Cold, Hold Time, or Just Old..

Dear Family of Light,

Do u have a cold?  Are u feeling tired? What is all the stress about? Is everything on hold or is it cold? Maybe in am just old…

Time seems to be moving faster and in certain parts of the US, as well as the world, are in a deep freeze. Miami, right now 70 * F

Some days hot as Summer and others Rain ~v~ Nature out of balance when our children die because of extreme conditions inside their own home. Some have to keep the gas fire stove on just to keep warm…not healthy.

Yesterday in my meditation class, Norman a young soul in his mid 60s shared a powerful experience. We were doing a guided journey in healing the earth and creating balls of light within our hands.  Imagine the earth in your hands. Or stopping light and moving light pulses to another place…see new at end of this mail..

When we finished he said he saw himself as a little baby with a ball in his hand, he mentioned it was like a cleanse, healing the old, but a memory very powerful indeed.

When we see the power of our mind to clean out the old and understand the healing process of the body we can heal our mind and see the healing process of the Earth. Maybe our planet is filled with toxins and is just regulating the temperature to clear out the junk.

When our soul in the body is stressed…the immune system is weakened and we take certain pills thinking it will heal..but…not all works.  Knowledge is freedom and common sense makes your life much easier to deal with.

Found a great article on Colds on an old amigos web.

I met Viktoras in the late 80s and was involved Cel Tech at that time. He is an expert in natural medicine and has a great insight on Colds and how to heal the body.

Enjoy the news your can use…

Many blessings,
Anyone in Miami ~~> most welcome every Wed 7:30 pm at Key Biscayne  Library.

Colds should be thought of as a cleansing process instead of disease or illness.

I decided to write on the subject, because there is so much ignorance on colds. Most folks seem to get them. I use to get 3 to 15 colds a year up to age of 30. Then I made some radical dietary changes, and I have no colds. I discovered also, some people, make moderate dietary upgrades, but include alkalizing foods and strong balanced enzymes and they too , have no more colds.

All of us are familiar with the symptoms of the common cold. Among these are sneezing, runny nose, and stuffed-up head, often accompanied by a fever.
Generally, this is what is known as a “head cold”. Then there is the other variety, the sore throat, the cough, the aching lungs. This type may also be accompanied by a fever. This is known as the “chest cold”. They exist all over the world, affect all races, classes and are present in every climate. Colds are usually not very serious, but they are very expensive. In the United States alone, it is estimated that colds cost up to 40 billion dollars annually including loss of efficiency and loss of time from work by people suffering from the common cold.

There are many reasons given for the cause of the common cold. The following are some of the common misconceptions: colds are an infection caused by germs, parasites and viruses; colds are caused by extreme changes in the temperature. The phrase “catching a cold” indicates that people believe they can give one another
colds. Mental shocks are frequently followed by colds. Pollution is also frequently blamed for being a contributor to colds. There are some logical basis for these theories. The germ theory can be supported by the fact that colds seem to go through families. Extreme temperature changes may cause the contraction of the nasal mucosa and cracks in the nasal mucosa enables the bacteria to enter the organism. However, there isn’t a common germ, virus, or bacteria for the common cold.

All of these theories deal with superficial explanations of symptoms and not the origin. There is a common denominator: colds are the result of excess mucous built up within the lungs and lymphatic system. Mucous is a natural, clear, viscous secretion found in the gonads, intestines and respiratory tract. It protects the tissues from irritation by strong acids and/or bases. Mucoproteins react with the acid or base, coagulating its mucous into white dense secretions which are absorbed into the lymphatic system. When observing a noncongestive diet, the small amount of secretions generated is easily broken down into simple components and recycled or
excreted. However, when the body’s resistance has been lowered by a high stress lifestyle and diet is badly chosen, it results in a daily build up of mucus. In this toxic state, the body will be affected by such things as drafts, extreme temperature changes, polluted air, exposure to germs, viruses and bacteria.

The toxic condition is the result of incomplete metabolism of inappropriately chosen food in the intestines. Overeating of natural food can also predispose the body to be affected by colds because this brings on indigestion and constipation. Improper eating is another contributing factor. Examples of this are: too much of any one food such as heat treated proteins, sugar, dairy products, starches and concentrated foods; an acid condition in the stomach which can come from concentrated intake of protein, fat and/or starch, from bad food combinations such as starch and protein, starch and acid such as bakery products mixed with citrus, tomato or vinegar in the same meal; processed foods; fluids taken with a meal (especially milk, which hydrochloric acid in stomach curds in large balls that can take one to three days to digest). Excess protein, especially of diary origin, will leave a residue in the prostate and gonads, as well as in the respiratory tract thereby predisposing one to a painful menstrual discharge.

An easy way to demonstrate the relationship of diet and colds is to stay away from all pasteurize dairy products for three weeks, then have some cheese or a glass of milk. Within minutes all the symptoms of a cold will develop – congested chest, catarrh in the throat, sinus aches, etc… Most people are unable to tolerate a limited amount of such foods, once they have lowered their vitality.

When a build up of mucous reaches a high level where it can interfere with life processes, then a ‘cold’ can result. When exposed to stressful situations, cold weather
or overwork, the body constricts. After the removal of the stress, some lung cavities of the body become shut off from circulation due to failure of the glued up capillaries to return back to former condition. To open them up, the body’s intelligence builds up a fever (to cause expansion and return normal circulation). For every degree in rise of body temperature, the enzyme activity rate goes up by at least 15% – this is why fever is so beneficial, it is equivalent to increase of body enzymes, to melt down the mucus. At the same time, leukocyte level goes up tremendously. With their high enzyme concentration mucus can be dissolved. Studies show that blood and urine enzyme level goes up many times during fever. There are some germs (we always have some in our body) in the isolated capillary cavities that start to multiply rapidly at the rate of one multiplication every twelve minutes. Every twenty four hours 2,000,000 million new germs will be produced from a single original germ.

Furthermore, with the fever, leukocytes and phagocytes are able to reach into these- areas to attack and destroy the germs by way of enzyme action. The mucous is eaten up by them until it is a liquid secretion which can be discharged through our eliminative organs, specifically the lungs by means of phlegm and cough. Also the
urine becomes dark yellow, defecation frequent and loose and the skin – offensive in smell and sweaty.

Colds should be thought of as a cleansing process instead of disease or illness. Disease never develops if during colds everything is done to encourage elimination. Unfortunately, this is not so for most people. Cold remedies fill the shelves of our drug stores, supermarkets and medicine cabinets. The supply and variety seem endless. In seeking relief from the uncomfortable symptoms of the common cold Americans spend one quarter of a billion dollars a year. This figure applies to only the overthecounter medications which include pills, nose drops, sprays, cough syrups, cough suppressants, cough expectorants, etc… Antihistamines are often used in addition to these medications. Their primary function is to shrink the mucous membranes of the nose and sinuses. All this does is temporarily dry up the nasal secretions. Added to the long list of medications is the old stand-by, the aspirin. At the onset of a cold, most people take two aspirins routinely every four hours. After all, “it’s what doctors recommend the most”, as we often hear on television commercials. Aspirins have an analgesic effect and they do relieve the pain symptoms. But this relief is slight and temporary. Then, there are the prescription drugs which can only be ordered by physicians. These are prescribed for the more severe colds. New developments in pharmacology have brought us anti-biotics.

One of these is penicillin, considered by many a “miracle drug” for the treatment of colds or the flu. It is a powerful agent and can fight many infections. Today, it is prescribed indiscriminately for colds and infections of the respiratory tract. Now, the
body not only has the cold to contend with, but it must rid itself of the drug. Penicillin can become very toxic for some people. They may develop a sensitivity to it and are never able to use it again. Penicillin allergy may vary from mild skin rashes, to sudden death from anaphylactic shock. There are hundreds of documented cases of deaths attributed to penicillin injections. Here, the treatment is worse than the disease, yet antibiotics are a big-business today. The laboratory assembly lines continue to produce and market these dangerous drugs in ever increasing volume.
In brief, medical science has not found a cure for the common cold. The relief from “colds” comes from either enervating the body and suppressing this cleansing process leading to long term build up of waste, or letting the cold work itself through until the toxins are eliminated from the body. At such time, the cold symptoms will subside. This will be as spontaneous as the onset of the cold.

Once one has acquired a cold there are several measures that can be taken to encourage elimination. The body must be allowed to get rid of its impurities without outside interference. Natural treatment is always the most effective way to avoid complications. The proper treatment is to cleanse the system. When a cold appears, take a herbal (like Seasonal Cleanse) If one has not had elimination for several days, one should consider doing also an enema or a colonic.

The immune system is radically empowered by a long history of enzyme supplementation. Dr. Leskovar showed that the enzymes increase natural killer cell activity by 1300% and of macrophages by 700%. During a cold, to accelerate the recovery, it is best to stay on alkalizing fluids, take high protealitic enzyme every hour and get plenty of rest. The recovery can be speeded up by days. The mucus melt down and excreted through normal channels of elimination, instead of through coughing and spitting.

To speed up detoxification, all ingestion of food should be stopped until the cold is gone. The mechanics of elimination and cure of cold can be stopped by eating solid food in excessive amounts. This will lead to further burdening of the system and mucous build up. As the years advance this mucous build up is the basis of many degenerative diseases. Drinking warm water, vegetable broth and/or diluted fruit juices is desirable. Hot baths (with 3 pounds of salt in tub) will increase perspiration and bring blood to the skin. This is helpful in getting rid of poisons through the pores. There are some people who find it helpful to engage in exercises, such as walking or working to increase perspiration. For most people, though, bed rest with plenty of fresh air seems beneficial. Massages of the entire spine as well as soles of the feet increase circulation and help return the blood to normalcy. Following these simple yet effective measures, recovery should occur within two or three days.

In order to avoid clogging up our body with mucous and wastes, there are simple dietary measures we can follow. There are some foods that contribute to poisoning our bodies and should be avoided. We should avoid refined white flour products
(these are poor food), sugar products, ice cream, cakes, cookies, pies, and candies.
Wheatgerm is absent in white flour, and neither are the enzymes, vitamins and organic mineral salts present. Fried foods should definitely be avoided since they are not digestible and generate a high level of mucous. Keep away from jellies, jams and preserves because they produce abnormal fermentation. They also leave excessive amounts of gas in the stomach and this helps generate mucous.

Eating meat or excessive vegetarian protein foods results in formation of large amounts of digestive acids which induce abnormal amounts of mucus. Uric acid particularly is very damaging; this builds up and crystallizes and is one of the main
causes for rheumatism. The person who consumes a lot of meat lacks power and endurance and suffers from lowered resistance, which predisposes the body to colds. The most important foods to avoid in order to prevent colds are the dairy products. The biggest culprit among these is cow’s milk. Cow’s milk is food for its offspring, the calf. It contains the nutrients necessary for the growth and development of that animal. It is rich in protein and calcium. This enables the calf to grow to such tremendous size. The calcium content is three times that of human milk. It also contains excessive amounts of glucose which just turns to fat. Glucose is stored in the liver and builds up in the body tissue. The protein in cow’s milk is called caseinogen. This is a sticky substance that remains in various parts of the body. This eventually causes blockage in the kidneys, the bladder, and the skin. Cow’s milk is responsible for many problems, among them asthma, arthritis, obesity and the common cold. Pasteurized milk is the most mucous producing food in the daily diet of Americans. It is the cause of colds, flu, bronchial troubles, sinus problems, arthritis, asthma and hay-fever. It takes a tremendous amount of effort for the human body to metabolize cow’s milk. As a result, milk is the cause of the mucous ailments that affect so many. Cow’s milk was never intended for human consumption but for animal consumption. Avoid also tobacco, caffeine and alcohol.

There are many foods which will help us maintain good health and enable us to avoid having colds. A diet rich in B complex vitamins, such as sprouted grains and beans, greens, seed yogurt as well as the traditional wheatgerm and yeast. Bread should be made with whole wheat flour because it contains vitamin E. Cereals should contain whole wheat and whole grains. Sweets can be obtained from fruits, honey, maple sugar. These are high in vitamin C. Make sure the fruits are fresh and not canned. Dried or evaporated fruits are an excellent substitute when fresh fruits are not available. By eating fruits in abundance, we can prevent colds. Fruits contain acid and they are the best internal systemic cleansers known. Potatoes should be boiled in their skins. Have plenty of fresh vegetables cooked in very little water so there is nothing left to drain. Cover the pot in order to retain the vitamins. Vegetables should be cooked for a short period of time to prevent excessive nutrient loss. Green and yellow vegetables are abundant in vitamin A. Raw vegetables and salad vegetables are the most desirable. One will never get a cold when eating raw foods only. All other vegetarian foods can lead to cold if the body is enervated. The raw foods normalize the bowels with their high roughage and help purify the bloodstream. With this diet. the body will obtain what it needs to avoid getting colds.

Fasting is a natural way of ridding the body of excess toxins, wastes and diseased tissue. It purifies the bloodstream. Nature heals through fasting and this is considered a miracle cure by many. All animals fast when they are sick, and children instinctively know this. However, Americans are preoccupied with food and we keep eating while sick which further complicates matters. We have to unlearn our bad habits.

The first thing to do before a fast is to empty the intestinal tract. At bedtime take a familiar herbal! laxative (Seasonal Cleanse from Cell Tech is excellent) in the evening at retirement. This will empty the content of the stomach, small intestine and part of colon. After morning bowel movement, take a few warm enemas. With this preparation, a liquid diet ‘A will be a pleasure. Total fasting means no food whatsoever.

Take plenty of liquids during the fast – distilled water, diluted subacid fruit juices and/or fresh vegetable broth, melon juice, or herbal teas (peppermint, wild cherry, bayberry bark with yarrow, ginseng, ginger.-no honey or sweeteners) are good.
Try to use only a few mixtures for any one day. Drink distilled water or herb teas in between the juices. Try to get as much rest as possible during an extended fast and also plenty of fresh air. You will feel miserable during the fast as long as the wastes are still in your bloodstream. Once the wastes are gone, you will feel fine.

The ultimate prevention of colds is a healthy holistic lifestyle fueled by mucus clean at least 80% raw food diet. The best preventive medicine is a weekly fast to maintain good health. This can be either a twenty four hour or thirty six hour fast. This does not need to interfere with one’s normal activities. At the end of such a fast, the foods should be raw vegetables. A day later, you may include one or two cooked nonstarchy vegetables. After a couple of days, you may resume your normal diet. However, it is not advisable to eat three meals a day in between fasts. To maintain a healthy body. one or two meals a day is sufficient. Over-eating is the greatest cause of all diseases.

Fear and worry also lower the body’s resistance. This makes the body susceptible to colds as well as to a variety of other diseases. Medical science is now doing a great deal of research to determine the affects that stress has on disease. Stress has been linked directly to causing colds and all psychosomatic disorders, and there may be a link between stress and cancer. So a good preventive measure to maintain general good health is to learn to think peaceful and positive thoughts by toning the ego needs and concentrating ones life on selfless service emanating from a loving heart.

For those, who continue to eat, in a fashion, which generate significant mucus build up, they should consider the intake of OligoPower, which was a patented by a good friend, a Japanese Physician in 2003 with a 93% success in preventing and or eliminating a cold.

For those who wish help in getting the best of enzymes, herbal cleansers, alkalizing super foods please contact me at
Viktoras Kulvinskas. MS

Common and Costly, Colds Account for Billions
Tue Feb 25, 5:36 PM ET

By Charnicia E. Huggins

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – Colds are not only common, they are also costly, according to
research released Monday.

Forty billion US dollars are spent each year due to missed days from school and work, visits to
the doctor and over-the-counter medications, according to a team of Michigan and Florida

“Every parent knows the cost of colds goes far beyond buying a bottle of cough syrup,” Dr. A.
Mark Fendrick of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor told Reuters Health. A child’s illness
can often throw a wrench into a parent’s plans and make them miss work or spend extra money
for a babysitter if the child stays home from school, he said.

To investigate the total impact of the common cold the researchers conducted a telephone
survey of over 4,000 adults nationwide and extrapolated those findings to the US population.

Nearly three-quarters of the survey respondents said they had had a cold during the previous
12 months, and these cold sufferers reported having two to three colds per year, Fendrick and
his team report in the Archives of Internal Medicine.

Based on this finding, there are approximately 500 million cold episodes each year in the US,
the researchers note.

What’s more, the economic impact of these colds–including direct and indirect costs–is almost
$40 billion each year, the report indicates.

Direct costs–such as doctor visits and prescription drugs–account for about $17 billion of this
price tag. They estimate that colds cost $22 billion in indirect costs, such as costs associated
with missed days from work and school.

Overall, children throughout the US miss an estimated 189 million school days because of
colds, and parents caring for these sick children miss about 126 million workdays. Employees
also miss an additional 70 million workdays because they themselves are sick with a cold.

“Hence, when it comes to burden of illness, there is nothing common about the common cold,”
Fendrick and his team conclude.

A grant from ViroPharma, Inc. funded the study. Fendrick and his co-authors serve as
consultants to the Pennsylvania-based company, a pharmaceutical firm that develops and
markets antiviral medications.

SOURCE: Archives of Internal Medicine 2003;163:487-494.

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