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  1. Lucho Says:

    My name is Lucho and I was born in Bogota, Colombia and presently living in my heart. I enjoy writing ( being a journalist and TV/Film producer), representing Leaders Magazine http://www.leadersmag.com , creating music, teaching Raja Yoga Meditation http://www.bkwsu.org , Sound Healing, Shamanistic travels, mountain climbing, humanitarian work, dolphins, lost cities, ancient cultures, quantum thought and following my visions. I have traveled the world, been to India 20 times ( many past lives here) and even lived in Cusco, Peru for a year in 2001. Now I am producing – Prophecy, The Last Message. A film about a unique tribe of Indians living in NE Colombia. See my web Tribal Ink News http://www.tribalink.org I have been in the Corporate world –Ford, Nortel, Motorola and Magazines – learned much, but now free from slavery of working 4 others. This past July 05, I joined forces with The Womb http://www.thewomb.com and Krib TV http://www.krib.tv , as VP News. I had a Near Death Exp in 1986 and changed my life. Now I see the world as a cosmic video in the eternal cycles of time….God has a funny way of saying change my son… When was the last time you saw yourself in your original nature? A seed of light. The magic of seeing that is worth the trip to the inner world. I am a point of light, love and peace filled with wisdom, purity and bliss. I am timeless and a time traveler. I work with dolphins and believe they have much to teach us, not to mention all animals, fire, crystals, the elements, star codes, angels and and some ETs. I am a bit mystic, part romantic, sometimes clown with a dash of a warrior, blended with the artists and teacher to heal. So light, sound, motion, love, peace, crystals, ancient memory, angelic help, eternal music and electricty …all together = Me. In the end we are all souls, points of light, peaceful in nature, eternal, timeless and it is time to go home…… I also have a couple blogs at http://www.youtube.com/tribalinknews

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