It was quite unique and you could feel the power. The second we put out the fire and we were starting to leave…the rain came down, like a cleansing.

Benny will be with us this tonite, Wed at Key Biscayne Library. at 730 pm.
299 Crandon Blvd, Key Biscayne, FL 33149 – (305) 361-6134

He will be giving a slide show of his Medicine Wheel and healing the planet.

Those from a far just take time tonight and look at the stars.

It will be a special chance to tune into the wisdom of the Gran Tetons

See his web for more info.

Call me if u need more info, 786 663 4626.

Many blessings,



Msg To Indigenous Nations Leaders

Bennie E. LeBeau, aka BlueThunder Eastern Shoshone Wind River Indian Reservation, Ft. Washakie, Wyoming – – (307) 851-6249
January 17th, 2006

Greetings my Fellow Brothers, Sisters & Relatives; All Nations, My name is BlueThunder, aka Bennie LeBeau, Eastern Shoshone, Wind River Indian Reservation, Ft. Washakie, Wyoming.

This is a message to all wisdom keepers within the Indigenous Nations of the America’s. I have been asked to spread the word of White Eagle, a sacred Holy One who is working from the East-bringing message towards the west with sacred messages for peace. As an Eastern Shoshone messenger, a Peacemaker; I pray that leaders within the Dakota/Lakota Nations, Navajo Nations, Shoshone Nations, Chumash Nations, including all other Indigenous Nations that receive this message with a peace in their hearts.  This is to be considered and sent out to all Leaders/Advisors and Spiritual Leaders within the Indigenous Nations of the America’s. Please consider forwarding this to those influential individuals that you know far and wide.

Those that want to get in touch with me please call me at 307 851-6249 or my email at I thank you all on Behalf of White Eagle and White Thunder, Gerry Brolan as Peacemakers from the past, spiritual messages sent now that will help bring peace to the America’s. This Peacemaker White Eagle was recognized by many sacred names in the Tribal Nations of the America’s and the World.

May the Great Spirit Continue to Bless Each and Everyone in Wisdom and Knowledge for Mother Earth as the Great Spirit intended within the Central Sun, the Creator our Father and our Universal Mother of Creation the Universe.

Many Zahaunts, meaning many thank you’s for your help in sending this message for peace, within the America’s for the world at large. Those leaders of men and women that receive this message I respectfully request that you consider contacting me at my telephone 307 851-6249 or my email address, Blessings Be Peace.

Bennie E. LeBeau, aka BlueThunder, Eastern Shoshone,

Wind River Indian Reservation, Ft. Washakie, Wyoming


*Spoken Truth… Warriors of Old – 16th January 2006


The attached message was received this afternoon from White Eagle with the instructions from White Thunder to forward to All Wisdom Keepers. As you know, we do not have e-mails or addresses for them over here in the East we are asking that you Bennie (Blue Thunder) and Marshall (Golden Eagle) please help us. It has been shown that Navajo Nations, Lakota/Dakota Nations and Hopi Nations must receive this attachment as must all or as many of the Wisdom Keepers that you know between you.  Please will you forward on and keep in touch with us for we have been shown we need to know who receives this message.

Many Blessings Gerry Brolan (WhiteThunder) – Lyn Shelton (MoonStar), Paul Brolan (RunningBear)


*Book Of Trust

Spoken Truth – Spiritual Messages From the Warriors of Old

Nations Unite Within Souls We Walk

Brother to my people, Saviour to many Nations.

Open with me, walk beside all.

Offer own hand of peace; Challenge no meaning Trust in all Spoken Truth

Knowledge I give, Wisdom I share.

Open the mind, share amongst those, teach through visions shown.

Feel the wisdom I bring to enable walkways of harmony to balance Nature’s forces

Touch the heart and soul of those who walk within the shadows of darkness.

Radiate with the love and warmth I bring in peace.

Understand the hand I offer.

Search no more, wisdom I bring. Each Warrior bring forth meanings of the soul.

Tether no more. Wisdom Keepers unleash knowledge of old.
White Eagle

Many walkways of peace shadowed by mysteries of doubt. Each pathway shown by me throughout past time glistens with true vibrations of Natures Glory. Many wish to walk upon footsteps laid down by Ancient Ones in the hope of balancing all Tribal Nations throughout.

Each Warrior understands the true beliefs handed down through time. Peace Brothers give much from within depth of own self, teachings of wisdom shared by many who walked upon the lands that were once of plenty. Eyes closed by the blinkers of doubt change nothing; eyes open bring forth new beginnings. Walk with me along pathways of brightness. True beings of Old walk beside those of true belief. Hands cross many palms of all races, each palm toughed by those chosen by me, share the vibrations of love.

Each barrier of doubt cast shadows from which fears dwell deep within. We acknowledge those of troubled minds, peace from within will shine once more, begin the journeys forward, enhance the true meaning of life itself. Bring forth the true meaning of trust, open own heart to walk the pathway forgotten by many. I bring Truth and Honesty back for all to share, and walk beside the one who carries the hurts and sorrows for all Nations.

Walk within the Golden Rays I bring. These words I have been given to pass through the Wisdom Keepers of many Tribal Nations. I offer the openness of my being to share with many Nations the teachings I bring from many Warriors of Old to enable the worth of many to flourish and to begin the sacredness of journeys of time past.

Each Warrior of today releases energies from within to shine the true colors of Peace and Harmony for which the walkway to eternity forms the Rainbow Bridge of many colors.

White Eagle

Bennie E LeBeau, Sr., Elder spiritual leader and advisor, is an enrolled tribal member of the Eastern Shoshone Tribe, Wind River Indian Reservation, Ft Washakie, Wyoming. He has many years of experience in indigenous tradition and culture with the Eastern Shoshone Tribe. Through the encouragement of his tribal elders, he studied Cultural Anthropology and Applied Indigenous Studies at Northern Arizona University, located in Flagstaff, AZ. Studying methods of communication at NAU, which now has allowed Mr. LeBeau to speak from a truly Native American perspective. An indigenous viewpoint of what needs changed in the educational institutional classrooms across America and the world.

Mr. LeBeau is a member of the Spiritual Elders of Mother Earth (, an organization of indigenous prophecy carriers of North America. In this capacity, he helps educate his Shoshone Nations people and other cultures to the significance of sacred sites and the indigenous prophecies. His present emphasis is: Informing all cultures of the importance of protecting and preserving all indigenous sacred sites within this country and across the world.
To teach the great significance of sacred rock art areas across the America’s and the world to those who need help interpreting the landscapes of these sacred sites. And, to stress the importance of the language written within stone in the many Garden of Eden’s (the original homelands of Indigenous Nations) that are currently and rapidly disappearing around the world due to uncontrolled land development.

Native American rock art sites, as well as other sites around the world provide a tremendous amount of important knowledge and wisdom, which can be combined and re-taught to other traditions and cultures of the world. The wisdom given in dreamtime to Mr. LeBeau has given him the tools and a foundation that allow him to interpret the rock art texts and the pictures written in stone [petroglyphs- rock art]. These rock art images explain historical events that have happened in the past, can happen in the present or are about to happen in the future. Additionally, medicine people [shamans, priests, priestesses, knowledgeable men/women] find important ceremonial explanations.  The ancient rock art is a text of ancient healing ceremonies and knowledge’s of the universe for ‘all things’ on Mother Earth that have been lost through the ages.

Mr. LeBeau believes there is a great need to undertake a thoughtful visionary look at all rock art sites as part of a spiritual learning experience.  Regaining harmony for all things related that have an association with on Mother Earth, working to bring her back into harmony. There is a need for wisdom of the tangible and intangible spiritual aspects of all life on our Mother Earth. Our true Mother the earth gives us life.  Our Father the Central Sun is known as the mysterious one to everyone across this planet. The Spoken Truth has been written in the stone writings of the original instructions of universal laws.  Great visions of the past allowing us to move into the future that is present now. It’s direction for mankind tells us how to stay in balance and in harmony with nature and all conscious life upon our sacred Mother, the Earth.

Winter Solstice, Silent Tree

December 21, 2006

Dear Family of Light,

Greetings of peace, light and love from the inner heart. Wishing everyone a Magical Solstice, a Spiritual Christmas and Blessed New Year.

Today Dec 21 is the Winter Solstice, the beginning of winter and the longest night of the year. We are ending 2006 and going into 2007, the year of completion a 9. We just finished an 8 year, 2006, the symbol of infinity. When we see our eternal nature, a dot, we can time travel in infinity. You become time. So what time is it? Can you stop time or at least slow it down? As is your thoughts so will be your experience. A space between thoughts brings peace, like the space between notes in music creates harmony.

These past few days have given me a chance to see how the astros affect us. We had the Mercury transit, a couple solar and lunar eclipses in Sept and the reality of a black hole in each galaxy. Pluto is going through our galactic center and we are all vibrating at a new frequency. A couple months ago I talked about a renewed awareness of the need to be Silent and Listen, to become timeless. These 2 words have the same letters. When we listen to our higher self we can see our purpose in life and sometimes it is clearer in Silence. Take time to go to within, to a space where time is absent, in the soul world vibrating next to God.

We are in a solar cross, the Winter Solstice is the actual start of the real new year. It arrives each year sometime between Dec 20-23 (actual date varies because of our un-natural calendar)

Have you ever wondered why the “end of the year” (Nov-Dec) has more religious holidays than any other time of year? It seems every religion and culture celebrates it’s most important holidays during this time – – Ramadan for Islam; Hanukah for Jews; Devali for Hindus; Christmas for Christians; Zoroastrian; Paganism; Wiccan; Quanza; all have High Holy Holidays at this time of year.

While the superstitions of the various world religions embellish their own symbolism for this time of year, all are associated with Light and rebirth of Life. Rightly so because as our Earth reaches Winter Solstice (DEC 21) , the Southern most point of the Celestial Cross at the Tropic of Capricorn, we experience the longest night and shortest day (in the northern hemisphere). The very next day is the “birth” of light as the sun appears to turn and move north. It begins to “stay up” ever so slightly longer (about 4 minutes) after it stops [solstice= sol (sun). stice (stasis), so Sun stands still].

To the average person looking at the sunrise and setting, this annual process simply looks like the sun is rising a little bit further south or north of due east each day. More info at

So imagine the sun in your third eye and you expand to become the solar system, planets revolve around you and you hold earth in between your hands, a golden light shines from the 3rd eye, a blue light from your heart and a red-green light from your eyes. We heal the earth with our thoughts and imagination.

Going deeper into Silence, we slow down our thoughts and peace is the result. We feel the Soul World is our true home. It is like I am swimming in an ocean of peace…. nirvana, beyond sound and I am just a seed of light dancing with dolphins, angels and my family od star beings. No worries of the world down below.

We are beings of peace, so why not become peace in action with a generous dose of love.

Listen to God, really listen….. He is only a thought away and loves you more than you can imagine. We can be at our darkest night, but there is a wonderful Light at the end of the tunnel. You are connected to that Light and He Loves you, now and forever. So smile and be happy!

When we feel that Energy, that original peace that has no words, then the heart opens like a flower. You love the true U, a point of light, love each other then God smiles. One smile from God can heal a million broken hearts. Love flows in timeless directions and Peace is my birthright. Your heart is healed and all the past is just a cosmic video.

Wisdom is knowing this world is just a stage to express your divinity. When you see that Eternal Light and remember who You really are…then Listening with an open heart becomes a way of life. Listen and be Silent, this can set you free.

Many around the world are celebrating Christmas, the memory of the birth of Christ. But it is also a memory of the Christ Consciousness within each one to awaken. Christ came to show God’s Love and His Memory will live forever.

That Love endures today, but how many of us really Love without expectations. Do you really Love yourself and everyone around you? Can you forgive that one person that caused you pain many years ago or today? Past is past and letting go is great freedom. Somehow your higher self is always showing you back to perfection to God’s path of gentleness.

This is Love in action. Peace with no reaction.

The Christmas Tree is the symbol of the world family tree with all the major religions as branches and a Golden and Silver age as a trunk. God is the Seed of this magical tree and He sent his children Abraham, Christ, Buddha and Mohammad to show the way home. We are a global family and everyone is your brother and sister, so why the fighting? Maybe we have forgotten how to Love, maybe we forgotten who we really are, maybe we have become so lost in the maze and the gifts that God is giving us everyday. These gifts are our true virtues and powers and they are only a thought away. You have them now deep in your soul….Love, Peace, Wisdom, Purity, Power and Happiness. This is what we were and will become again. So there is Hope for the Future, that is the message of the new born child. If Jesus were to appear to you today as a child, would you not feel the innocence that is in your heart?

Return to your original nature and be at peace with the world. Don’t focus on the war, your imperfection or the past, live in the present and receive God’s Presents for you now. He can see your past, present and future and only has the highest thoughts for you, so do the same for others and yourself.

The Winter Solstice is a time of magic. In the South it is the Summer Solstice. Its true meaning is the “Sun stands still. ” Let you inner sun be still, silent and listen. Look within you and feel the new U coming into being. Who are we really but the ancestor souls, the roots of the tree connected to the Master Seed who awakens the World Tree.

These days I have been feeling God’s energy on the planet and it is like He is saying, “OK children it is time to create a shift to unify the world through music, art and film. My dream has always been to heal my fellow brothers and sisters with sound, light and color, or wisdom, peace and happiness. When the sound of wisdom, lights our inner peace then happiness is the result. When you see how great you are an Awakening occurs and nothing is the same.

In this New Year of 2007 and during these special days of the Solstice and Christmas, listen more to God and your higher self, spend more time being silent and let the love in your heart heal the world.

When you heal the world, then you are automatically healed and all your dreams will come true. Use your Heart. I got an email from of Go Gratitude

‘Heartist’ is a (k)new word, yet officially in the
dictionary, though its meaning is transparent and
easily received.

Quite simply it is this:

One who creates from the heart.

Imagine for a moment your favorite song …

Let this melody play within your frame, re-awakening
Love, Joy, Grace and Gratitude presently stored as
emotion through the power of cellular memory.
Take notice of the shift within your being, enjoying
being wrapped once again in the bliss of this vibrational

Sri Chimnoy, a well known spiritual teacher, wisely
praises the power of song like this:

“My heart is all gratitude to music,
for it keeps me all the time in touch with my
Universal Self.”

When we intentionally expose our bodies to frequencies
resonating with Love and Gratitude, our mind-body-spirit
remembers how to pattern itself after perfection … releasing
a spirited mix of kundalini cocktails to relax, rejuvenate
and re-(k)new our earthly being-ness.

Flow like a river of love returning to the Ocean and feel the Magic of being a Master, a seed of light creating heaven on earth. The Supreme Being, the Light of the World is with you, so why not share that light with the world. You are powerful beyond measure. We are the ones the world is waiting for.
Open the Heart and let the Light shine thru.

Much love and blessings,

Lucho L Condor
See my you tube site,

Energy, Time & Pluto

December 7, 2006


Dear Family of Light,

Hope everyone is well and in tune with the inner fire. These past few days have given me a chance to reflect on Energy, Pluto and Time.

Energy- the soul in action creating pure thoughts to affect change, Time changes and soul awakens.

All is energy in motion creating time vortexes.

Pluto- Great transformer, God of the Dead.

From Greek Ploutn, from ploutos, wealth (belief that the underworld was the source of wealth from the ground) True spiritual wealth is knowledge, underground – hidden.

Pluto also is Plutonium- a radioactive, metallic chemical element. It has the symbol Pu and the atomic number 94. It is the element used in most modern nuclear weapons. Would not the God of the Dead, use radioactive energy to transform humankind back to gods and goddess? More on that later….

Time- We are Time. My awareness is my soul, spiritual clock. I-Light, eternal spark of creation, the soul move time as we move through space and time, if we are not moving or dead…energy or time would stop. You would step out of this time and enter timeless time or maybe come back into time and another birth. If you can slow your thoughts you can slow time.

This past week I saw a Discovery program where astronomers now see a black hole in the center of ever galaxy. Imagine that a doorway to another world or a time vortex.

See news from

So what will happen when Pluto crosses the Galactic Center? I see a pulse of magnetic UV light that will awaken humanity to a new awareness. We will be able to see the Golden Age dawn before us and understand we were gods and goddess all along…

Changes are here…be a Master of Time and move Energy to heal the World.

Much love and blessings,




Consider the Whole Sky. The word “consider” comes from root words literally meaning “examine the stars.” In examining the stars and all of Creation, Whole Sky astrology provides the baseline of astrology for the 21st Century and beyond. This view of the Universe allows for examination and understanding of objects outside the confines of our solar system, and is not confined to a narrow plane of sight. Like it or not, objects in space profoundly affect us. Our Sun involuntarily revolves around the Galactic Center, much like the Earth does around the Sun. Our Galaxy rotates around another nucleus of thirty-odd galaxies, the Super Galactic Center. All this draws toward an enigmatic point known as the Great Attractor. The relationship of Earth to all these points (and everything else in Creation) remains undeniable. Other objects bombard us with high energy beams that dramatically impact the energy system of the body. Understanding what is out there and how it affects us connects us more to the point of Galactic Origin, enables an understanding of the “vibes” we feel, offers a deeper understanding of our psychological constitution, assists us in coping with the real world, and above all, opens the door for a clearer spiritual belief system.

Pluto, the Galactic Center and Enlightenment (published December 1, 2005)

“This era exceeds, for physical, symbolic and enlightenment purposes, the significance of the expiration of the Mayan Calendar.”

– Philip Sedgwick

In 2006 and 2007, Pluto will align with the Galactic Center three times, ushering in an unprecedented period of cosmic awareness and healing. This passage will also be marked by chaos and turmoil.

Pluto’s conjunction with the Galactic Center occurs only once every 248 years. While some astrologers report Pluto as conjunct the exact center of our galaxy earlier in the year, the alignments are actually in late December 2006 and again in July and October of 2007.

Because of Pluto’s proximity to the degree of the Galactic Center (26’55” Sagittarius) throughout 2006, we will feel the effects all year.

How each of us experiences this transit will depend on our consciousness.

Pluto is the spiritual plunger of the solar system, forcing us to face issues submerged in the unconscious that hold us back from our highest expression of divinity. The Galactic Center is a black hole around which our Sun and other planetary systems revolve.

The nature of black holes, and Pluto, is annihilation.

Pluto’s passage over the Galactic Center will accelerate the natural process the Hopi refer to as the Great Purification. As a transpersonal planet, Pluto influences the collective consciousness as well as the individual. Watch for political upheaval, revolution and chaos, as well as Earth changes that restore balance to human systems and the natural world.

In December 2005, we’re put on notice. This is the time for Lightworkers to heal spiritual, mental, emotional and physical imbalances in preparation for the changes to come in 2006 and beyond.

A crescendo of emotional release and fulfillment culminates in the Gemini Full Moon on December 15. Between now and then, our priority is to acknowledge and release patterns from our past that will not be carried into the new cycle.

Key issues for Lightworkers during this phase include:

– Self-esteem not cultivated in childhood must be nurtured now in order to achieve greater expressions of creativity and leadership.

– Ego imbalances will be corrected. As you recognize and heal issues of low self-esteem and create a unique, individuated identity, check in often to be sure you’re operating from essence, not ego.

– Patterns of codependency must be released. Healing codependent patterns requires periods of solitude to develop right relationship with self and Source, which eventually leads to healthy relationships with others.

– Addictions of all kinds – to substances, relationships, activities, even feelings – are obstacles to soul growth and need to be released.

– Recognize and rewrite thoughts and beliefs that hinder your experience of yourself as Infinite Divine Light.

– Heal the illusion of separation that stems from “original separation” when your soul individuated and descended from Source to experience growth through human experience.

On the path of healing these karmic issues, we encounter many forms of resistance. Emotional outbursts, rage, hysteria, anxiety, depression, illness, accidents, body aches, digestive problems, allergies, acute pain and injuries, chemical and other dependencies are some of the experiences we create as we begin to break away from past patterns.

As we grow in awareness, we begin to welcome these challenges as confirmation that we’re making progress!

Meanwhile, strategies that will help you through the changes include…

– Daily meditation. Twice a day, at least 15 minutes each time, will help you ground, center, reconnect with Source, and integrate the changes on all levels.

– Develop a support network with others on the path of mastery. Release non-supportive relationships that attempt to hold you in past patterns.

– Set clear intentions and express them in ceremony, prayer, poem, dance, song and/or art.

– Explore transformational healing tools including energy and bodywork, essential oils, flower essences and sacred sound.

Many astrologers have been writing and speaking about Pluto’s alignment with the Galactic Center in 2006-2007. Some presentations are fear-based, some hopeful. While the effects of these conjunctions will be dramatic and far-reaching, they’ll serve to strengthen and unify us as the shift to higher consciousness intensifies.

As the World Shifts

If you thought the past few years were exhilarating, exhausting and exuberant, wait till you see what’s ahead.

The countdown to the Golden Age is on. As vast cycles of cosmic time come to a close, new and wondrous cycles are beginning. We live in the transition period, the Shift of the Ages.

The Mayan calendar teaches that the evolution of consciousness is accelerating. There’s a 25-year window from the Harmonic Convergence in August 1987 through the end of the Mayan Calendar in 2012. During this period, special planetary alignments guide us in an accelerated learning lab.

The Grand Fixed Cross Solar Eclipse on August 11, 1999, catalyzed a mass spiritual awakening. This signpost in the heavens was a turning point, a wake-up call for Lightworkers to move more fully into their path of service.

In 2001 and 2002, Saturn and Pluto faced off with three exact oppositions that reshaped our world. Most memorably, the attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City and the Pentagon in Washington, D.C., occurred between the dates of the first two oppositions in 2001.

By 2003, planetary servers had expanded their base of experience, and on November 8/9, 2003, solidified their commitment as six planets created an elegant Star of David/Merkabah pattern in the sky. This alignment, known as the Harmonic Concordance, opened a portal of divine consciousness and called us to a deeper level of union and service.

Last year, Venus danced with Pluto and crossed the face of the Sun in the historic Transit of Venus, transforming our ideals of love and abundance.

At the end of 2005, we stand at the threshold of a major new passage, the conjunction of Pluto, God of the Underworld, with the very center of our galaxy. The Galactic Center is a place of mystery and awe. From the black hole at its center, entire worlds are obliterated, or formed.

Pluto’s conjunction with the Galactic Center in 2006-2007 is at least as important as the ending of the Mayan Calendar just seven years from now. Pluto roots out spiritual sludge and brings to light issues held deep within the subconscious. The effects of this transit will be felt individually, collectively and throughout the cosmos.

The Pluto alignment offers a gift of profound healing, potential enlightenment, new levels of service. On this Sagittarius New Moon, may we aim like the archer for the stars as we prepare for the next round of transformation.

I am rebirth

Let me dance you to death

Let me dance you to life

Will you walk through your fears to dance with me?

– The Goddess Kali

Over the next 18 months, the transformation of consciousness on planet Earth will take a quantum leap. As we stand at the threshold of this cosmic opportunity, we have a simple choice – to be guided and empowered by love, or to allow fear to squelch our divine, creative potential.