The Resurrection of the Christ & U Reborn

Dear Family of Light,

Special greetings of love, peace & bliss on this special day as a memory of the power of the Risen Christ. We all have the same Christ awareness deep within us and it is like a memory chip that awakens u to a new understanding of your latent powers. Christ is a frequency of pure love and forgiveness.

Awaken to a New Sun and see the darkness fade as the rainbow of light showers peace over the world.

Much love and light,


In the ancient past, there was a memory of the illusion of death. An understanding of the eternity of the atma, the soul, who u really are.
Echos of time, words of angels and are we not far from home?
Where did Christ go and what was his message?

The mystery of Jesus the Christ is still a cause of wars today.

Jesus went to Egypt & India during his lost years and still the mystery remains. Last night I was watching the 10 Commandment and the exodus of Egypt with Moses. So much history and those who lived those times still have a deep memory in the soul computer. Do u remember?

This Sunday the world celebrates Easter and the Risen Christ. Christ came to bring the Love of God. He came as a revolutionary who saw a need to go beyond the fear of an angry God and bring the Love from above. What few know is that Jesus was the man and the Christ soul entered him at 30 years as a new soul from the soul world. So Jesus the man and Christ the avatar, 2 in 1 and a message of Love, this was the message of the Master.

When John the Baptist poured the waters of the Jordon over Jesus, “the Spirit of God descended like a dove and hovered over him. With that, a voice from the heavens said, This is my beloved Son. My favor rests on him.” Matthew 3:16-17

For 3 years starting at 30 years of age, Jesus Christ shared his message and today 2007 years later that message is still alive and strong.

The Resurrection is a reminder that we can never die and that life is everlasting. We will all one day rise above this body, suffering and pain and live in peace, love and harmony for another cycle of time.

Christ reminds us of the Love God has for us and that his life was a sacrifice like the lamb on the alter. If he did not die and rise, his death would have been useless. To conquer death is the greatest act of magic and the real illusion. He showed that a man was willing to suffer & be humiliated all for the love of God and His Children. Before we are born we know all the life lessons we came to learn, all the karma we came to clear and the time will come when all will rise like the morning sun and shine bright for a thousand years.

When Jesus died on the Cross a strange light was seen over the world. “It was now around midday, and darkness came over the whole land until midafternoon with an eclipse of the sun. The curtain in the sanctuary was torn in two. Jesus uttered a loud cry and said, Father, into your hands I commend my spirit. Luke 23: 45-46

In Matthew 27: 46 Jesus cries out in a loud tone, “Eli, Eli, lema sabachthani?
My God, my God why have you forsaken me? Another mystery. Since Christ was a new soul, he could not experience pain. The Christ soul leaves the body on the cross. Jesus is left to suffer the last minutes and the mystery continues. By Christ coming to earth, he opens a pathway for all Christians souls to come down from the soul world. A new religion is established and we celebrate his Resurrection today. We have died many times and will be born many times. Life is eternal and God has a plan, it is all in His Hands.

Enjoy this Day of Light and New Beginnings. Rise from the illusion and start your own revolution. We are the solution for war and all it takes is Love.
Love was the Message of the Master and Love is the Key to Resurrection. It reminds us that one day we will all rise again from the ashes and shine in our true Glory as Angels of God, Messengers of Peace & Beings with Love 4 all no matter what religion you were born in.

Awaken the Inner Christ and sacrifice the old…so the new world & the new U can emerge out of the ashes of forgotten memories.

From the heart,


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