Dadi Prakashmani Serves from Above and Beyond

Dear Family of Light,



Today is a special day for my Brahmin Family and many thousand other souls who have met Dadiji. Our Beloved Dadi Prakashmani has left this world and after spending 12 days in the Subtle Regions with God and Brahma Baba, she is now free to take rebirth in the Advanced Party where she will continue to serve & give love to the world as a true ancestor soul.

These past few days I have been in Silence and remebering all the magical times I shared with this wonderful woman. One that comes to mind is in 94 when I went to India during the rainy season. We were celebrating Rahki, a ceremony of Purity and Dedication to God, a bond of Protection. She tied this sacred bracelet on my right arm and I looked into her eyes and could see myself as a Deity of the Past, an Angel of present and Divine Being of the Future.
In 1 second all my Raja Yogi life passed before me and could feel the wonder & honor of being part of this Divine Family. As each of you is part of my family and we are here to serve the world, I am blessed to share the following info.

First who was Dadiji? See this great video for intro.



A web site is now open in her honor..

Press Release
President Pratibha Patil and leaders condole Dadi.s demise as a great loss
-Thousands of devotees from across the globe descend at Abu for last rites on Monday-
Mount Abu, Aug, 26: Mrs. Pratibha Patil, President of India and several other socio-political, religious leaders, statesmen, bureaucrats and judges have expressed grief and have condoled the demise of Dadi Prakashmani, the Chief of Brahma kumaris as a great loss for the country and mankind.

President Patil in her message has termed Dadiji as one of the leading lights, who has
always emphasized on empowering the self and others with practical wisdom for realizing constant peace, happiness and excellence in life. Dadiji would be remembered for her distinct contribution to the welfare of society at large, Mrs. Patil has said.
Gujrat Governor Naval Kishore Sharma and Chief Minister Narendra Modi have
expressed their grief over Dadi.s demise. Mr. Modi, who along with Governer will attend
Dadi.s last rites at instution.s Abu premises on Monday. In his message he said, Dadi had always faught against the evils of society and succeeded in her efforts. The Governor also said Dadi was a living example of love and kindness and her death will be deeply felt by humanity.

Jagatguru Shri Shivratri Maharaj of Sutturmath, Maysore in his condolence message
said that with Dadi’s demise India had lost a spiritual ambassador who had love, care, concern and compassion for entire mankind.
Swami Bal Gangadharnath Ji of Adi Chunchungiri Math, Karnataka has said that it
would be difficult to fill the vacuum created by passing away of Dadiji who was a unique torch bearer of humanity.
Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Y.S. Rajshekhar Reddy expressed shock and grief at
passing away of the great spiritual leader Dadiji whose invaluable contributions, he said, would be long remembered by people of all walks of life.

Prominent among others who have sent their condolences are Shri D. Shrinivas, Andhra Pradesh, Minister for Higher Education; Mr. T. N. Chaturvedi, Ex. Governor of Tamil Nadu; Mr. Chandrababu Naidu, Andhra Pradesh Leader of Opposition; Shri Jasbir Singh, Chairman, Minority Commission, Govt. of Rajasthan; Sardar Buta Singh, Chairman, National Commission for Scheduled Castes, Mr. D. R. Karthikeyan, former CBI Director; Justice Eishwariya; Judge Andhra Pradesh High Court etc.

Today morning, Dadiji.s garlanded mundane body which was kept inside a glass casket
and mounted on the top of an open carriage, was taken in a procession from institution’s Shantivan premises, Abu Road to its Spiritual Museum, founder Prajapita Brahma’s Samadhi, Cottage, Rest Room and finally was kept at Om Shanti Hall at Pandav Bhawan, Mount Abu where public and gentry paid tribute before the vehicular procession returned to Shantivan via institution’s Gyan Sarovar Academy and Global Hospital at Mount Abu.

The final rites are scheduled to be held inside the premises of Shantivan, Abu Road
tomorrow. Aug-27 at 10:30 A.M. in which over 20,000 devotees including IPs, VIPs and VVIPs from India and abroad are expected to congregate to pay their obeisance.

Several private TV & Radio channels including Doordarshan & AIR are expected to
cover the event. Some TV channels including Sanskar, Astha, Aaj Tak, Zee-Jagran, E-TV etc will provide live telecast of the program tomorrow.
B. K. Karuna, Media Spoksman, Brahma Kumaris, Hqrs. Mt. Abu, Cell: 09414153999

The first news we got via the Internet….

At 10:05am local time on 25th August 2007, the soul of Dadi Prakashmani, Administrative Head of the Brahma Kumaris, passed away at the organization’s Shantivan complex on Abu Road in Rajasthan, India. She was in her mid 80’s.
Dadi Prakashmani was a truly remarkable soul with an overflowing sense of generosity and love for all. She took on the role of administrative head of the organization in 1969, at a time when it was just a national entity in India. Over the proceeding years, her wisdom, gentle nature and foresight helped guide the Brahma Kumaris through a period of tremendous global growth.

When she was once asked how she managed such an international organisation, she replied: “Like a family, the basis of this organization is love, and it flourishes because it is nourished with trust and respect”.
Her cremation will take place at the Brahma Kumaris’ Shantivan complex on Monday morning. All BK centers around the world will be having special meditation over the weekend to further spread the vibrations of peace and love that had been such a hallmark of Dadi.

Press release
Brahma Kumaris Chief Rajyogini Dadi Prakashmani is no more
Mount Abu, August 25 : Rajyogini Dadi Prakashmani, the Chief of Brahma
Kumaris left her mortal body in Shantivan, Abu Road today at 10:05 A.M. She
was aged 87. Her body will be kept till Monday morning for inmates to pay
Born in Hyderabad Sind (now in Pakistan) Dadiji joined the institution at
the tender age of 14. She was chosen one of the eight trustees of the institution
during its formative days in 1937 and later rose to become its Chief
Administrative Head after its corporeal founder Prajapita Brahma left his mortal
coil in January 1969.
Her boundless enthusiasm, generosity and unlimited vision had led the
institution in its tremendous growth from national to global with over 8000
service centres in 130 countries. Under her able leadership, it also became an
NGO member in the United Nations. For her contributions towards world peace,
she had received the UN.s International Peace Messanger Award.
Her personality reflected a perfect blend of lightness, cheerfulness and
authority that float from her inner strength of unflinching dedication and
discipline. She was conferred Doctorate Degree in Literature by Mohanlal
Sukhadia University, Udaipur for her outstanding contribution towards
promotion of human values and moral education.
Her spiritual discourses made a lasting impact on the listeners due
to her underlying power of truth and conviction of practicing what she preached.
She combined love and law, respect and authority to administer the day to day
tasks at the headquarters. Her natural leadership qualities inspired one and all in
the organisation to transform their lives and dedicate themselves to offer their
services to humanity.
B. K. Karuna
Media Spokesman
Brahma Kumaris HQ, Mt. Abu

Brief Bio-Data –

Rajyogini Brahma Kumari Dadi Dr. Prakashmani

Born in Hyderabad, Sind (now in Pakistan), Dadi Prakashmani’s childhood name was Rama. Her father was a renowned astrologer and foresaw his daughter’s destiny to lead a spiritual life in the service of humanity that would span eight decades and reach across all continents.

In 1937, when the Brahma Kumaris organisation was being established as a small trust in Sind under the name ‘Om Mandali’, 14 year old kumari Rama decided to join it and dedicate her life to the spiritual upliftment of humanity. Chosen as one of its original eight trustees, she was given the spiritual name ‘Prakashmani’ (‘Jewel of Light’). Her extraordinary talents, vision, values and qualities of leadership enabled her to take up the challenges of starting spiritual service centres in Mumbai and Maharastra and become the organisation’s Chief Co-ordinator of Maharastra, Gujrat & Karnataka zones in the 1950s and 1960s.

In 1954, Dadi led a delegation to the Second World Religious Congress in Japan. She then embarked on a six month tour of Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia, delivering spiritual talks and lectures and promoting Raja Yoga meditation, to help people restore inner peace, power, harmony and happiness in their lives. After the organisation’s founding father, Brahma Baba, died in 1969, she became its Administrative Head, endearingly called ‘Dadiji’. With her generosity of spirit and unlimited vision, she was able to guide the Brahma Kumaris through their huge growth since that time.

Since 1969, Dadiji chaired and addressed countless national seminars and meetings in India, as well as international conferences in over hundred countries. In 1985, she organised the All India Bharat Unity Youth Padyatras and Rallies and in 1989 the All India Holistic Health Awareness Campaigns. She served as President of the annual Universal Peace Conferences at Mount Abu from 1983 to 1993. It was under Dadiji’s dynamic leadership in the 1980s, that the Brahma Kumaris was designated an NGO in the United Nations Department of Public Information, with consultative status with the UN’s Economic & Social Council and with UNICEF. In 1986, designated UN International Year of Peace, she launched the Million Minutes of Peace Appeal project in over 88 countries and presented a collection of one billion minutes of positive, peaceful and prayerful thoughts to UN Secretary General during the UN’s 40thAnniversary. In 1988, she became the President of an International Peace Messenger Initiative entitled Global Cooperation for a Better World – a project dedicated to the UN and implemented in over 129 countries. Inspiring thousands of community activities at local levels, it was based on individual and collective ideas for a better world.

Dadiji’s main concerns were to promote the potential of women in society, create opportunities for young people, research the hidden resources of the mind, transform consciousness through meditation, re-activate moral and humanitarian values and work to bring unity among people for world peace. She believed that progress for the self lay in having no expectations and no desire for praise or reward. Success, she felt, is built on love and respect for all human beings and what was needed was lightness of nature and independence of spirit, so as to attract the love of others and the love of God. This, Dadiji was convinced, is what brings the greatest happiness and will constantly inspire us.

Dressed in plain white cotton, Dadiji epitomised simplicity, while at the same time radiating the authority of a woman administering a global organisation with over 8,500 service centres in India and 129 other countries. Dadiji described herself as an instrument who loves to serve human beings by reminding them of their innate goodness – and that it is through the awakening of this goodness that we can collectively transform our world. Dadiji remained a spiritual ambassador whose wisdom has always echoed her own experience.

At 10:05am local time on 25th August 2007, the soul of Dadi Prakashmani passed away at the organisation’s Shantivan complex on Abu Road in Rajasthan, India. She was in her mid-80s.
Honours conferred on Dadiji include:
• Dharma Chakra Medal (1984)
• Key to city of Los Angeles (1984)
• City Medals of Sao Paulo and Frankfurt (1984)
• United Nations International Year of Peace Medal (1986)
• International Peace Messenger Award from the UN Secretary General (1987)
• Honorary Doctor of Literature from Mohanlal Sukhadia University, Udaipur, India (1992)
• Giant Award for Social work from Giant International, Mumbai (1994)
• ‘Dharma Ratna’, by World Religious Parliament, New Delhi.
• ‘Priya Darshini’ award from Priya Darshini Academy, Mumbai, for outstanding contribution towards Human Welfare and Global Peace.
• UNESCO special award for collecting 35 million signatures from all over India and 120 other countries in support and promotion of the UNESCO’s ‘Culture of Peace’ Project entitled Peace Manifesto-2000 in the International Year of Culture of Peace -2,000 as proclaimed by the UN General Assembly in the year 2,000.

Some words of Dadi Prakashmani…
“Like a family, the basis of this organisation is love, and it flourishes because it is nourished with trust and respect”.
“Only a powerful soul can offer love. Only a powerful soul can afford to be humble. If we are weak, then we become selfish. If we are empty, we take; but if we are filled, we automatically give to all. That is our nature.”
“If you have the feeling that you belong to everyone, and look after everybody as a trustee, you are enabled to do right actions. By having love, rather than attachment, you learn discrimination.”

For more info please visit. or

As I wrote to my family, May our Beloved Dadiji contiune to serve in the Subtle Regions and Shower us with love the way she has always done. A pure heart is the greatest example for the World.

Dadi you are with us now and 4ever. From our hearts we thank you for your unlimited service and love to this world. I know now that you are sitting on God’s Heart Throne and have a big smile… I can feel it and see it.

Much Love & Remembrance Your Beloved Son,


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15 Comments on “Dadi Prakashmani Serves from Above and Beyond”

  1. interesting Says:

    Guess who just brightened up my day? 🙂 Thanks a lot!

  2. S.Manickavasagar(Rajayogi) Says:

    Omshanti !
    Our sweet & DIVINE Mother Dadi Prakshmaniji
    We cnnot forget your heart and kindness.
    I have written a song behalf of you.I remember you always.
    With lots of love in Baba’s yaad

  3. S.Manickavasagar(Rajayogi) Says:

    Omshanti !
    Greetings of love and peace to EVERYONE>
    The immaculate embodiment of love
    The lady of Decency and decorum-
    Prakashmaniji has to the world of effulgence
    Departed for peaceful forum.

    Her actions activated all of us
    Her words purified even the vices
    Her love spiritualized the derailed world
    Prakashmaniji was an enlightened gold.

    She made the world to understand
    Brahma Kumaris spiritual stand
    She worked for the people to reap
    The benefits and to a higher life leap

    We called Her DADIJI with reverence
    We followed her path of perseverance
    She glows in our hearts and motivates our goal
    So that we play well our spiritual role.
    Omshanti !

    With lots of love in BABA”S yaad
    Bro:Manick (Rajayogi)

  4. S.Manickavasagar(Rajayogi) Says:

    Omshanti !
    Your service is so much appreciated
    Please pass this above poem to everyone.and also to world renewal magazine. Thanks.

    With lots of love in Baba’s yaad
    Bro:Manick (Rajayogi)Canada

  5. SAGAR Says:


  6. saurabh Says:

    i dont know much about dadiji…but when i listen to
    the murlis of dadi prakashmani i feel a great light of love and peace coming from the mouth of dadiji..
    i feel great when i think i m son of a great source of power.and under the care of madhuban and baba’s family… shanti

  7. praveen Says:

    my mom is doing om shanti

  8. Bk harsh Says:

    Om shanti!
    Dadiji all our bk divine family loves u lot.. Dadi u r my heart.. Dadi u were ocean of love & peace.. We r missing u 2 much…

  9. Gandhi Babu.J Says:

    You are the lighthouse of my life! You are the treasure of love! You are the splendour of peace! You are the fragrance of joy! You are the grow of souls yes only you are the jewel of light

  10. sanjeev Says:

    Dadi you are with us now and 4ever.

  11. i want to live program 4 baba coes today how i see live telekast baba murli pls send me a coad wen i see the direkt murli
    b k mahesh

  12. parveen Says:

    dadi ji, om shanti, my mom is very very intrested to seen your live programmes ,please tell me which channel is broadcasting ur programme. om shanti dadi ji

  13. i want baba’s murli every day on my mail pls pls my name is BK Makwana Mahesh Jivan bhai

  14. B.K. Yogesh Bajaj Says:

    B.K.Yogesh Bajaj

  15. Jasper Swift Says:

    Having read this I thought it was rather informative. I appreciate you taking the time and energy to put this content together. I once again find myself personally spending way too much time both reading and leaving comments. But so what, it was still worthwhile!

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