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Prophecy a little background…

September 28, 2009

Prophecy, Last Message

A modern tale of adventure, mystery & wisdom


When the Eagle of the North,

and the Condor of the South join together it symbolizes we are one hand…

there will be Peace among the Rainbow Tribes of the Earth.

A journey has begun…

A prophecy is unfolding…

Deep in the highest coastal mountain of the world, the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia, lives an ancient tribe that were never conquered by the Spaniards. They call themselves the Kogi or Kagabba which means {The People}. They are still governed by a society of Priests or Mamas, who still use the 5000-year old tradition of Aluna. They know the future and have knowledge of the beginning of time. They have a prophecy that one day they will meet with the Eagle of the North. The Mamas of the 4 tribes, including Kogi, Arhuaco, Wiwa & Kankuamo are uniting to reveal the ancient secrets.

Another ancient tribe, the Hopi also has a prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor. It is written that when the Eagle of the North unites with the Condor of the South, it symbolizes we are One Hand and the time has come for the Rainbow Tribes around the world to unite to bring Peace to Earth.

The problem is the Mamas and the Sierra are slowly disappearing and no one knows it…. The Hopi are also sending messages that we are in Purification Time and soon we will enter the 5th World.

The Wisdom Keeper’s journey of the Last Message is a film whose time has come. An unprecedented opportunity to witness a Prophecy unfolding and a cultural exchange program never recorded before.  The Wisdom and Ceremonies of the Elders is a fulfillment of a prophecy written in stone many years ago.

Prophecy, Last Message follows a group of Filmmakers, Shamans, Adventures and Tribal Elders who have embarked upon a mission to bring a message to humanity.  The Eagle (Hopi, Seminole, Navaho) and the Condor (Kogi, Q’ero, Maya) are the ancient keepers of the Prophecies, Sacred texts and stones. They see the signs in the sky and know destiny -time is calling to reveal the secrets.

A Prophecy in Motion will bring Eagle Messengers to South America to join their Condor brothers in cultural exchange programs and ceremonies to awaken ancient spiritual sites. They will share their oral tradition and mystery of the Sierra. An opportunity to witness magic, mystery and adventure being revealed through a Higher Power, a Prophet, Rainbow Bridge Warriors and Destiny herself.

A final journey will unite Native Elders from across Turtle Island in Cultural Exchange programs and Talking Circles to deliver the Final Message to the United Nations and the people of Earth in a “Wisdom Keepers” conference in Mt Abu, India.

Will you join them? Will you listen?

The Beginning…History…Background…

Prophecy, Last Message is the story of an ancient prophecy handed down thousands of years by many Indigenous tribes of North and South America.  From the Frozen Tundra of Canada to the southern tip of Earth’s Andean Spine, there exists countless stories, tales and predictions foretelling of a future time when the Eagle and the Condor unite.  The most ancient tribes of each continent, Hopi from the Four Corners, Mesa Verde of Arizona, and Kogi, perched on the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, the highest coastal mountain in the world that rises from Colombia’s North Eastern coast, have come to symbolize these sacred birds among Indigenous Peoples and are respected as Elder Brothers of all humanity.

The plotline follows a group of Shamans, filmmakers and adventurers who feel they have been chosen to fulfill the Prophecy by uniting these ancient tribes and assisting them in bringing forth a message to humanity. With one foot in the spirit world and one in our own, these “Rainbow Bridge People” know nothing more than what they feel in their hearts and what they can do with their minds. Unknowing of an outcome, they are creating a path as they go.  They both lead and are led by the ancient Tribal Elders towards an unimaginable future. A Prophecy in Motion is being revealed.

More than a Decade of Development

In an ever shrinking society, where are the true adventurers?   In the age of Capitalism, how do the spiritual revolutionaries make a difference?  Luis Mejia, aka Lucho L Condor, never stopped asking these questions nor helping those who believe.

A leading international PR professional, Lucho has dedicated his life to humanitarian efforts and creating a free voice for Indigenous people through Tribal Ink News, a news agency he started in 1997 and the Earth Station Foundation in 1992. Many battles are lost because no one knows they are being fought.

In 1986 he had a Near Death Experience (NDE) in a car crash, 90 mph into a tree. It was like God slapping him in his face, change and remembered your mission. An ancient Prophecy needs to be uncovered. This brought him back to his homeland, Colombia for a year of inner search. In August 1986, Lucho met Dadi Janki, a spiritual leader of the Brahma Kumaris and got involved in the UN Million Minutes of Peace campaign. This led to a trip to New York and then a unique journey to Mt Abu, India in December of 1986. These events changed his life forever. He saw the prophecies from a new perspective based on the Bhagavad Gita and understood himself from God’s plan, a higher dimension.

For decades, Lucho has interacted, studied and done ceremony with many Indigenous tribes of the Americas.  Through his travels, the Prophecy kept appearing in dreams, real visions of the Hopis and the Kogis doing fire ceremonies, sharing music.  Visions of the future not understood in present.  Strange encounters and obstacles along the way never slowed the enthusiasm for the project.

In 1992, working for a magazine in Los Angeles and Earth Station Foundation, Lucho  attended the “Earth Summit” in Rio de Janerio, Brazil. He was invited to the “Wisdom Keepers” gathering and understood the power of Prophecy based on the dire predictions of the destruction of the Amazons. During the frantic experience in Rio, Dadi Janki of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University offered a private retreat for VIPs and deep insight was shared. She was named a United Nation’s “Wisdom Keeper” and would prove to be a vital link in the Prophecies and how they are related to present time.

In April 1995, Lucho traveled to Hopi land and was given an Eagle feather, Katchina Doll and sacred stone. Later in 1995 he joined the Solar Initiation Ceremony in the Mayan Yacatan with spiritual leaders from all over the world. In 1997, he received an invitation to an Elders gathering in Colombia. He quit his job at Ford and traveled to Colombia meeting the Kogis for the first time.

While at the Amazon Gathering, a Kogi Mamo sought him out and brought him back to the Kogi village where, for two months, he lived in a primitive state learning the old ways.  The Mamo’s foretold him of his involvement in fulfilling the Prophecy; uniting the Condor and the Eagle and assisting them in their mission to speak to the world.  After two months with no contact to the outside world, a brief encounter with the FARC, many sleepless nights, Lucho returned to Miami and began a decade long quest to honor the destiny and a promise for which he had been chosen.

In 1999, a ancient circle was discovered in Miami. Tribal Ink News become the media force to save this lost mystery and revealed secrets in the dreams that kept Lucho awake at night. Dubbed the Miami Circle, this Sacred Site is still in disarray, lost in a political jungle, but a message is to be revealed in the stones. Trapped in the corporate world again doing media campaigns for Motorola, Lucho got involved with the Discovery Educational Fund and a project in Peru. Tired of being a slave to big business, Lucho quit his job at Motorola and went to Cusco, Peru to work on the Korichancha Project, uncovering the lost tunnels of the Incas. For 1 year during 2001 he studied the Shaman ways, did ceremony with the Q’ero, planted sacred crystals in Machu Pichu then returned to Miami to fulfill the dream. In 2003, Lucho returned to Colombia to investigate the best way to help the Mamos, as the paramilitary war was going on and very dangerous to travel to the Sierra. During his time is Colombia, he traveled to the Sierra and had a series of strange experiences that confirmed his mission.

In May 2007, Lucho, a film crew and an Arhuaco emissary from the Mamo’s, Kogi spiritual leaders, traveled to the Sedona and ancient Hopi land to re-establish a connection that had been lost for millennia. 2 Sacred Eagle and a Red-tail Hawk feathers were gifted at second mesa and created a mystical connection to the Hopi people. Returning to Colombia on August 1, 2008- a magical day of a Total Solar Eclipse, Lucho returned to the Sierra to gift the feathers to a silent, old Mamo. He returned to Miami on Jan 27, 2009, a Lunar Eclipse.  The mystery continues…

In May 2009, Lucho was invited to speak at the International Indigenous Leadership Gathering in Lilloeet, Canada. He was gifted 5 Eagle feathers and given the codes to Medicine Mountain. A Kogi bag was exchanged for a drum with a Tribal Elder, Dave Terry who danced the Bear Song. 4 days fasting on Medicine Mt, Dave left this world back to spirit world. Events that transpired at this Canada gathering are triggers to the Prophecy.  What began in 1992 is being revealed now. These sycro-destiny scenes are being recorded and will awaken a memory lost many moons ago. What is the meaning of feathers? What is the meaning of the dreams and visions? Who are the Bhahana, White people the Hopi talk about? What do the Kogi’s want to say at the end of time? What do the Spirit of the Condor and Eagle have to share? Does the Fire have a Message?

Production Overview

Prophecy, Last Message is a feature length motion picture, combining elements of documentary filmmaking and reality media by including the Filmmakers and production crew in the story they are documenting.  Composed of four separate journeys, the 1st Journey was completed and documented while on location in Sedona, Arizona, and the Hopi Nation.  This journey successfully established the ancient connection between the Condor and the Eagle as foretold in the Prophecy. The 2nd journey was filmed in Canada and an 8 min demo was produced for fundraising.

Upon finalizing and securing financing, production will be divided into two separate shoots, coinciding with the two remaining journeys in the fulfillment of the Prophecy.

Overview of 3nd Journey

Having now reestablished this ancient connection with Hopi and Canadian Elders, the 3nd Journey will bring the Eagle to the land of the Condor and together, they will awaken ancient sacred sites.

The 3nd Journey will feature:

  • The participation of Hopi Elders in traveling to multiple locations throughout South America, Peru, Colombia, & Bolivia.
  • The first meeting, ever, between Hopi Elders and Kogi Mamo’s in the sacred homeland of the Sierra Nevada Mountain in Santa Marta, Colombia.
  • Documentation of the Elders conducting spiritual ceremony at Machu Picchu, Tiahuanaca, Lake Titicaca, Saqsawaman and other important ancient sites.
  • Documentation of meetings between the Elders and important modern day cultural figures, including Evo Morales.

Overview of 4th Journey- Part 1 &2

The 4th and final journey will follow the Mamas & Elders from their native land in Colombia, to Miami where a fully equipped tour bus (dubbed, the Magic Bus) will take the Mamo’s and the Production Team to do ceremony at the Miami Circle, interact with the Seminole Tribe in the Everglades and travel cross country inviting celebrities, media & Native Elders to join the Magic Bus to share their vision of the future as well as create awareness for Humanitarian campaigns in the Sierra, and other sacred sites around the world.  The trip ends in Hopi Village where an exchange of Condor & Eagle Feathers fulfils another prophecy

Remembering the Hopi message to the UN in 1992, and fulfill the Prophecy of Return, the Elders will travel to the United Nations to speak to the press and share their vision of Peace, Hope and Wisdom with a select group of VIPS, Politicians and Celebrities.


  • A group of Mamos traveling by air from Colombia to Miami, Florida.
  • A tour bus journey by the Mamos from Miami to the Four Corners region where they will join a group of Hopi Elders, and together travel to New York City.

The delivery of the Last Message to the United Nations, VIP gathering, press

The 4rd Journey Part 2:

Journey 4 Part 2 takes the film crew and Indigenous Peoples from around the world to Mt Abu, India for a “Wisdom Keepers” conference in October 2010. Cultural exchange,  dance, live concerts, and art will be a way to share the Last Message and reveal the secrets via Film & Live Internet Transmission.


  • A group of Mamo’s, VIPs, media and film crew traveling by air from NY to London, then India. Oct 2010
  • A “Wisdom Keepers” conference and concert in Mt Abu, India, featuring Indigenous speakers, performers and well-known musical artists from around the world who are committed to supporting Indigenous Peoples. or ;
  • Live video transmission of conference and selected clips of Prophecy, Last Message.
  • Tour of Sacred sites in India.

Completed Production Milestones

  • 15 years background and pre-production development by Project Director
  • Financing and pre-production development by Project Producer
  • Execution and documentation of 1st Journey in April, 2007
  • Completion of a three minute promotional video from 1st Journey footage -Live on
  • Rough edit of 20-minute short video from 1st Journey footage
  • Execution and documentation of 2st Journey in Canada, 2009
  • Completion of a eight minute promotional video International Indigenous Leadership Gathering,  Canada 2009
  • Creation of Pre-production document, Business Plan, Executive Team
  • Creation of Humanitarian Leaders, Inc., non-profit corporate structure, strategic alliance with Entertainment Incubator, Inc., agent of record, pay pal account set up, web to raise funds.
  • Creation of Humanitarian document, YECHIKIN with You Tube links & Alliance with Tierra Una, based in Bogota

Marketing Overview

Prophecy, Last Message presents an eminent opportunity to launch an Indigenous media campaign targeted to the mainstream public that bridges the cultural, lingual, geographical and economic divides of the Americas.  Furthermore, it provides the advantageous circumstances in which a motion picture’s production creates public relations opportunities to raise public awareness prior to it’s release.

Properly executed, Prophecy, Last Message will appear to the public as a retrospective to the events that transpired, not the catalyst that caused the events.  This docudrama will question whether history was recorded or actually created.  Either answer is potentially profitable as the events may be seen as historically significant.

Key Elements

While it is important to document each day, opportunities to expand media exposure and public awareness are produced by these events:

  • Press conference in La Paz, Bolivia, where the world’s only Indigenous National Leader will send the Condor to join the Eagle and speak to humanity as emissaries of the Indigenous Peoples of Earth.
  • Press conference in Miami, Florida, at the Miami Circle to commence the final journey, which will deliver the Last Message.  An ancient sacred site whose discovery in 1999 drew international media coverage, it shall host the spiritual reunification of the Eagle and the Condor.
  • A transnational magic bus tour will bring the Condor to meet the Eagle, frequently stopping to allow creative, philosophical and spiritual leaders to partake in the journey.  While in motion, time will be spent collaborating on music inspired by their mission.  Potential live feeds and media exposure will generate “Buzz”.
  • A press conference at the United Nations in New York City where the spiritual leaders of the Hopi and the Kogi will deliver the Last Message to all who listen.  This message, as of yet, is unknown to all parties, even to the spiritual leaders, as this knowledge only becomes available when the time is at hand.
  • A celebration and live musical concert, “The Concert for the Heart of the World”, in multiple locations across the Americas at the conclusion of the 3rd Journey to raise support and awareness of Indigenous causes.
  • A Wisdom Keepers gathering in India and Concert transmitted Live via the Internet.

Tribal Ink News (TIN) founded in 1998 is a Humanitarian News Agency – a “media bridge” company that Links Indigenous people, their teachings and the ancient spirit to the modern world via ink- news stories, film documentaries, public relations campaigns, radio messages, Internet cross-promotions, and special events. We are an Internet network of media organizations, TV producers, journalists, Native Elders, Eco and Humanitarian NGOs, Corporate Leaders and Spiritual Teachers ready to bridge the Digital Divide and share the wisdom of the Elders.

Tribal Ink News & Humanitarian Leaders has a strategic alliance with Airline Ambassadors International, a UN Humanitarian NGO As a member of the Executive Council, Luis Mejia has created media campaigns around the world, including humanitarian missions to help the Native Elders.  Airline Ambassadors has delivered more than $15 million in humanitarian aid during the past 15 years.

Prophecy, Last Message rights, Internet and DVD sales will be retained by Tribal Ink News/Humanitarian Leaders. A percentage of the proceeds of the film will used for the acquisition and protection of Kogi land in the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta, Colombia.

In 1999 Tribal Ink News was one of the main organizations that helped save the Miami Circle, an ancient archeological site in downtown Miami.

Tribal Ink News

Bogota, Colombia &  Miami, FLA

Contacts:  Luis E Mejia,  Writer, Producer & Director

Miami: -786 263 3553 -Bogota -571-225-3703

Prophecy 4 Directions Gathering & Miami Ceremony

May 12, 2007

Dear Family of Light,

Talk about burning the candle at both ends…exciting times we live in, just don’t get burned…So many Fires…but the Inner Fire is the most important.

Please see attached Press Release on 4 Directions Gathering.
Chet is giving our friends a special discount of 15%.

If U are inspired to come – cost for conference is $175, send an email to Chet and let him know  – or call 928-204-1962

A time to return to ancient lands and remember the lost visions.

From the heart,

Sedona, AZ – May 18-20, 2007

On May 18-20, 2007, considered the zenith of the 5th Galactic Day of the last period of the current Mayan Long Count calendar that ends in 2012, over 150 people from all corners of “Turtle Island” (North, South, Central America) will join respected Indigenous Elders and Wisdom Keepers from several native traditions in Sedona, Arizona, for the Four Directions Wisdom Gathering.  These elders include: Grandmothers Flordemayo (Maya – Central America); Agnes Baker-Pilgrim (Northwest tribes: Oregon) of the Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers; Auntie Pua, Kupuna (respected one) and Kahuna (teacher of secrets) from Hawai’i; Willard Pine, elder and pipe-carrier of the traditional Ojibwa (Algonquin) nation of Ontario, Canada; Grandfather Martin Gashweseoma of the Hopi Nation, Arizona; Navajo story-teller, dancer and musician, Tony Redhouse, Inca Shaman, Wachan & Martika creating sacred music, and intuitive Sherry Merrell, with ancient crystal skull Synergy of Mayan legends.  Leaders of the Agape International Spiritual Center, Reverends Michael Beckwith and Rickie Byars Beckwith, recently featured in the best-selling book, The Secret, will also participate.

A Saturday key note address will be given by Native American activist and actor, Russell Means.

A special presentation will be given by the “Elder Brothers” of the Kogi-Arhuaco tribe of Colombia. The Mamos are saying time has come for the rainbows tribes to unite and feel the Heart of the World. Luis Mejia ( L Condor), founder of Tribal Ink News, Producer & Director of Prophecy, Last Message will be showing 2 short films on the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and insight from the Elder Brothers.

This unique Wisdom Gathering of Elders and Wisdom Keepers from many traditions in the sacred red-rock landscape of Sedona will not be another one-way “conference” where speakers talk to a passive audience but rather the opening of a “Heart Space” to share and dialog with our Elders. Imagine a form of “talk story” (as the Hawaiians say) about Present and Future prospects for Humanity as we enter the long-predicted Times of Change or Purification. The Hopi & Mamos of the Sierra have been warning us about these final years of the current Mayan Calendar Long Count. Is your heart open to receive new light? Conversation and Ceremony will explore ways we can create and sustain an Earth-friendly future for all of us in harmony with our planet.

Why do we gather in Sedona?  Quantum physics and traditional knowledge agree that the collective energy of a group of conscious people in sacred space like Sedona, especially with the aid of an ancient crystal skull, will be amplified and transmitted across Mother Earth much more powerfully and effectively than isolated, individual efforts, no matter how positively intended.  May 18-20, 2007, the high-point of this final 5th Galactic Day before 2012 of the Western Calendar, is the most auspicious time for focused and positive pure intention to all our relations across Turtle Island.

Some Elders call Turtle Island, Amerikua as North, Central & South America is the spinal column of the Earth and Sedona a vortex chakra of ancient time.  If the predictions held by traditional Hopi, Kogi and Mayan Elders are accurate, this may be one of our last opportunities to collect and transmit these powerful sacred messages and frequencies across Mother Earth before the disruptive transition from the 4th to the 5th world begins.  Even if Purification is postponed, many of these respected Elders know that the wisdom they hold may soon disappear with them or they will no longer be able to travel as freely.

The Prophecy written in stone many years ago is being fulfilled as the Eagle and the Condor are coming together to bring the wisdom of ancient past.

Between Friday evening’s opening ceremony featuring a traditional Hawaiian lei ceremony and Russell Means’ inspiring message to Sunday afternoon’s outdoor closing fire ceremony among Sedona’s Red Rocks, participants will share ideas with our Elders and learn practical tools to help us thrive as we pass through the predicted unsettled times of change and transition ahead.  On Saturday evening we will join Navajo musician Tony Redhouse to energize our positive intentions with the uplifting vibration of music and song.  Daytime sessions will include panel discussions with the elders and dialogue between all participants.

The 4 Directions Gathering will take place at the Sedona Creative Life Center, 333 Schnebly Hill Road, Sedona.

Karen Koebnick of Sedona Spiritual Journeys and Chet and Kallista Snow have joined together with the Sedona Creative Life Center to organize and host this once-in-a-lifetime event among our sacred Red Rocks.  We invite you to join us, Synergy, and these noted Elders and Wisdom Keepers to build and project a positive future for ourselves and our children.   See  for further information or
call Karen: (928) 282-2450 or Chet: (928) 204-1962.

Time 4 Fire & Prophecies Revealed…

Background Info-

Speaker’s webs-
Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith

Grandfather Martin Gashweseoma

Grandmothers Flordemayo -Maya – Central America
Agnes Baker-Pilgrim -Northwest tribes, Oregon of the
Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers;

Russell Mean video

Tony Redhouse, Musician, Artists & Incredible Navajo story-teller.

Synergy and Sherry Merrell

Sedona Creative Life Center

Media by L Condor &  Tribal Ink News

Miami Ceremony —

Fundraising Party Y Fire Ceremony- May 25 -8 pm
Music by Phisonica,
Teri Catlin
and a few surprises –

@ Moksha Family –
228 NE 59 St

We will do a Sacred Sunrise Ceremony at the Miami Circle
Sat May 26 – 7 am

Press Conference –
Sat May 26 at 11 am at the Colombian Consulate
280 Aragon Ave, Coral Gables, Fl 33134

Elders News & 4 Directions Gathering in Sedona & Miami Ceremony

May 8, 2007

Dear Family of Light,

What a week this has been! The Fire in the Mountain has been lit and the cosmic energies are in motion. We finally got confirmation that Danilo Villafane, an Arhuaco Elder from the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in Colombia will be coming to the 4 Directions Gathering. May 17-20 see

None of the Mamos had visas and the only one was Danilo, who is the main representative of the 4 main tribes of the Sierra, the Kogi, Arhuaco, Wiwa and Kankuamo. He has been working directly with the Mamos and is very involved in the next Washington -NY trip planned for mid-June sponsored by the United Nations Developement Program and the Inter-American Development Bank. see

We travel to Hopi land with Grandfather Martin after Sedona and return to Arhuco

Miami May 25.

Fundraising Party May 25 -8 pm
Music by Phisonica,
Teri Catlin
and a few surprises –
@ Moksha Family –
228 NE 59 St

Press Conference -Sat May 26 at 11 am at the Colombian Consulate –
280 Aragon Ave, Coral Gables, Fl 33134

We will do a sacred ceremony in Miami at the Miami Circle
Sat May 26 – 4 pm

Info on 4 Directions Gathering-

NOT another Conference but A HEART SPACE to “talk story” with our elders to learn practical tools to face the coming changes or “Purification,” as the Hopi say, that is required before Mother Earth can birth the 5th World. This may be one of our last chances to meet personally and share with these respected elders before the Purification begins. Do not miss this unique chance in Sedona’s special energies!

In-depth teaching by Native American elders – one for each of the 4 Directions, including Flordemayo (Maya), Auntie Pua (Hawai’i)… plus Grandfather Martin, traditional Hopi elder, representing the “Center” here in this sacred land and Grandma Agnes Baker Pilgrim of the Pacific North-West. Willard and Marie Pine of the Ojibwa nation from Lake Superior will represent the East. We also will have the participation of Inca shaman, healer & musician, Wachan, and his wife Martika.

An extra bonus is the participation of a representative from the legendary Kogi~Arhuaco (“The Elder Brothers”) the 2 key tribes from Colombia.
2 Short Films on the Sierra will be presented by Luis Mejia “L Condor”

Special presentations by Russell Means, see ,
Rev. Michael Beckwith & Rev. Rickie Byars Beckwith.

Participation by Synergy, an ancient quartz crystal skull with Sherry Whitfield Merrell. Crystal skulls represent our wise ancestors and have long been used in sacred ceremonies by indigenous people, especially in Central & South America and Tibet.

Co-produced by Karen Koebnick of Sedona Spiritual Journeys.

From Last Washington- NY trip – 9-06

A Message from the Heart of the World

A presentation by the Kogi, Arhuaco, Wiwa, and Kankuamo indigenous groups from the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta, Colombia. These elders are appearing outside their country for the first time to present their urgent appeal on environment, land, and culture.


The Sacred Message

“The sacred territory of the Sierra Nevada since time immemorial has been the foundation of our culture. It contains the laws and the symbols that determine our way of thinking and our identity. We should all comply with these norms and laws to safeguard the Universe. The territory must be sustained through daily activities
that allow the culture and all its components to reproduce. In this sense the concept of ancestral owners of the territory is based on knowledge about everything that lives in the territory; in other words, nature teaches us how to live in harmony. It is an open book where we learn about its stories and past, and this is what our children and future generations will learn. Knowledge depends on the careful study of the very meaning of the territory and allows us to remember the role of our ancestors, and the real meaning of each individual and their mission, not as an Indigenous person but as a human responsible for caring for the planet that is threatened when the sense of responsibility is abandoned.”

The issue of territory
• Four indigenous groups totaling 50,000 persons live in Colombia’s Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, the world’s highest coastal mountain (5,775 meters/18,946 feet).

• Their traditional territory, which they believe is the “Heart of the World,” includes snowy peaks, cloud forests, rain forests, coral reefs, mangrove swamps, deserts and almost every sub-climate in the world and is delineated by a series of sacred sites.

• The indigenous peoples (Kogi, Wiwa, Arhuaco and Kankuamo) practice 1000 year old traditions that predate the arrival of the Spaniards and are one of the most authentic and unaltered surviving civilizations of pre-Colombian America.

• Today, an estimated 220,000 non-indigenous people have settled in the middle and lower portions of the Sierra Nevada. Many are refugees from the violence of the Colombian conflict.

• The loss of their traditional lands, encroachment into areas where they currently hold title, the advancing agricultural frontier, illicit crops, climate change, the western vision of progress, and the conflict in Colombia have all contributed to the destruction of 72 percent of the area’s original forests, depletion of rivers and streams, loss of biodiversity, and soil erosion. These factors threaten the future of this territory and its people, and jeopardize the water resources upon which 1.5 million people and the area’s agro-industry and tourism sectors depend.

• Despite considerable progress over the past several decades in creating reserves to safeguard the land rights of the indigenous groups, only one third of their traditional territory—or 14.8 million acres (6 million hectares)–has legal protectionas “resguardos”.

• Lands that have been legally returned to these groups have undergone significant environmental renewal, have helped to improve the living conditions of the indigenous population and strengthened their cultural systems and traditional organization. Of the total amount of territory acquired through legalization and extension, 70 percent is dedicated exclusively for natural regeneration and ecosystem and water resource conservation.

A Bold Proposal

• These indigenous peoples have set a goal to recover an additional 835,216 acres/338,000 hectares of their traditional territory over a 20-year period. Their initial goal is to recover 210,000 acres/85,000 hectares where their main sacred sites are located. This proposal would greatly contribute to water resource and biodiversity conservation that is crucial for the entire region.

• They are requesting international support to raise $15 million for an Indigenous Fund to acquire this land. The Fund will be jointly administered by the Consejo Territorial de Cabildos (CTC) (the Indigenous organization) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

• The program will be carried out in accordance with a previously established framework agreement signed by the CTC and the Colombian government.

• The purpose of the Indigenous leaders’ visit to Washington, D.C. and New York City is to disseminate their message and enlist support for funding to acquire and recuperate their traditional territories. The visit, which is historically unprecedented for these peoples’ traditional authorities, is being facilitated by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and the UNDP.

Indigenous peoples and the Inter-American Development Bank

• The Inter-American Development Bank is committed to supporting the development aspirations of indigenous people while protecting their identity and individual and collective rights.

• The IDB’s Indigenous Peoples and Community Development Unit was created in 1994 to define ways in which the Bank can achieve development with identity of indigenous peoples and to mainstream indigenous issues throughout the institution’s project portfolio.

• The vision, objectives and priority areas of the IDB’s work in the area of indigenous issues are set forth in two documents: the Strategy for Indigenous Development and the Operation Policy on Indigenous Peoples, that entered into force in August 2006.

• For further information on the Bank’s work in this field, please see

Indigenous peoples and the United Nations Development Programme
• The UNDP promotes the inclusion of indigenous peoples in the discussions on the Millennium

Develop Goals programs and objectives; it support the adoption of the recommendations made by the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues and the Special Rapporteur for Indigenous human rights; and it promotes the development of national policies and programs with a specialized approach and protection of rights.

• The UNDP focuses its support for Indigenous peoples in the following areas: institutional strengthening, establishment of territorial rights, promoting the role of traditional practices in confronting humanitarian crises, and establishing links between indigenous organizations and national government institutions.

• The UNDP has proposed strategic areas of support for Indigenous peoples in the document UNDP and Indigenous Peoples: A Policy of Engagement.
• For further information on the Bank’s work in this field, please see
For more information, contact Luisz Olmedo Martinez, of the UNDP’s Unidad de Medio Ambiente y Desarrollo Sostenible ( Danilo Villafañe ( from the Gonawindua Tayrona Indigenous Organization in Colombia; or Anne Deruytttere, of the IDB’s Indigenous
Peoples and Community Development Unit ( in Washington, D.C.

Tribal Ink News is supporting this project as a Humanitarian Media NGO in strategic alliance with Airline Ambassadors Int.

Free Media 4 Our Elders, A Voice 4 the Future.

Good article From Cultural Survival

Who Loses What in a Civil War? The Kogi-Wiwa-Arhuaco of Colombia

January 25, 2002 | World Indigenous News

The Kogi-Wiwa-Arhuaco Reserve, home to several of Colombia’s indigenous groups, are the ultimate losers in the ongoing civil war that threatens to take from them what is left from the passage of time.

The Kogi-Wiwa-Arhuaco Reserve, an area containing several indigenous towns in Colombia – Bunkwimake, Gúmake, Jiwa Chivilongui, Acleyzhi, Ulueyzhi, Goksheyzhi, Kemakumake and Kalabangaga – still constitutes an intact pre-Columbian high civilization, one that has survived both Spanish and industrial colonizations over the course of time. The natives belonging to this country have preserved their ancestral ways of life, maintaining a rich culture and continuing in the education of their so-called “Mamas”, priests of the Kogi nation, wise men trained since their childhood both to preserve and work in the spirit world.

The Kogi area is one of those indigenous populations that belong to Colombia , a country not simply going through a situation of internal fighting, but suffering a civil war. The same kind of civil war that, for whatever reasons, we have seen in many countries. However, the case of Colombia is different in one respect. The complicated array of numerous warring and quarreling groups has trapped within it an equally diverse number of indigenous people, who have essentially nothing to do with the current internecine situation, a situation that is part of a world they simply do not belong to.

What has not been eroded with the passage of time is in danger of being eradicated by warring squads, all products of national chaos and violence. According to Danilo Villafañe, a representative of the Kogi community acting under an organization called “Gonawindua Tairona”, heavily armed men, apparently members of the Self-Defense Union of Colombia (AUC), invaded part of the northern coastal province of Magdalena (which includes part of Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta), where the Kogi nation and other indigenous tribes live. Mr. Villafañe explains that the Kogi had never sought help before.

Not so now. They are presently trying to bring their appeals to the attention of the President of Colombia through simple letters, as well as seeking to attract the attention of human rights organizations. Upon actually reading those letters, one realizes the simple validity of their claims, asking for the rights that are intrinsic to humans irrespective of their level of civilization or development. They ask for the simple right to live.

But in a war, the right to live –the most basic right of all – does not turn out to be a valuable one. It is as devalued as the bank accounts of those enduring the war from the vantage point of a more ‘advanced’ civilization.

Sources and Further Reading:
[] January 1, 2002

New Moon & Luna Wizard Thoughts

April 17, 2007

Dear Family of Night,

The Astronomical New Moon is  today–Tuesday, April 17, 2007 at 11:36 GMT (i.e., 7:36 am EDT, or 4:36 am PDT). It will not be visible on April 17 anywhere in the world, except USA, Canada, and Alaska. On April 18, it will be visible in most of the world including Asia, and Europe, but it would be difficult to see in USA, and easier in Western Canada and Alaska. Look at the visibility curve below:

So on this new moon we plant new visions and dreams 4 the moon cycle to come.

This month offers us an ESPECIALLY potent New Moon because it is the New Moon in Aries; it is the most potent Moon of the year for making wishes involving new beginnings!

Have you been thinking of doing something special?  Today’s New Moon is in the sign of Aries, it’s a powerful time for wishes involving courage, determination, starting new enterprises, and making a new beginning in any areas of your life that is important to you. Change in a relationship, a business, a job, a new behavior are all open doorways to manifest what your Higher Self wishes.

Things or projects you may have worked on, but some how have been blocked can begin to easily manifest with the powerful frequencies of this New Moon.

To make magic a reality you need to do ceremony and honor the light coming in and the lunar energies flowing thru your being.

Light a candle or Fire. Turn off all background noise, and yes that includes negative thoughts in your mind….Find a place that you call sacred. Place your power stones, crystals, pure intentions and angelic belief with photos of loved ones in a circle.

Imagine the eternal dance of moon and sun and see your being as the water child flowing with the cycles of life.  Picture and Imagine the future outcome of your dream or wish no matter how far fetched. Just believe. U have a thousand angels by your side and they all say it can be done. So let go of fear, worry, past old movies of failure and let the lunar energies take the vision into the fire and into your inner fire. It will be done as you believe it is.

Gentleness is not a lack of strength but a great power that doesn’t force or disturb.

Let the gentle child within emerge the strength to do the impossible by doing nothing.

Sometimes we need to be human beings…not human doers…

Just be..then u will be free…to see…the universe rearrange itself to fit your picture of reality.

Your vision of hope can steer a wrong turn into the right direction.

Write your vision on a paper and put all your power into the intention. Become the Moon and see yourself as Fire Reflected. Place the paper in the fire or candle and imagine the invisible force starting to work on your dreams.

These energies will last for 3 days; do take advantage of the now.

For my Mayan Amigos today is Planetary Moon day 14

Year of the Red Magnetic Moon

kin 214: White Rhythmic Wizard

I Organize in order to Enchant

Balancing Receptivity

I seal the Output of Timelessness

With the Rhythmic tone of Equality

I am guided by my own power doubled

White Wizard is your Conscious Self – who you are and who you are becoming.

White Wizard is the Magician, whose powers are activated by wisdom that emanates from the heart. Such wisdom is not the intellectual understanding known in Western culture; it is the wisdom that comes from an alignment of mind and heart. An open, trusting heart is a refined tool of perception. Allowing yourself to ‘not know’ opens the door of the mind to a deeper understanding of the universe. White Wizard asks you to fully utilize this aligned mind to participate in magic.

White Wizard invites you to step into self-empowerment. Empowerment comes from self-acceptance, integrity, and commitment to your evolution. Self-empowerment is not to be found outside oneself. Anything outside that brings you empowerment also has a divine foundation within you. If you feel a need for the approval of others, look to self-empowerment. When you feel effectively engaged, doing what gives you joy, your energy naturally expands to include more of who you are, and magic flows synchronistically into your life. Claim your alignment with the highest wisdom. Call forth divine action in all that you do!

Align your own will with Divine Will and your Essence Self. Be transparent, innocently allowing magic to come through you rather than needing to create it. Open to heart-knowing and limitless potential.

White Wizard is a tool of the light, a conduit for the work of Spirit. A wise magician is spontaneous and transparent, allowing magic to come in rather than trying to control it or make it happen. A magician dances the dance of love through offering gifts of freedom to others. This is real magic. Freed from the need to use power to manipulate or control, a magician uses wisdom to manifest liberation and love.

The harmonic wisdom of White Wizard is melody, the progression of single tones within a composition. White Wizard symbolizes the sacred journey of your individual life. As a harmonic magician, you are a novel yet universal container for the expression of the Divine. While you play the melody of your journey’s spirit song, the Creator provides the harmony.

Melody is to music what story line is to story. Utilize the elements you have chosen for exploration in your life – your gifts, talents, abilities, motivations, circumstances, and the other characters in your play. Orchestrate the most interesting and growth-engendering story line from this combination of possibilities. Understand that you are the player and the played in the melody in your life. You are the song and harmony, the voice of creation.

Among other things, this New Moon stimulates the ability to more successfully navigate your life by boosting your energy and boldness. It empowers you to become more aware of yourself and those things that truly are in alignment with your own identity. It stimulates in you the boldness to follow your impulses and discover yourself.

The energy of Aries also creates an opening for demonstrating your independence and thereby increasing your vitality. This New Moon offers us the support to become more honest and authentic in our dealings with others. It gives us the confidence to begin a desired new pathway of self-expression that before we may have lacked the courage to initiate.

Your wishes can be about anything that is important to you to bring into your life. The New Moon in Aries is the most powerful New Moon of the year for making new beginnings in your life. Be sure to use this opportunity to your advantage.

So if you are in Miami Join us for the New Moon Ceremony


WHO: You!


New Moon Party: “White Wizard” – Enchants – Timelessness – Receptivity

The White Wizard represents the power of the “jaguar”, the “shaman”, the “night-seer”, the “Earth Wizard”.

Wizard says: the time is always now; The present moment is your field of play.

  untie the past, or its impact will last… don’t worry or hurry to reach the future, it surely will never arrive…

Join us for a night of joy, laughter, art, dance, drumming, colors, peace, fire ceremony and love in the coolest ambiance to be found in Miami Beach!

Last month’s party included 30+ beautiful people and was a festive success.

Planned performances include but are not limited to:



Sacred Dance


Crystal Fire Ceremony

Your participation (performance, teaching, whatever you may want to share) is encouraged for this or future parties.  Please contact Carolina @ 305.803.6241 🙂


Tuesday April 17th – 7pm to 11pm

325  South Shore Drive (Timo’s Temple)

33141 Miami Beach



The Love Temple is our space to express talents, creativity and performance; a place of peace, love, unity, respect, art, compassion, friendship, spirituality, sensuality, communication, networking, prana, music, and dance.

This is a potluck gathering so please bring something to eat and drink (we encourage natural healthy meals). Come with no expectations or come expecting to have a good time.

Donations to keep the temple are highly appreciated.

L O V E,

Carolina, Lucho & Timo


The Resurrection of the Christ & U Reborn

April 7, 2007

Dear Family of Light,

Special greetings of love, peace & bliss on this special day as a memory of the power of the Risen Christ. We all have the same Christ awareness deep within us and it is like a memory chip that awakens u to a new understanding of your latent powers. Christ is a frequency of pure love and forgiveness.

Awaken to a New Sun and see the darkness fade as the rainbow of light showers peace over the world.

Much love and light,


In the ancient past, there was a memory of the illusion of death. An understanding of the eternity of the atma, the soul, who u really are.
Echos of time, words of angels and are we not far from home?
Where did Christ go and what was his message?

The mystery of Jesus the Christ is still a cause of wars today.

Jesus went to Egypt & India during his lost years and still the mystery remains. Last night I was watching the 10 Commandment and the exodus of Egypt with Moses. So much history and those who lived those times still have a deep memory in the soul computer. Do u remember?

This Sunday the world celebrates Easter and the Risen Christ. Christ came to bring the Love of God. He came as a revolutionary who saw a need to go beyond the fear of an angry God and bring the Love from above. What few know is that Jesus was the man and the Christ soul entered him at 30 years as a new soul from the soul world. So Jesus the man and Christ the avatar, 2 in 1 and a message of Love, this was the message of the Master.

When John the Baptist poured the waters of the Jordon over Jesus, “the Spirit of God descended like a dove and hovered over him. With that, a voice from the heavens said, This is my beloved Son. My favor rests on him.” Matthew 3:16-17

For 3 years starting at 30 years of age, Jesus Christ shared his message and today 2007 years later that message is still alive and strong.

The Resurrection is a reminder that we can never die and that life is everlasting. We will all one day rise above this body, suffering and pain and live in peace, love and harmony for another cycle of time.

Christ reminds us of the Love God has for us and that his life was a sacrifice like the lamb on the alter. If he did not die and rise, his death would have been useless. To conquer death is the greatest act of magic and the real illusion. He showed that a man was willing to suffer & be humiliated all for the love of God and His Children. Before we are born we know all the life lessons we came to learn, all the karma we came to clear and the time will come when all will rise like the morning sun and shine bright for a thousand years.

When Jesus died on the Cross a strange light was seen over the world. “It was now around midday, and darkness came over the whole land until midafternoon with an eclipse of the sun. The curtain in the sanctuary was torn in two. Jesus uttered a loud cry and said, Father, into your hands I commend my spirit. Luke 23: 45-46

In Matthew 27: 46 Jesus cries out in a loud tone, “Eli, Eli, lema sabachthani?
My God, my God why have you forsaken me? Another mystery. Since Christ was a new soul, he could not experience pain. The Christ soul leaves the body on the cross. Jesus is left to suffer the last minutes and the mystery continues. By Christ coming to earth, he opens a pathway for all Christians souls to come down from the soul world. A new religion is established and we celebrate his Resurrection today. We have died many times and will be born many times. Life is eternal and God has a plan, it is all in His Hands.

Enjoy this Day of Light and New Beginnings. Rise from the illusion and start your own revolution. We are the solution for war and all it takes is Love.
Love was the Message of the Master and Love is the Key to Resurrection. It reminds us that one day we will all rise again from the ashes and shine in our true Glory as Angels of God, Messengers of Peace & Beings with Love 4 all no matter what religion you were born in.

Awaken the Inner Christ and sacrifice the old…so the new world & the new U can emerge out of the ashes of forgotten memories.

From the heart,


Morgellons Infections- Nano Tech with Strange Results

April 5, 2007

Dear Family,

Sometimes we get info and wonder if those closest to us are ready to see the truth…..

I just got off the Ph with a dear friend in Costa Rica and she pointed me to this web page.

Listen to this audio report–

Then ask yourself –what is our Government doing?
Information is power…what u do with it, may depend on your future health.

See these sites for more info.

Click to access nanotechnology.pdf

Morgellons Defined

Note – This is the most generally complete, current profile of Morgellons as we perceive and define it based on clinical lab data and extremely advanced research being done by a small group of heroic, brilliant private sector scientists and physicians. – Jeff Rense

Morgellons Disease – April 2007

A communicable nanotechnology invasion of human tissues in the form of self-assembling, self-replicating nanotubes, nanowires, nanoarrays with sensors, and other nano configurations, some carrying genetically-altered and spliced DNA/RNA. These nano machines thrive in alkaline ph conditions and use the body’s bio-electric energy and other (unidentified) elements for power. There is some evidence these tiny machines possess their own internal batteries. They are also believed to be able to receive specific tuned microwave, EMF and ELF signals and information. To what end is not known. The symptoms vary from open skin lesions from which colored or plain fibers emerge, which do not scab normally, heal extremely slowly and never become bacterially-infected — to brain fog, fatigue and depression, etc. It is also established that Morgellons nano machines are commonly found in all body fluids, orifices and often even hair follicles, and are believed to routinely achieve total body systemic penetration. It is reported by nearly all afflicted that Morgellons nano machines seem to have some kind of hive or ‘group intelligence.’ Communicability appears to be possible/probable through shedding of the fibers by the infected and through all normal bacterial or viral vectors. Some fibers have been shown to withstand temperatures in excess of 1400 F, routine sterilization for Morgellons nano machines in all reusable medical/dental medical equipment and instruments is moot. There is also strong evidence linking Chemtrail aerosol fibers to Morgellons fibers although proof of transmission through aerial spraying remains anecdotal.

Morgellons Special #7
Material compiled by
Project FMM Research Team


Project FMM – Phase IA –  Initial Specimen Examination
Project FMM – Phase IB – High Density Polyethlyne Fiber
Project FMM – Phase II – Chemtrail Fallout
Project FMM – Phase IIIA – Morgellons Fibers Tested and Compared
Project FMM – Phase IIIB – Raman; Morgellons & Meteorite
Size Matters – Dr. Hildegarde Staninger

PROJECT FMM ­ Fiber,  Meteorite & Morgellons
PHASE IA ­ Initial Examination of Several Dozen Samples

March 29, 2007

Principal Researcher Dr. Hildegarde Staninger, RIET-1
© Saturday, March 27, 2007

12235 Centralia Street, Lakewood, CA 90715
Tel: 562-402-7300 Fax: 562-402-7308 Direct: 213-382-2786
Project Contract Labs: AMDL, Inc., ACS, Inc., MIT, and Lambda Solutions, Inc.

PHASE IA Samples from Sept. 1, 2006.
Results Received February 5, 2007

Subject Samples of Unknown Fibers Collected form Many Sources and Delivered to Laboratory.

Report of: Examination, Microscopic Measurements and Spectrographic Analysis of Several Dozen Fibers Sent from IHI, LLC, Lakewood, CA.


Several batches of unknown suspect fibers were sent to the laboratory over a period of several weeks. We were asked to examine them, study them microscopically, determine some physical properties, and run elemental analysis by energy dispersive spectroscopy (EDS) and chemical groups by Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR). Also some samples would be analyzed by Fourier transform Raman spectroscopy (FT-Raman).

Laboratory personnel would also compare the fibers with some other nanofibers reported to be carbon-silicon fibers with photoluminescent and other properties.

NOTE: All Samples were compared to the “Goldenhead” as found by Dr. Rahim Karjoo and Dr. Hildegarde Staninger (October 28, 2006) and a fiber that was identified as High Density Polyethylene Fiber (HDPE).


1) Visually a few of the fibers resembled the carbon-silicon fibers previously studied by Integrative Health International, LLC.

2) Close-up photos and photomicrographs (1,000 x) were taken of most samples.

3) Many strange shapes and lumps were seen and some could not be identified.

4) Identification of the photomicrographs were identified to contain a “foreign fiber” or not. These fibers were then selected for further testing and melting points.

5) A FTIR spectrum of one spot on the fiber indicated the presence of high density polyethylene fiber plus a trace of another material (brown gel).

6) EDS and Raman results will be discussed in Phase II and Phase III of this report.


The fibers identified, gel material, and gel shaped materials had no cellular integrity with no eukaryotic cells.  The materials identified in the fibers were of a manufactured nano technology to form a specific structure with an undetermined function. The chemical composition of fibers that had EDS and Raman did not match the chemical composition of the human body nor were they any part of the human body (nails, hair, skin, nerves, etc.).

Special features as identified by Los Angeles County Fire Department, Los Angeles, CA personnel are the following: 1) skin melts or burns at above 165 degrees F; 2) fibers from a human body that do not melt at 1,400 degrees F or above 165 degrees are not made of human cells; and 3) human tissue does not secrete gels nor would they be of known human cellular composition that melt above 300 degrees C (i.e. approximately over 600 degrees F).

All samples that did have a fiber that matched nanotechnology as compared to the original “Goldenhead” was identified as a “Morgellon Like Fiber”: 1) discarded Morgellon Goldenhead; 2) fully formed Morgellon Goldenhead; or 3) deteriorating Morgellon Goldenhead. The structured material/fibers identified were ones that would have properties to self assemble, enlarge, and/or fold/expand. They were identified as nanotechnology (man-made)1 and were not identified in any way to be composed of eukaryotic cells, animal, plant, nor composed of any live biological form. Some specimens had “biological artificial” appearances that are known as artificial life or pseudo-life forms. These types of artificial life forms are known to use DNA/RNA/siRNA or sRNA plasmid templates of viruses, microorganisms, animal/plant proteins and/or enzymes to build the artificial technology structural form at nano level. Furthermore, they are not limited to only these referenced life forms plasmids, enzymes, and/or proteins.

Dr. Hildegarde Staninger, RIET-1, Principal Investigator, IHI, LLC Dept. Research & Dev.
Industrial Toxicologist/IH & Doctor of Integrative Medicine

1 Man-Made means not made by nature or found in nature.

Morgellons Photos, Special Program #6, Page Three of Five


Several batches of unknown suspect fibers were sent to the laboratory over a period of several weeks. We were asked to examine them, study them microscopically, determine some physical properties, and run elemental analysis by energy dispersive spectroscopy (EDS) and chemical groups by Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR). Also some samples would be analyzed by Fourier transform Raman spectroscopy (FT-Raman).

Laboratory personnel would also compare the fibers with some other nanofibers reported to be carbon-silicon fibers with photoluminescent and other properties.

NOTE: All Samples were compared to the “Goldenhead” as found by Dr. Rahim Karjoo and Dr. Hildegarde Staninger (October 28, 2006) and a fiber that was identified as High Density Polyethylene Fiber (HDPE).

The following results specifically address the tests performed on the High Density Poly-ethylene (HDPE) fiber from a patient of Dr. Staninger’s whom she consulted with at IntroCell, LLC, Pensacola, FL. The specimen sample was from a piece of skin that fell from “BB’s” foot Sample No. 12938-A. Sample No. 12938-1 and 12938-3 will be addressed for SEM/EDS data.


1) Visually a few of the fibers resembled the carbon-silicon fibers previously studied by Integrative Health International, LLC.

2) Close-up photos and photomicrographs (1,000 x) show the pink fiber to the left of picture of Sample No. 12938-A.

3) A FTIR spectrum of one spot on the fiber indicated the presence of high density polyethylene fiber plus a trace of another material (brown gel). Fiber size 0.8 um and a melting point of 115 degrees C.

4) SEMS/EDS results show various concentrations as stated below


The fibers identified, gel material, and gel shaped materials had no cellular integrity with no eukaryotic cells. The materials identified in the fibers were of a manufactured nano technology to form a specific structure with an undetermined function. The chemical composition of fibers that had EDS and Raman did not match the chemical composition of the human body nor were they any part of the human body (nails, hair, skin, nerves, etc.).

Special features as identified by Los Angeles County Fire Department, Los Angeles, CA personnel are the following 1) skin melts or burns at above 165 degrees F; 2) fibers from a human body that do not melt at 1,400 degrees F or above 165 F degrees are not made of human cells; and 3) human tissue does not secrete gels nor would they be of known human cellular composition that melt above 300 degrees C (i.e. approximately over 600 degrees F).

Sample 12938-A “BB”

The specimen shows carbon and oxygen present with the EDS test. The other elements were to minimal to be detected. The specimen was tested with Raman Test and found to be High Density Polyethylene Fiber (HDPE) with a trace of another compound. The other compounds have not been identified. Its Melting Point is 115 degrees C with a 0.8 um length.

Sample 12938-1 “Square Slides”

The specimen had no calcium present but did have high amount of sulfur with trace copper. It did contain sodium, aluminum, and chloride. These are all used as a battery or catalyst in creating a battery similar to the Edison Cell or Lead Cell. Edison cell type batteries utilize iron, potassium hydroxide, and nickel oxide, while a lead cell type uses

Lead, lead oxide, lead sulfate and hydrogen sulfate. Note copper in this sample. A compound known as chalcopyrite, CuFeS2 is roasted in an air process to create copper sulfate, iron oxide and sulfuric acid. When sand (silicon dioxide, SiO2) is added a low melting point occurs and produces iron silicate. Copper is very oxidative with various stages, but in its cupric copper stage a blue color is obtained when it is contained within 4 to 5 water molecules (CuSO4 . 5H2O. The blue color of this solid is due to the Cu+2 ion hydrated by four of the five water molecules in a surrounding square planner arrangement.

Specimen 12938-3 “JS”

JS has submitted previous samples and did have the “Goldenhead” identified in her samples with a melting point of above 1400 degrees F by Toxicological Pathology studies of Dr. Hildegarde Staninger and Dr. Rahim Karjoo.

Sodium is present with significant aluminum, phosphorous and primarily sulfur. Chloride is present with calcium. Calcium was not present in 12938-1, while copper was present.

Sulfur was 35.419 % in this specimen and 72.331 % in Sample No. 12938-1 (“Square Slides”). All of the transitional elements and other halogens are reactive or establish various valence stages when exposed to water. It is believed that these elements using the bio terrain they are in as their resource for building materials utilize various to develop into various fibers and other artificial nano life forms. It is very important to note any amount of cupric ion is toxic to lower organisms, so it is used to suppress the growth of algae in ponds and fungi and molds on vines. Bordeux mixture used to spray grapes and potatoes is made of copper sulfate and lime.

Calcium carbonate (which has been made into double walled nano tubes with carbon), CaO3, decomposed upon heating to form carbon dioxide gas, CO2 and calcium oxide (lime), CaO: + under a vacuum at 800 degrees F. If not done under a vacuum other compounds can from such as methane, oxygen, carbon dioxide and water. It may be noted that in ALL of the samples (ChemTrail, 12938-A, and -1) any sample with calcium and oxygen may have originally been calcium carbonate and lime. The samples with copper, sulfur, calcium and oxygen may have been similar compounds such as Bordeux mixture but at a nano scale level. These statements are based on the data received and history of a burning glass needle injection feeling by some Morgellon individuals.

A future question would be what is keeping these nano materials at equilibrium and what is their life expectancy under “normal” and “varying” conditions.

Dr. Hildegarde Staninger, RIET-1, Principal Investigator, IHI, LLC Dept. Research & Dev. Industrial Toxicologist/IH & Doctor of Integrative Medicine


1 Man-Made means not made by nature or found in nature.


Silica Nanotubes Based on Needle-like Calcium Carbonate: Fabrication and Immobilization for Glucose Oxidase, Ind. Eng. Chem. Res., 46 (2), 459 -463, 2007. 10.1021/ie060935+ S0888-5885(06)00935-3,

Web Release Date: December 15, 2006, Copyright © 2006 American Chemical Society


Nanocyl 9000 Series Datasheet,

High Density Polyethylene Nanocomposite Powder

Click to access tech2.pdf



Principal Researcher Dr. Hildegarde Staninger, RIET-1
© Saturday, March 27, 2007

12235 Centralia Street, Lakewood, CA 90715
Tel: 562-402-7300 Fax: 562-402-7308 Direct: 213-382-2786
Project Contract Labs: AMDL, Inc., ACS, Inc., MIT, and Lambda Solutions, Inc.

PHASE II Samples from January 8, 2007.
Results Received March 20, 2007
Subject: Three Samples of Unknown Suspect Fibers Delivered to Laboratory.
Report of: Visual and Microscopic Examination and Spectrographic Analysis of Suspect
Fibers Collected by Integrative Health International, LLC.


Phase II consists of a second batch of unknown suspect fibers were sent to the laboratory. They were asked to examine them, study them microscopically, take photomicrographs, and to determine some physical properties, and to run elemental analysis by energy dispersive spectroscopy (EDS). They would also compare their properties with those of other fibers such as nanofibers, nanotubes, carbon-silicon nanowires, meteroritic particles, Morgellons and carbon-silicon fibers.


1. The samples were a collection of three specimens collected by an individual in Texas. These specimens were falling from the sky after a Chemtrail spraying in the area. The specimens streamed from the sky like spider webs and landed on the plants, grass and back yard of the individual.  A stick was used by the individual to collect the specimens. They were then placed in a plastic ziplock bag and saved for future analysis. These specimens were submitted to IHI, LLC for analysis under Project: FMM. The specimens received appeared to be like a clump of 3 white spider webs or white cotton candy. Meteorite fibers findings reported in Phase III of PROJECT: FMM.

2. These fiber samples resemble some of the previously submitted fibers but not the Morgellon’s “Goldenhead”, which we will call a primary reference figure. They do resemble a Morgellon’s “Goldenhead” that is either 1) not fully developed; 2) being discarded or 3) deteriorating. Note the shape and the SEMs picture of the standard silicon based nanotube/wire that has the “memory” shape of a tongue that is bent down/up (due to position of reference).

3. EDS data for the three fiber samples show the presence of six elements: sodium, aluminum, phosphorus, calcium, sulfur and chlorine, which could be due to natural mineral fibers. Further testing by Raman in Phase III shows they were nanotechnology (man-made structures).

4. EDS data does have carbon and oxygen present for all samples.  The carbon and oxygen was taken out of the total percent composition so a total percentage of trace elements could be identified. The elements identified were transitional elements. Transitional elements are known for their high magnetism and valence charge. They are used in making electro-magnetic batteries. (Further discussion of batteries in separate document.)

5. Sample 13263-1 has within its nanotube an outline of a pre-Morgellon like structure known as “Goldenhead”. Note the extremely high amount of calcium 69.994%, sulfur

1.517 %, chlorine 18.129%, potassium 5.559% and iron 4.801%, and NO silica. Note the outline of a “Goldenhead” with distinct features of a muzzle like a wolf at 3 o’clock. SEM is at 1,500x and scale of 20 microns.

6. Sample 13263-2 (no SEM picture). Note the extremely high amount of potassium 30.222%, calcium 12.905%, iron 18.442%, sulfur 11.117%, chlorine 21.567% and silica 5.767%. A general question of these EDS data as compared to Sample 13263-1 is that the calcium makes the nanotube, thus when it breaks down by the surrounding bio terrain, it will produce a carbon-silica nanowire or a silica wire.

7. Sample 13263-3 (no SEM picture). Note the extremely high amount of iron 41.515%, silica 12.999, sulfur 8.791%, chlorine 16.403%, potassium 13.406% and calcium 6.885%. If silica percentage rising 12.999% as compared to Sample 13263-1 then a more defined carbon-silica or silica wire is being formed. The high value of iron 41.515%, sulfur, chloride, potassium in the presence of oxygen to form iron oxides and other transitional oxides/ -OH an electro-magnetic continuous electrical cell could be formed which would be commonly known as a “battery”. The higher developed pre Morgellons “Goldenhead” would then not need a nanotube but would be allowed to move within the body freely, especially under the skin. A paper written by Marcus Mighty, Nanorobot Mechanocompatibility, Department of Mechanical Engineering and Energy Processes, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale © May 5, 2005:

( clearly states that the problem with nanorobotic devices is that as they pass through the skin they cause excessive bruising, itching and other disturbances. . . . Nanorobots must be mechanically able to withstand interaction not only with other tissues and cells, but also other nanorobots interacting within the body. . . . Nanorobots used in medical monitoring are made of diamond and diamonoids (if zirconia or liquid zirconia melting point 1,500 degrees C to 3,000 degrees C). . . . . With nanorobots performing various duties around the body, there would be reasons to consider whether these nanorobots would cause irritation around different areas of the body. One irritation that the nanorobot could cause is excessive itching. This could happen around areas such as the ears or the mouth (or other orifices).

8. Specimen 13263-1 contained 36.167 % Carbon and 51.501 % Oxygen.

Specimen 13263-2 contained 48.486 % Carbon and 39.943 % Oxygen.

Specimen 13263-3 contained 47.267 % Carbon and 47.139 % Oxygen.

Note when carbon is in these ratios and in the present of transitional elements with oxygen present electro-magnetic cells are made and a reverse micelle reaction could occur due to the interaction of the human cell and the water present outside a cell (fresh) inside the cell (salt) water. If this is occurring in these specimens once in the body a high conductivity value will be observed.


The specimens were collected and submitted to IHI, LLC by an individual in Texas. The SEM images resemble a Morgellon like “Goldenhead” within a nanotube. These three specimens were from fiber particulate fall out after a Chemtrail spraying. These materials once on the ground surface may be broken up into smaller pieces which may be classified as nano arrays, if each section functions as an individual unit. These nano materials can self-assemble, replicate and enlarge.

Dr. Hildegarde Staninger, RIET-1, Principal Investigator Project: FMM
Industrial Toxicologist/IH & Doctor of Integrative Medicine

1 Man-Made means not made by nature or found in nature.

Texas Respondent, Chemtrail Droppings
Summer, 2006 (specifics on file)

L/N 13263-1


L/N 13263/2


L/N 13263/3


.. ..


PHASE IIIA – Morgellons Fibers Tested and Compared

Principal Researcher Dr. Hildegarde Staninger, RIET-1
© Saturday, March 27, 2007

12235 Centralia Street, Lakewood, CA 90715
Tel: 562-402-7300 Fax: 562-402-7308 Direct: 213-382-2786
Project Contract Labs: AMDL, Inc., ACS, Inc., MIT, and Lambda Solutions, Inc.

PHASE III-A Samples from Jan/Feb 2007.
Results Received:  March 20, 2007

Subject: Fourteen Samples of Unknown Suspect Fibers Delivered to Laboratory.
Report of: Visual and Microscopic Examination and Spectrographic Analysis of Suspect
Morgellon Fibers Collected by Integrative Health International, LLC.


The laboratory received a third batch of suspect Morgellon fibers associated with skin problems (and other health problems) in individuals. They were asked to examine them, study them microscopically, take photomicrographs, to determine some physical properties, and to run elemental analysis by energy dispersive spectroscopy (EDS). We would run several tests using Samples 13354-1 A & B, 13354-4 and 13354-10.

Laboratory personnel would also compare their properties with other structures such as Morgellons “Goldenhead”, nanofibers, nanotubes, carbon-silicon nanowires, meteroritic particles, polyethylene and polyester fibers.


1. A majority of the 14 samples resemble the previously submitted fibers as discussed in Phase I and Phase II PROJECT: FMM Reports.

2. Some of the photomicrographs suggest that the fibers are nanotechnology based as seen in SEMS and 4,000x 3D lens as used in Pathology.

3. Sample 13354-1 A and Sample 13354-1 B these samples were take from skin surface.   Average specimen size was 2 inches long by 1/8th inch wide.

These two specimens were next to each other and from “Anna”.

Sample 13354 ­ 1 A percent composition was aluminum 1.558 %, sulfur 70.670 %, chloride 21.086 %, calcium 3.308 % and iron 3.378 %. Carbon and oxygen were present, but extrapolated out to determine concentrations of trace elements. Elements were transitional elements. See Phase II Report.

Sample 13354 ­ 1 B percent composition was sodium 0.959 %, silica 8.352 %, sulfur 11.219 %, chloride 6.568 %, calcium 4.200 %, iron 3.635 % and zinc 65.066 %.

When one compares these results to the Chemtrail results we note that zinc and sulfur are extremely high. Aluminum was present while sulfur was high in Sample 13354-1 A and sodium/silica was present with high zinc in Sample 13354- 1 B. These results again confirm the various stages of Morgellon “Goldenhead” like nano structures. No nanotube was observed due to low calcium levels. Since the specimen sample was from the surface and being pushed length wise out of the body are these total percent compositions by weight reflective of the various stages or life expectancy of this nanotechnology.

4. Sample 13354 ­ 4 were skin samples with fibers from “Lily”. Percent composition by weight was sodium 4.276 %, silica 3.595 %, sulfur 4.088 %, chloride 27.828 %, potassium 26.843 %, calcium 16.494 % and iron 16.877 %.

When comparing this sample to “Anna’s” there is no comparison. Shape as shown in the SEM images are in various stages of structural development. The transitional element percent by weight composition is very different. “Lily’s” has the above 10% calcium, chloride and potassium present while “Anna’s” had the extremely high sulfur and zinc levels. Lily’s were either newly developed while Anna’s were older and expelling from her skin horizontally vs. vertically. “Lily’s” had 3.595 % silica while “Anna’s” had no silica.

5. Sample 13354 ­ 10 were skin samples with fibers from “Lily”. Percent composition by weight was sodium 3.133 %, silica 0.889 %, phosphorus 8.142 %, sulfur 29.393 %, potassium 12.909 %, calcium 10.709 % and iron 17.492 %. This sample has the presence of phosphorus, less silica and potassium and similar levels of iron. The explanation may be that the material that coats the carbon-silica or silica nano wire may be covering the wire, thus EDS could not penetrate the specimen or that different substances found in the bio-terrain will produce various building materials for nanorobotic assembling machines to perform their designed tasks.

It must be stated that in the Chemtrail samples, Anna’s, Lily’s and previous samples from Jan Smith (pathology reports and 4,000 x 3 D photomicrographs all have the same “Goldenhead” shape. The molecular nano composition of the elements used to make this structure has a distinct smart technology or “memory” for that structure. The principal being expressed with these specimen samples are the same as the NASA designed memory foam. The foam maintains its original shape and form. Therefore, the original designer of this nanotechnology designed the technology to maintain specific structural characteristics.

Note in Sample 13354- 10 at 12 Noon there is a distinct image of a silica tongued nano tube.

6. Sample 13354 ­ 7 was a sample of hair from “Lily.” Dr. Staninger took the sample herself along with a “pseudo hair” that popped out of the skin after spraying das Wasser on the surface of Lily’s right leg. The “pseudo hair’ grew 1/2 inch in less than one could count 1, 2, 3. The importance of these specimens is that after core hair analysis by the laboratory it was determined that both samples were not human or animal hair.

Animal hair has a core, while filaments or hair like structures from certain plants do not have a core. The core diameter varies for a male, female and a child. This method of determining whether a specimen is human, animal, or plant is done under Forensic Analysis parameters. These specimens analysis was performed to these criteria.

7. Sample 13354 ­ 13 was a specimen submitted by a Lady from Oregon. The specimen did not appear to have fibers but was composed of cream colored granules. These specimens did not match any of the others discussed in Phase III-A.

8. The melting point for Anna’s Sample 13354 ­ 11 was 200 degrees C and Lily’s Sample 13354 ­ 10 was 198 degrees C. The melting points are over 400 degrees F and definitely above the melting point of the skin of a human being. This also confirms the composition of these two types of specimens are similar but in various stages of nano structural development.


Phase III of PROJECT: FMM clearly demonstrated the various stages that a Morgellon- like “Goldenhead” could be at within the body, externally and in transitional stages. It can be at a stage of being disregarded, active or decomposing. All samples except 13354-13 (Lady from Oregon) matched all other sample specimens ­ Morgellon like “Goldenhead” or pre-“Goldenhead.”

The samples of Anna and Lily had relative similar melting points that were three (3) times greater than the temperature to burn or melt human skin. SEMs and EDS confirm nanotechnology. It must be noted that a second degree burn to human skin is at 165 degrees F. The melting point of both Anna’s and Lily’s specimens were over 400 degrees F.

Lily’s sample of regular and “pseudo” hair were determined to be non-human or animal hair. Both specimens were “pseudo” hair.  Future research will determine the life expectancy or degradation properties of nanotubes, nanofibers, and nanowires within humans, plants, and/or animals as related to their environment. In addition, the mechanism of “pseudo” hair and/or the general properties of nanotechnology structures found within humans, plants or animals may be may also be expressed as nanorobotic machines. Further investigation as to the comprehensive bio-nanotoxicological effects of any nanotechnology when exposed to the life forms discussed in this paragraph must be tested not only for their mechanocompatability properties, but for their acute, chronic and systemic toxicological effects upon the human body.   The samples discussed in Phase I, II, III-A and III-B are made from man-made nanomaterials and are definitely nanotechnology. The specimens that were from individuals who have the disease Morgellons, do have various forms of nanotechnology (nanotubes, nanofibers, nanowires, or silicon gel/shapes) within their bodies. These materials were designed for a specific purpose and function, which is currently not known but will be understood by all in the near future.

Dr. Hildegarde Staninger, RIET-1, Principal Investigator PROJECT: FMM
Industrial Toxicologist/IH & Doctor of Integrative Medicine

1 Man-Made means not made by nature or found in nature.

L/N 13354/1

#1 ‘Anna’ –  Fibers+Skin Received 1/18/2007

L/N 13354/1.1

‘Lily’ –  #1.1- 01/18/2007

L/N 13354/3

‘Lily’ – #3 – 01/18/2007

L/N 13354/4

‘Lily’ – #4 – 01/18/2007

L/N 13354/10

‘Lily’ – #10 -01/18/2007

L/N 13354/7

Regular Hair received from ‘Lily’ ­ Jan. 11, 2007- – #7 – 01/18/2007

L/N 13354/8

‘Lily’ – #8 – 01/18/2007

L/N 13354/9

‘Lily’ – #9 – 01/18/ 2007

L/N 13354/11

‘Anna’ – #11 – 01/18/2007

L/N 13354/12

‘Anna’ – #12 – 01/23/2007 Sample from left thigh


L/N 13354/13

Female ­ Oregon – #13 – 01/23/2007


PHASE III ­ B ­ Raman

Morgellons Fiber and Meteorite Fibers

Principal Researcher Dr. Hildegarde Staninger, RIET-1
© Saturday, March 27, 2007

12235 Centralia Street, Lakewood, CA 90715
Tel: 562-402-7300 Fax: 562-402-7308 Direct: 213-382-2786
Project Contract Labs: AMDL, Inc., ACS, Inc., MIT, and Lambda Solutions, Inc.

PHASE III-B Samples sent Sept. 2006.
Results Received  March 20, 2007

Subject: L/N: 12938 ­ A series of specimens. These are the RAMAN TESTS.

Two Samples of Unknown Fibers were Collected from Two Sources and Delivered to Laboratory.
Report of: Examination and Fourier Transform-Raman Spectra of Two Suspects

Morgellon Fibers Sent by Integrative Health International, LLC.
Method: Fourier Transform Raman Spectroscopy (FT-Raman).


Two similar samples (No. 12938-1 and No. 12938-7) of suspect fibers were previously studied and reported in Phase I PROJECT: FMM Report. In the present report various laboratories (Lambda Solutions, Inc. and MIT’s Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution) would analyze these two samples by Fourier Transform Raman Spectroscopy to learn more about their chemical structures. Both fibers were suspect Morgellons and would be examined for Raman structural groups to attempt identification of the material(s). Sample No. 12938-1 would be sent to Lambda Solutions, Inc. and Sample No. 12938-7 would be sent to MIT’s Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.

Sample No. 12938-1 is described in Phase I Report as being square slides with different particles. All specimens on slide appears to be similar but do not appear to be carbon-silicon fibers. Raman Test will confirm carbon-silicon or silica fibers. RI < 1.55 Dichroism: Negative.

Sample No. 12938-7 is described in Phase I Report as a container with fibers in rubber band and Labeled INC-7-19-06 PR FRESS. The sample is from a meteorite. Specimen was tested for melting point. No melting occurred but it darkened at 200 degrees with no dichroism.


1. Microscopically both fiber samples have head and body features resembling typical Morgellon fibers.

2. The FT-Raman spectra provided by Lambda Solutions, Inc. (No. 12938-1) and MIT (No. 12938-7) have vibrations from aliphatics and aromatics. In addition, 3.5 % silicon was present in one area.

3. The Raman spectra indicate the presence of an organic polymer but did not identify it.

4. Lambda Solutions, Inc. gave a verbal opinion that the plastic may be a copolymer of a polyester and an aromatic.

LAMBDA Solutions, Inc. Specific Results


Samples were received on Friday, March 9, 2007. The samples were fibers adhered by “tape” to the bottom of a glass slide and backed with white paper. In order to analyze the samples, the white paper was removed and the tape removed from the bottom of the glass. This was necessary so that the silica in the glass did not serve as an additional reflecting surface or to have the silica confound the analysis. The samples were flattened by adhering the tape and fibers to the non-glossy surface of Heavy Duty Reynolds Aluminum Foil.


Analysis was carried out with a Dimension-P2 785 Raman Spectrometer utilizing a Dimension-M1 micro Raman Adaptor mounted on a Nikon L150 microscope equipped with 10x and 50x Plan Fluor Epi Objectives. Video images were captured with a Luminara CCD mounted on the Nikon system. Illumination was by minimum light and laser beam. The sampling of the laser with the “head” and “fiber” of the fiber samples was performed.

The tape appeared to be Magic tape which is a form of Mylar polyester. No silicon was found from the tape on the specimen.

The specimen’s results had different compounds at different areas of its structure.

1.  Head ­ small amount of silicon present in head area of specimen, 3.5 % When compared to crystal silica the “head” had little or NO silica.

2. Fiber- body adjacent to “head” showed polyester-like substances that did not match the Magic tape composition of Mylar polyester.  Results suggestive of a co-polymer when Lambda Solutions, Inc. was contacted by primary laboratory.

3. The “head” and ‘fiber body” are composed of different materials.

MIT ­ Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Raman Laser System used was a 532 nm (Nd YAG (green) laser and a 10X microscope objective with a power of approximately 20 mW which slightly melted the fiber head (top edge). The laser power was reduced to approximately 5 mW for all of the spectra obtained. Spectra was collected from the shaft (spectrum 03120004), the edge of the head (spectrum 03120005), and the middle of the head (spectrum 03120006). All of the spectra were dominated by fluorescence. (Attempts to collect spectra in other locations resulted in overwhelming fluorescence.)

1. The Raman bands that were identified for Sample 12938-7 were:

*       C-C (aromatic ring chain vibrations)
*       C=C vibrations
*        Si-C vibrations

2. No silicon was present.

3. MIT could not make “guess” as to what the fiber is made of per staff.


Raman Tests performed by Lambda Solutions, Inc. determined that the fiber from Sample No. 12938-1 was composed of silicon (“head”) with little or no crystal silica present. The fiber (“body”) was composed of a polyester material. This material may be a co-polymer. No fluorescence was stated for this sample. MITs Raman analysis utilizing a different laser determined Sample No. 12938-7 was dominated by fluorescence and was composed of aliphatic and aromatic compounds. It also determined that a vibrational rate for Si-C was present, which stands for silica carbide or silica-carbon. The fluorescence is from the fiber and not from another source. The fluorescence would be made of substances that fluorescence, which is very similar to the way something glows in the dark.

Sample 12938-7 was composed of fibers from a Meterorite. The fiber on the Meteorite did not match Sample 12938-1, which was from a Morgellon’s. The fibers identified in Sample 12938-7 do match current nanotechnology that utilizes multilayer nanotubes that are made of plastic co-polymers and silica-carbon nanotubes. Sample 12938-7 results do not match the composition of a meteorite nor does a Meteorite fluorescence. The Meteorite sample appears to be contaminated by a person who has Morgellon’s or has been exposed to nanotubes made of silica-carbon or nanotechnology.

Dr. Hildegarde Staninger, RIET-1, Principal Investigator PROJECT: FMM
Industrial Toxicologist/IH & Doctor of Integrative Medicine

1 Man-Made means materials not made by nature and not found in nature.

L/N 12938/1

L/N 12938/1 ­ SEM Image Scanned at 30X

L/N 12938/7

1NC-7-19-06 PR FRESS

L/N 12938/7

See detail in Dr. Staninger’s report above.


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The following case definition of Morgellons disease has been developed by physicians on the medical advisory board of the Morgellons Research Foundation. This case definition is a preliminary and evolving document, now updated for review by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). This document will be refined as further information becomes available and as members of the medical advisory board deem necessary.

The Following Six Signs or Symptoms Are The Basis of Morgellons Disease

1. Skin lesions, both spontaneously appearing and self-generated, with intense itching. The former may initially appear as “urticarial-like”, or as “pimple-like” with or without a white center. The latter appear as linear or “picking” excoriations. Even when not self-generated, lesions often progress to open wounds that heal abnormally and usually incompletely. (e.g., heal very slowly with discolored epidermis or seal over with a thick gelatinous outer layer.)
2. Crawling sensations, both within and on the skin surface. Often conceptualized by the patient as “bugs moving, stinging or biting” intermittently. Besides the general dermis, may also involve the scalp, nares, ear canal, and body hair or hair follicles. The sensations are at times related to the presence of easily seen insects, arthropods, and other human and non-human associated parasites that require serious attention from the observing clinician.
3. Fatigue significant enough to interfere with the activities for daily living.
4. Cognitive difficulties, including measurable short term memory and attention deficit, as well as difficulty processing thoughts correctly. Described by patients as “brain fog”.
5. Behavioral effects are common in many patients. Many have been or will be diagnosed as Attention Deficit Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, or Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. A minority do not show this pattern. Almost all, if previously seen by well-read physicians without prolonged observation, will have been labeled as “Delusional Parasitosis”. Temporal relationship to skin lesion onset is not known.
6. “Fibers” are reported in and on skin lesions. They are generally described by patients as white, but clinicians also report seeing blue, green, red, and black fibers, that fluoresce when viewed under ultraviolet light (Wood’s lamp). Objects described as “granules”, similar in size and shape to sand grains, can occasionally be removed from either broken or intact skin by physicians, but are commonly reported by patients. Patients report seeing black “specks” or “dots” on or in their skin, as well as unusual 1-3 mm “fuzzballs” both in their lesions and on (or falling from) intact skin.


1. Change in visual acuity.
2. Numerous neurological findings. A variety of neurological symptoms have been reported. Some patients have been diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, Multiple Sclerosis, and other well-known and recognized disorders, while others display significant symptoms not falling into any well-defined neurological category.
3. Gastrointestinal symptoms, which may include dyspepsia, gastroesophageal reflux, and/or changes in bowel habits often similar to Irritable Bowel Syndrome.
4. Neuropsychiatric symptoms and signs, ranging from mood or personality changes to diagnosed disorders including Attention Deficit Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and occasionally frank psychosis. Temporal relationship to skin lesion onset is not known.
5. Acute changes in skin texture and pigment. The skin is variously thickened and thinned, with an irregular texture and irregular hyperpigmentation pattern. The changes resemble age associated sun-exposure skin damage, but typically appear acutely.
6. Skin examination often reveals excoriated and/or crusted lesions which, on examination with lighted magnification, are seen to have inclusions of variously colored (white, blue, black, or red) fibers. Skin examination may also reveal multiple hyper-pigmented macules, and an increase of what appears to be villous hair on arms. and face.
7. Fibromyalgia has been diagnosed in a significant percentage of this patient population.
8. Arthralgias are reported by a significant percentage of this patient population.


1. Most patients will have sought care from multiple medical care providers. A large number will have been diagnosed with Delusional Parasitosis likely because of the juxtaposition of unexplained skin lesions and sensations and psychiatric overlay. Unfortunately, almost none will have received an appropriate diagnostic physical examination (particularly a microscopic or biopsy examination of lesions), but will have been diagnosed by history alone with grossly incomplete observation.
2. Most of these patients feel abandoned by the traditional medical care system and have sought alternative care providers or have self medicated, seriously compounding an already difficult medical situation,


To date, there have been no formal laboratory or imaging studies done in this patient group. There are some reasonably consistent clinical findings, however, that need further examination to corroborate or refute in controlled studies.


William T. Harvey, MD, MPH
Michael Ledtke, MD
Ginger Savely, RN, FNP-C
Raphael B. Stricker, MD
Gregory V. Smith, MD, FAAP

Medical Advisory Board
Morgellons Research Foundation

The Art of Conscious Living Retreat.

March 13, 2007

Dear Family of Light,

What an amazing week this has been. Just got back from Langrado and 3 days of pure music, jamming and fun. Also saw some amazing films at the Miami Int Film Fest and see how images can change the world.

On March 31 we are putting together a very special ceremony and retreat, anyone from my space family will receive a promo rate of $72 for the day. It will be my last ceremony in Miami as I leave for Colombia in mid April. So most welcome.

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Many blessings,


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Eclipse magic

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World Sound Healing Days & Valentines Message

February 14, 2007

Dear Family of Light,

Happy Valentines to all and may God’s Love show you true peace.

I have been busy with my various webs (8 to date), writing and new passion ~*~ video blogs….Quite a powerful medium to Xpress yourself or sell condos….Busy? Yes –not to mention the Kogi film which has me very excited, as I will be moving back to Colombia on April 5.

So we wonder how time flys.  So not to let time go – I write these words for you.

On this Day of Love and Healing Sound may your heart find freedom, bliss and peace.

I have a special Valentines Message 4 U  @ or It is a bit long so not included in this mail.
Elephant Love
Today is also The 5th Annual WORLD SOUND HEALING DAY

I have been involved with this event for a few years and the of power of Sound is pure magic. Listen to your heartbeat…is it not beating with the Mother Gaia’s heart?

Stop and Say outloud.. “I Love God, Me, The Universe and Everyone in my Cosmic Play.  This alone creates powerful self respect and gratitude for the life you live. When we love our selves and create that frequency in our hearts~~> the universe will rearrange itself to fit your picture of reality. Your family will see the true you as an Angel of Peace.  Our thoughts are like sounds and vibrations that create geometric realities.  As you think…so you will become.

On this Day of Love may our sound, voice, dance, films songs and pure intention create a Rainbow of Love around our planet and U.

A butterfly in Miami flapping his wings created a hurricane in Japan…
Be careful how u flap your wings or think~sing your songs as they have far reaching effects through out the universe.
A rainbow or new world was created by a caterpillar and his pure intention. One day he dream he would fly…no one believed him seeing him walk so slowly…then in a stage of coma he went…he keep dreaming.

One day the Sun came out and called his name…time 4 U to fly…..tired by sleep, he broke out of the deep stupor, and with the Sun’s rays his wings began to get stronger, they started to grow…for so long he was trapped by nature…. The Sun’s Song of Love and healing frequency had awoken the bug and now he was a Butterfly!!
So many colors and no more fur.

The Sun said, ” All my creation has a time, space and place. No one can fly till the right time and space appear. Nature has a plan, man has a plan, But I the Sun have the Master plan…so now U can fly and be free….Sing your songs of freedom and let the past melt away. You were born to be a Master Magician, so create the magic you know is in you. Butterflys are needed…who else makes children smile. 🙂

Did you see the butterfly in your dreams last night? It was only you as an angel singing songs of bliss for once you were this.

From the heart,

Tune into God’s plan and in His Hand you will fly to a new land where love and peace is the nature of things. Angels come to Hold Your Hand, as We Heal the Earth, A Fire of Love is Brewing and the Tree of Humanity is Healed, Sing your Song of Peace and Fly like a Free Bird, the Inner Child is waiting for the Gods and Goddess to say ahhhh…Om Shanti

See new & old webs at

Talk about info overload…but someone has to get the message out!!

============= 00000000000000===============

Below is the press release about this special day of Sound…OMMMM~~AHHHH~~Shanti ~*~

“The Sound Heard Around the World”
Sounding an “AH” for planetary peace!

WHAT: World Sound Healing Day.

Sound Heard Around the World Unite 4 Peace. For five minutes, sound healers, meditators, yogis, peace activists and lovers of all humanity and sentient consciousness will send a Sonic Valentine to the Earth with the heart sound “AH” filled with the intention of Peace and Love!

Visit: to for more information on this event and to download an “AH” sound you can tone along with

WHEN: February 14, 2007 All Day Long

Join Jonathan Goldman, the Sound Healers Association, Tribal Ink News and thousands of people throughout the planet as they tone an “AH” together for five minutes during that day, projecting the energy of Light & Love throughout the Planet. You will actually experience generating a field of transformational energy as this occurs. We have found that creating a Global Sacred Sound any time within a 24 hour period on the planet will create a coherent waveform that will affect the entire Earth.

Therefore, any time you feel guided to sound for Planetary Peace on February 14th is a good time! In addition, local toning groups will be occurring throughout the Earth at various times during that day with the intention of assisting planetary consciousness through sound. There will also be several global toning events occurring via the Internet during that day, including at noon Eastern Time on and at 9 PM ET on

WHY: To project peace throughout the planet.

What better way to celebrate this joyous day of Valentine’s Day then to project Peace to Mother Earth and generate peaceful, loving  energy throughout the planet with sound! Sound coupled with intention has the ability to heal and transform. We will sound an “AH” sending a heart wave of Sound that will resonate throughout the planet. Now is the time for you to be part of the Celestial Choir and resonate together for World Sound Healing Day. We can create major positive shifts on our beloved planet. Through sounding together we will make a difference.

HOW: Sound the heart sound “AH” for 5 minutes.

We will simply sound an “AH” filled with the intention of Peace and Love for 5 minutes at your local noon time. The “AH” is a universal, non-denominational heart sound that when projected with focused energy is extremely powerful and effective.

On our web you will find a “Planetary Healing Sounds” section with articles on suggested sounds, visualizations and toning techniques as well as as well an “AH” sound you can download and tone along with.

Feel free to Pass this message on. If it’s appropriate, forward this announcement about this event to your mailing list. Tell your friends and loved ones to join our Celestial Choir and help bring peace to the planet. There will be sound healing events throughout the world. Previous World Sound Healing Days were extraordinarily successful. We truly made a difference to the planet with our Sound, our Light and Our Love.

Media by Tribal Ink News

Cold, Hold Time, or Just Old..

February 8, 2007

Dear Family of Light,

Do u have a cold?  Are u feeling tired? What is all the stress about? Is everything on hold or is it cold? Maybe in am just old…

Time seems to be moving faster and in certain parts of the US, as well as the world, are in a deep freeze. Miami, right now 70 * F

Some days hot as Summer and others Rain ~v~ Nature out of balance when our children die because of extreme conditions inside their own home. Some have to keep the gas fire stove on just to keep warm…not healthy.

Yesterday in my meditation class, Norman a young soul in his mid 60s shared a powerful experience. We were doing a guided journey in healing the earth and creating balls of light within our hands.  Imagine the earth in your hands. Or stopping light and moving light pulses to another place…see new at end of this mail..

When we finished he said he saw himself as a little baby with a ball in his hand, he mentioned it was like a cleanse, healing the old, but a memory very powerful indeed.

When we see the power of our mind to clean out the old and understand the healing process of the body we can heal our mind and see the healing process of the Earth. Maybe our planet is filled with toxins and is just regulating the temperature to clear out the junk.

When our soul in the body is stressed…the immune system is weakened and we take certain pills thinking it will heal..but…not all works.  Knowledge is freedom and common sense makes your life much easier to deal with.

Found a great article on Colds on an old amigos web.

I met Viktoras in the late 80s and was involved Cel Tech at that time. He is an expert in natural medicine and has a great insight on Colds and how to heal the body.

Enjoy the news your can use…

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Colds should be thought of as a cleansing process instead of disease or illness.

I decided to write on the subject, because there is so much ignorance on colds. Most folks seem to get them. I use to get 3 to 15 colds a year up to age of 30. Then I made some radical dietary changes, and I have no colds. I discovered also, some people, make moderate dietary upgrades, but include alkalizing foods and strong balanced enzymes and they too , have no more colds.

All of us are familiar with the symptoms of the common cold. Among these are sneezing, runny nose, and stuffed-up head, often accompanied by a fever.
Generally, this is what is known as a “head cold”. Then there is the other variety, the sore throat, the cough, the aching lungs. This type may also be accompanied by a fever. This is known as the “chest cold”. They exist all over the world, affect all races, classes and are present in every climate. Colds are usually not very serious, but they are very expensive. In the United States alone, it is estimated that colds cost up to 40 billion dollars annually including loss of efficiency and loss of time from work by people suffering from the common cold.

There are many reasons given for the cause of the common cold. The following are some of the common misconceptions: colds are an infection caused by germs, parasites and viruses; colds are caused by extreme changes in the temperature. The phrase “catching a cold” indicates that people believe they can give one another
colds. Mental shocks are frequently followed by colds. Pollution is also frequently blamed for being a contributor to colds. There are some logical basis for these theories. The germ theory can be supported by the fact that colds seem to go through families. Extreme temperature changes may cause the contraction of the nasal mucosa and cracks in the nasal mucosa enables the bacteria to enter the organism. However, there isn’t a common germ, virus, or bacteria for the common cold.

All of these theories deal with superficial explanations of symptoms and not the origin. There is a common denominator: colds are the result of excess mucous built up within the lungs and lymphatic system. Mucous is a natural, clear, viscous secretion found in the gonads, intestines and respiratory tract. It protects the tissues from irritation by strong acids and/or bases. Mucoproteins react with the acid or base, coagulating its mucous into white dense secretions which are absorbed into the lymphatic system. When observing a noncongestive diet, the small amount of secretions generated is easily broken down into simple components and recycled or
excreted. However, when the body’s resistance has been lowered by a high stress lifestyle and diet is badly chosen, it results in a daily build up of mucus. In this toxic state, the body will be affected by such things as drafts, extreme temperature changes, polluted air, exposure to germs, viruses and bacteria.

The toxic condition is the result of incomplete metabolism of inappropriately chosen food in the intestines. Overeating of natural food can also predispose the body to be affected by colds because this brings on indigestion and constipation. Improper eating is another contributing factor. Examples of this are: too much of any one food such as heat treated proteins, sugar, dairy products, starches and concentrated foods; an acid condition in the stomach which can come from concentrated intake of protein, fat and/or starch, from bad food combinations such as starch and protein, starch and acid such as bakery products mixed with citrus, tomato or vinegar in the same meal; processed foods; fluids taken with a meal (especially milk, which hydrochloric acid in stomach curds in large balls that can take one to three days to digest). Excess protein, especially of diary origin, will leave a residue in the prostate and gonads, as well as in the respiratory tract thereby predisposing one to a painful menstrual discharge.

An easy way to demonstrate the relationship of diet and colds is to stay away from all pasteurize dairy products for three weeks, then have some cheese or a glass of milk. Within minutes all the symptoms of a cold will develop – congested chest, catarrh in the throat, sinus aches, etc… Most people are unable to tolerate a limited amount of such foods, once they have lowered their vitality.

When a build up of mucous reaches a high level where it can interfere with life processes, then a ‘cold’ can result. When exposed to stressful situations, cold weather
or overwork, the body constricts. After the removal of the stress, some lung cavities of the body become shut off from circulation due to failure of the glued up capillaries to return back to former condition. To open them up, the body’s intelligence builds up a fever (to cause expansion and return normal circulation). For every degree in rise of body temperature, the enzyme activity rate goes up by at least 15% – this is why fever is so beneficial, it is equivalent to increase of body enzymes, to melt down the mucus. At the same time, leukocyte level goes up tremendously. With their high enzyme concentration mucus can be dissolved. Studies show that blood and urine enzyme level goes up many times during fever. There are some germs (we always have some in our body) in the isolated capillary cavities that start to multiply rapidly at the rate of one multiplication every twelve minutes. Every twenty four hours 2,000,000 million new germs will be produced from a single original germ.

Furthermore, with the fever, leukocytes and phagocytes are able to reach into these- areas to attack and destroy the germs by way of enzyme action. The mucous is eaten up by them until it is a liquid secretion which can be discharged through our eliminative organs, specifically the lungs by means of phlegm and cough. Also the
urine becomes dark yellow, defecation frequent and loose and the skin – offensive in smell and sweaty.

Colds should be thought of as a cleansing process instead of disease or illness. Disease never develops if during colds everything is done to encourage elimination. Unfortunately, this is not so for most people. Cold remedies fill the shelves of our drug stores, supermarkets and medicine cabinets. The supply and variety seem endless. In seeking relief from the uncomfortable symptoms of the common cold Americans spend one quarter of a billion dollars a year. This figure applies to only the overthecounter medications which include pills, nose drops, sprays, cough syrups, cough suppressants, cough expectorants, etc… Antihistamines are often used in addition to these medications. Their primary function is to shrink the mucous membranes of the nose and sinuses. All this does is temporarily dry up the nasal secretions. Added to the long list of medications is the old stand-by, the aspirin. At the onset of a cold, most people take two aspirins routinely every four hours. After all, “it’s what doctors recommend the most”, as we often hear on television commercials. Aspirins have an analgesic effect and they do relieve the pain symptoms. But this relief is slight and temporary. Then, there are the prescription drugs which can only be ordered by physicians. These are prescribed for the more severe colds. New developments in pharmacology have brought us anti-biotics.

One of these is penicillin, considered by many a “miracle drug” for the treatment of colds or the flu. It is a powerful agent and can fight many infections. Today, it is prescribed indiscriminately for colds and infections of the respiratory tract. Now, the
body not only has the cold to contend with, but it must rid itself of the drug. Penicillin can become very toxic for some people. They may develop a sensitivity to it and are never able to use it again. Penicillin allergy may vary from mild skin rashes, to sudden death from anaphylactic shock. There are hundreds of documented cases of deaths attributed to penicillin injections. Here, the treatment is worse than the disease, yet antibiotics are a big-business today. The laboratory assembly lines continue to produce and market these dangerous drugs in ever increasing volume.
In brief, medical science has not found a cure for the common cold. The relief from “colds” comes from either enervating the body and suppressing this cleansing process leading to long term build up of waste, or letting the cold work itself through until the toxins are eliminated from the body. At such time, the cold symptoms will subside. This will be as spontaneous as the onset of the cold.

Once one has acquired a cold there are several measures that can be taken to encourage elimination. The body must be allowed to get rid of its impurities without outside interference. Natural treatment is always the most effective way to avoid complications. The proper treatment is to cleanse the system. When a cold appears, take a herbal (like Seasonal Cleanse) If one has not had elimination for several days, one should consider doing also an enema or a colonic.

The immune system is radically empowered by a long history of enzyme supplementation. Dr. Leskovar showed that the enzymes increase natural killer cell activity by 1300% and of macrophages by 700%. During a cold, to accelerate the recovery, it is best to stay on alkalizing fluids, take high protealitic enzyme every hour and get plenty of rest. The recovery can be speeded up by days. The mucus melt down and excreted through normal channels of elimination, instead of through coughing and spitting.

To speed up detoxification, all ingestion of food should be stopped until the cold is gone. The mechanics of elimination and cure of cold can be stopped by eating solid food in excessive amounts. This will lead to further burdening of the system and mucous build up. As the years advance this mucous build up is the basis of many degenerative diseases. Drinking warm water, vegetable broth and/or diluted fruit juices is desirable. Hot baths (with 3 pounds of salt in tub) will increase perspiration and bring blood to the skin. This is helpful in getting rid of poisons through the pores. There are some people who find it helpful to engage in exercises, such as walking or working to increase perspiration. For most people, though, bed rest with plenty of fresh air seems beneficial. Massages of the entire spine as well as soles of the feet increase circulation and help return the blood to normalcy. Following these simple yet effective measures, recovery should occur within two or three days.

In order to avoid clogging up our body with mucous and wastes, there are simple dietary measures we can follow. There are some foods that contribute to poisoning our bodies and should be avoided. We should avoid refined white flour products
(these are poor food), sugar products, ice cream, cakes, cookies, pies, and candies.
Wheatgerm is absent in white flour, and neither are the enzymes, vitamins and organic mineral salts present. Fried foods should definitely be avoided since they are not digestible and generate a high level of mucous. Keep away from jellies, jams and preserves because they produce abnormal fermentation. They also leave excessive amounts of gas in the stomach and this helps generate mucous.

Eating meat or excessive vegetarian protein foods results in formation of large amounts of digestive acids which induce abnormal amounts of mucus. Uric acid particularly is very damaging; this builds up and crystallizes and is one of the main
causes for rheumatism. The person who consumes a lot of meat lacks power and endurance and suffers from lowered resistance, which predisposes the body to colds. The most important foods to avoid in order to prevent colds are the dairy products. The biggest culprit among these is cow’s milk. Cow’s milk is food for its offspring, the calf. It contains the nutrients necessary for the growth and development of that animal. It is rich in protein and calcium. This enables the calf to grow to such tremendous size. The calcium content is three times that of human milk. It also contains excessive amounts of glucose which just turns to fat. Glucose is stored in the liver and builds up in the body tissue. The protein in cow’s milk is called caseinogen. This is a sticky substance that remains in various parts of the body. This eventually causes blockage in the kidneys, the bladder, and the skin. Cow’s milk is responsible for many problems, among them asthma, arthritis, obesity and the common cold. Pasteurized milk is the most mucous producing food in the daily diet of Americans. It is the cause of colds, flu, bronchial troubles, sinus problems, arthritis, asthma and hay-fever. It takes a tremendous amount of effort for the human body to metabolize cow’s milk. As a result, milk is the cause of the mucous ailments that affect so many. Cow’s milk was never intended for human consumption but for animal consumption. Avoid also tobacco, caffeine and alcohol.

There are many foods which will help us maintain good health and enable us to avoid having colds. A diet rich in B complex vitamins, such as sprouted grains and beans, greens, seed yogurt as well as the traditional wheatgerm and yeast. Bread should be made with whole wheat flour because it contains vitamin E. Cereals should contain whole wheat and whole grains. Sweets can be obtained from fruits, honey, maple sugar. These are high in vitamin C. Make sure the fruits are fresh and not canned. Dried or evaporated fruits are an excellent substitute when fresh fruits are not available. By eating fruits in abundance, we can prevent colds. Fruits contain acid and they are the best internal systemic cleansers known. Potatoes should be boiled in their skins. Have plenty of fresh vegetables cooked in very little water so there is nothing left to drain. Cover the pot in order to retain the vitamins. Vegetables should be cooked for a short period of time to prevent excessive nutrient loss. Green and yellow vegetables are abundant in vitamin A. Raw vegetables and salad vegetables are the most desirable. One will never get a cold when eating raw foods only. All other vegetarian foods can lead to cold if the body is enervated. The raw foods normalize the bowels with their high roughage and help purify the bloodstream. With this diet. the body will obtain what it needs to avoid getting colds.

Fasting is a natural way of ridding the body of excess toxins, wastes and diseased tissue. It purifies the bloodstream. Nature heals through fasting and this is considered a miracle cure by many. All animals fast when they are sick, and children instinctively know this. However, Americans are preoccupied with food and we keep eating while sick which further complicates matters. We have to unlearn our bad habits.

The first thing to do before a fast is to empty the intestinal tract. At bedtime take a familiar herbal! laxative (Seasonal Cleanse from Cell Tech is excellent) in the evening at retirement. This will empty the content of the stomach, small intestine and part of colon. After morning bowel movement, take a few warm enemas. With this preparation, a liquid diet ‘A will be a pleasure. Total fasting means no food whatsoever.

Take plenty of liquids during the fast – distilled water, diluted subacid fruit juices and/or fresh vegetable broth, melon juice, or herbal teas (peppermint, wild cherry, bayberry bark with yarrow, ginseng, ginger.-no honey or sweeteners) are good.
Try to use only a few mixtures for any one day. Drink distilled water or herb teas in between the juices. Try to get as much rest as possible during an extended fast and also plenty of fresh air. You will feel miserable during the fast as long as the wastes are still in your bloodstream. Once the wastes are gone, you will feel fine.

The ultimate prevention of colds is a healthy holistic lifestyle fueled by mucus clean at least 80% raw food diet. The best preventive medicine is a weekly fast to maintain good health. This can be either a twenty four hour or thirty six hour fast. This does not need to interfere with one’s normal activities. At the end of such a fast, the foods should be raw vegetables. A day later, you may include one or two cooked nonstarchy vegetables. After a couple of days, you may resume your normal diet. However, it is not advisable to eat three meals a day in between fasts. To maintain a healthy body. one or two meals a day is sufficient. Over-eating is the greatest cause of all diseases.

Fear and worry also lower the body’s resistance. This makes the body susceptible to colds as well as to a variety of other diseases. Medical science is now doing a great deal of research to determine the affects that stress has on disease. Stress has been linked directly to causing colds and all psychosomatic disorders, and there may be a link between stress and cancer. So a good preventive measure to maintain general good health is to learn to think peaceful and positive thoughts by toning the ego needs and concentrating ones life on selfless service emanating from a loving heart.

For those, who continue to eat, in a fashion, which generate significant mucus build up, they should consider the intake of OligoPower, which was a patented by a good friend, a Japanese Physician in 2003 with a 93% success in preventing and or eliminating a cold.

For those who wish help in getting the best of enzymes, herbal cleansers, alkalizing super foods please contact me at
Viktoras Kulvinskas. MS

Common and Costly, Colds Account for Billions
Tue Feb 25, 5:36 PM ET

By Charnicia E. Huggins

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – Colds are not only common, they are also costly, according to
research released Monday.

Forty billion US dollars are spent each year due to missed days from school and work, visits to
the doctor and over-the-counter medications, according to a team of Michigan and Florida

“Every parent knows the cost of colds goes far beyond buying a bottle of cough syrup,” Dr. A.
Mark Fendrick of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor told Reuters Health. A child’s illness
can often throw a wrench into a parent’s plans and make them miss work or spend extra money
for a babysitter if the child stays home from school, he said.

To investigate the total impact of the common cold the researchers conducted a telephone
survey of over 4,000 adults nationwide and extrapolated those findings to the US population.

Nearly three-quarters of the survey respondents said they had had a cold during the previous
12 months, and these cold sufferers reported having two to three colds per year, Fendrick and
his team report in the Archives of Internal Medicine.

Based on this finding, there are approximately 500 million cold episodes each year in the US,
the researchers note.

What’s more, the economic impact of these colds–including direct and indirect costs–is almost
$40 billion each year, the report indicates.

Direct costs–such as doctor visits and prescription drugs–account for about $17 billion of this
price tag. They estimate that colds cost $22 billion in indirect costs, such as costs associated
with missed days from work and school.

Overall, children throughout the US miss an estimated 189 million school days because of
colds, and parents caring for these sick children miss about 126 million workdays. Employees
also miss an additional 70 million workdays because they themselves are sick with a cold.

“Hence, when it comes to burden of illness, there is nothing common about the common cold,”
Fendrick and his team conclude.

A grant from ViroPharma, Inc. funded the study. Fendrick and his co-authors serve as
consultants to the Pennsylvania-based company, a pharmaceutical firm that develops and
markets antiviral medications.

SOURCE: Archives of Internal Medicine 2003;163:487-494.

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The Idan Raichel Project in Miami

January 30, 2007

What to do on a cool Sunday Night…a million things to do…Then a flash of Inspiration..I want to go to Israel and the music of the sacred chants echos in my mind.

So like in a trace I found my way to the Carnival Center to hear someone I never heard before. Gut feeling.

There are events that mark your life…this one did it.

I and a couple thousand more were treated to a magical interplay of cultures, sacred drums, angelic voices, Hebrew Prayers and World Music to calm the soul.

From the beginning you could feel a vibration in the air. Beyond my wildest dreams, we took a journey into the heart of Middle Eastern music with Cabra Casey, Mira Anwar Awad, Bongani Xulu, Gilad Shmueli, Rony & Yacov and the magician himself, Idan.

See Idan’s site for more info.
The Idan Raichel Project
Idan, Rony & Me
Here is a press release from his site…


On November 7, 2006, the recently formed record label Cumbancha presented the powerful music of The Idan Raichel Project to the world with an international CD release of The Idan Raichel Project. The global release of The Idan Raichel Project CD on Cumbancha has already generated raves from major media.

Billboard Magazine enthused, “This disc is surely one of the most fascinating titles to emerge in world music this year. The tunes are terribly alluring, and each song definitely has a life of its own. Raichel’s U.S. debut is a multi-ethnic tour de force.” The Times of London raved “The ethnic elements are cleverly rewired with modern grooves to create an ambient journey that thrillingly bridges the traditional and the modern.” The Boston Globe

While recent headlines are dominated by news of conflict and war in the Middle East, an Israeli musical collaborative has achieved success by looking beyond intercultural differences and celebrating the value of diversity. With its blend of traditional Ethiopian folk music, Arabic poetry, Yemenite chants, Biblical psalms and Caribbean rhythms, The Idan Raichel Project has already taken Israel by storm with multiple number one hits and triple platinum sales. On January 30th, The Idan Raichel Project brings their powerful live show to the House of Blues in Chicago for a rare US appearance.

The Idan Raichel Project is the brainchild of Israeli keyboardist, composer, producer, and arranger Idan Raichel, who invited over 70 different musicians from a wide variety of backgrounds to participate in the recordings. In particular, Raichel has long been fascinated by the music of Israel’s growing population of Ethiopian Jews, and many songs feature members of Israel’s Ethiopian community. The recordings also include Arab musicians, traditional Yemenite vocalists, a toaster and percussionist from Suriname and a South African singer, among others.

The Project released its first album in Israel in 2002 and quickly became one of the biggest success stories in the history of Israeli popular music. The haunting Ethiopian chorus of the first single, “Bo’ee” (Come With Me), sounded completely unlike anything most Israeli’s had heard before. The groundswell of interest propelled the album to heights rarely seen in the local music scene and firmly established Idan Raichel as a new type of Israeli pop star. Now a musical icon in the Israeli community worldwide, The Idan Raichel Project has performed to sell-out crowds in prestigious venues in Paris, Brussels, New York, Los Angeles, Singapore and beyond.

The Idan Raichel Project burst onto the Israeli music scene in 2002, changing the face of Israeli popular music and offering a message of love and tolerance that resonated strongly in a region of the world where the headlines are too often dominated by conflict. With an enchanting blend of Ethiopian and Middle Eastern flavors coupled with sophisticated production techniques and a spectacular live show, the Idan Raichel Project has become one of the most unexpected success stories in Israeli music today. While he regularly fills large concert halls at home, the upcoming international release of his recordings on the Cumbancha record label promises to introduce the work of this inspirational collective to a wide global audience.

Idan Raichel, the architect of this unique recording project, is a 29-year old keyboardist, producer and composer from Kfar Saba. Idan was born in 1977 to a family with Eastern European roots, and although music was an important part of his upbringing, his parents did not place much emphasis on performing music from his particular cultural background. I think the fact that I didn t have strong family musical roots is what made me be very open to music from all over the world, says Idan. Idan started playing the accordion when he was 9 years old, and even at this young age was attracted to the exotic sounds of Gypsy music and tango.

As a teenager, Idan started playing keyboards, and studied jazz in high school, which honed his skills at improvisation and working with other musicians. In Israel, military service is mandatory for all young men and women, so at 18 Idan was conscripted into the Israeli army. Ironically, it was in this military setting that Idan developed musical skills that would prove essential later in life. Rather then heading to the front lines in this volatile region, Idan joined the Army rock band and toured military bases performing covers of Israeli and European pop hits. As the musical director of the group, he became adept at arrangements and producing live shows, and turned his experience in the Army into a productive and positive one.

After he was discharged Idan starting working as a counselor at a boarding school for immigrants and troubled youth. Notably, the school was filled with young people from Ethiopia who were part of Israel s growing community of Ethiopian Jews. It was here that Idan first started getting familiar with Ethiopian folk and pop music. While most of the young people in the school rejected their own cultural traditions in an effort to assimilate into mainstream Israeli society, a small core of Ethiopian teenagers remained fans of Ethiopian music. They passed around cassettes of songs from artists like Mahmoud Ahmed, Aster Aweke, Gigi and others, and the exotic, otherworldly melodies piqued Idan s curiosity. I started to hear lots of cassettes from Addis Ababa. Village music, like Ethiopian pop and reggae, or the native village songs, says Raichel. I noticed that immigrants from the Ethiopian community changed their names when they got to Israel. They try to assimilate into Western culture and don t keep their roots. He wanted these kids to remember that they like hip-hop but they are not from Harlem, they like reggae but they are not Bob Marley. The Ethiopians have a great culture that should be cherished.

Idan started going to Ethiopian bars and clubs in downtown Tel Aviv. It was like entering another world, a country within a country that remains a secret from most Israelis. As his connections to the community deepened, Idan began attending Ethiopian synagogues, weddings and other ceremonies, and he began to learn more about Ethiopian music and culture.

Meanwhile, Idan had become a successful backup musician and recording session player for some of Israel s most popular singers. After a few years of helping others gain success and notoriety, Idan decided it was time to pursue a project that reflected his musical ideals, and he began working on a demo recording in a small studio he set up in the basement of his parent s home in Kfar Saba. He thought it would be a good idea to invite a number of different singers and musicians to participate, in order to better demonstrate his different styles and the ways in which he worked with a variety of artists.

Idan had long been fascinated with the diversity of Israel and sought to celebrate his appreciation and respect for different cultures through his music. Because of its open door to immigrants from Jewish communities around the globe, Israel is home to a stew of cultures and traditions, including people of Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, Latin American and Eastern European roots. Yemenite Jews offer traditions that reflect thousands of years of living in the country of Yemen on the southern edges of the Arabian Peninsula. Israel s Sephardic community consists of people who had incorporated the traditions of Spain, North Africa and the Mediterranean region where they had lived for centuries. The largest immigrant population in Israel consists of Ashkenazi Jews, who had come mostly from Russia and Eastern Europe (Idan s is himself of Eastern European descent). More recently, over 85,000 Ethiopian Jews now call Israel home after efforts to naturalize this so-called lost tribe of Israel through dramatic airlifts in the 1980s and 90s. In addition, there is a large Arab community, which makes up almost 20% of the official total population of Israel.

Idan invited over 70 of his friends and colleagues from Israel s diverse music scene to participate in his recordings. He never expected his musical experiments to turn him into Israel s biggest musical phenomenon in recent memory. Idan created the core songs of his first album as a demo, and began shopping for a record label to help him produce a full album of his own. While most of the Israeli labels considered his work too ethnic and too outside of the norms of the formulaic Israeli pop scene to have any hope of success, one A&R man, Gadi Gidor at Helicon Records, instantly heard the potential in Idan s work and quickly signed him on to the roster. The subsequent album was an immediate hit. The haunting Ethiopian chorus of the first single, Bo ee (Come With Me), sounded completely unlike anything most Israeli s had heard before. Yet, coupled with Idan s richly poetic lyrics of love and devotion and sophisticated contemporary production techniques, the single struck a chord with a wide swath of the Israeli public.

As the interest in the recording began to grow, demand for live shows increased, including an offer Idan couldn t refuse from the prestigious Opera House of Tel Aviv. Given the number of musicians who participated in the recordings, it would have been impossible to have them all appear on stage, so Idan decided to pick seven members in addition to himself who were both versatile and strong individual artists in their own right.

From the beginning, Idan saw the project as a collaboration between artists who each bring their own musical culture and talents to the stage. There would be no front man, Idan says. I would sit at the side and watch things and see what occurs. Every song would have a different singer, we would sit in a half circle and each musician would have a chance to demonstrate what they have to offer. The live show became symbolic of the album, as it brought together a group of people of different backgrounds but each is equal to the other.

This sentiment is reflected in the decision to name the collective The Idan Raichel Project. Says Raichel, If I had called the album just Idan Raichel, people would have thought that Raichel is the main voice on all the songs. I wrote the songs and I arranged and produced them, but I perform them together with other vocalists and musicians. On the other hand, we are not a group. It s something in between.”

In its recordings or on stage, The Idan Raichel Project has featured a fascinating array of participants. Cabra Casey is a singer of Ethiopian heritage who was born in a refugee camp in Sudan during her parent s journey to Israel. She grew up in a diverse immigrant community in Southern Israel, and met Idan when they were both serving in the Israeli Army. Mira Anwar Awad, who sings on the dramatic Arabic-language track Azini, is an Arab Israeli who grew up in the northern city of Haifa. A well-known singer and actress, Awad had participated in numerous musicals and theatrical productions in Israel.

Sergio Braams, who sings on the dancehall inflected track Brong Faya (Burn Fire) among others, immigrated to Israel from the country of Suriname on the Caribbean coast of South America. Braams has infused the spirit of Caribbean music into the Tel Aviv scene, and was the leader of a reggae band for which Idan played keyboards. Braams is a cofounder of and performer in the popular musical review called Mayumana, the Israeli equivalent of the percussion show Stomp.

While The Project has featured many young artists who represent the cutting-edge of popular Israeli music, Idan has also invited a number of elder statesmen who bridge the generational gap and demonstrate the timelessness of the Project s music. Shoshanna Damari was an Israeli singer of Yemenite heritage who had been one of Israel s most beloved singers for decades. Damari passed away in 2006 at the age of 83, after making her last recordings as part of the Idan Raichel Project and participating in a number of live concerts with the collective.

Hailing from a Yemenite community that has staunchly maintained their traditional way of life, 76-year old Yihia Tsubara sings on Im Tachpetza (If Thou Wisheth) along with his son Shalom Tsuberi. The appearance was unique because not only did these firm guardians of ancient tradition allow their music to be blended with modern electronic beats and mixes, they even agreed to perform new Westernized versions of lyrics from the Diwan, the traditional Yemenite prayer book.

The last track on The Idan Raichel Project features South African singer Bongani Xulu, who happened to see The Idan Raichel Project perform during a trip to Israel. He came up to Idan after the show and expressed how much he loved the performance, and Idan invited him to participate on the moving anthem Siyaishaya Ingoma (Sing Out For Love). The song symbolizes the global reach and relevance of The Project’s underlying message.

Idan s right hand man and closest collaborator on The Project is drummer and producer Gilad Shmueli. Himself a respected producer of many popular Israeli artists, Shmueli has played an essential role in the development of The Project since the beginning.

The groundswell of interest propelled the album to sell over 150,000 copies (triple platinum) and firmly establish Idan as a new type of Israeli pop star. His follow-up album in 2005 featured a number of hit songs, including the Ethiopian flavored Mi Ma amakim (Out Of The Depths), and proved that Idan was a unique talent that offered a new vision for how Israelis, their neighbors in this volatile region, and people all over the world, can cherish their own cultural traditions, celebrate their differences and through respectful collaboration create new and inspiring expressions.

Members of the Jewish, Ethiopian and Israeli communities around the world have known about the Idan Raichel Project for a number of years now, and he regularly sells out concerts in large performance venues in the U.S., Europe and elsewhere. In November 2005, for example, the Idan Raichel Project headlined at the renowned Kodak Theater in Los Angeles, the same venue from which the Oscars are televised. The Project also gave two well-received shows at the famed Apollo Theater in Manhattan s Harlem neighborhood. While in New York, Idan and members of The Project visited a number of schools and churches in Harlem as one of many regular bridge-building efforts the group has undertaken.

In January, 2006, The Idan Raichel Project traveled to Ethiopia, the land that had inspired so much of its music. Two of the lead singers of the Project came to Israel as children during the migration of Ethiopian Jews to Israel in the 1980s. The trip marked the first time they had returned to the land of their birth, and it was also the first time an Israeli artist had performed in Ethiopia. The band was happy to learn that their songs Bo’ee and Mi Ma amakim had earned a fair share of radio airplay locally. The Idan Raichel Project opened the Fifth Ethiopian Music Festival in Addis Ababa, sharing the stage with top Ethiopian performers, including the legendary Mahmoud Ahmed. The story of the Project s emotional trip to Israel was filmed for a forthcoming documentary which will be released in early 2007.

In the fall of 2006, the work of The Idan Raichel Project will be released outside of Israel for the first time on the new record label, Cumbancha. Founded by Jacob Edgar, the longtime head of A&R and music research at Putumayo World Music, Cumbancha seeks to present exceptional artists from around the globe whose work merits attention by a wider public.

The Idan Raichel Project, a compendium of the most notable songs from the Project s two Israeli albums, will be released on November 7th, 2006 in conjunction with a special Putumayo World Music collection featuring Idan Raichel entitled One World, Many Cultures. The Putumayo album focuses on cross-cultural musical collaborations and also features appearances by Willie Nelson, Ziggy Marley, Youssou N Dour and many others. A portion of the proceeds for One World, Many Cultures will go to support the nonprofit organization Search For Common Ground (, which works to transform the way the world deals with conflict – away from adversarial approaches and towards collaborative problem solving.

The international release of The Idan Raichel Project promises to bring even more renown to this inspirational recording project. Along with the release, The Idan Raichel Project plans to embark on a significant international tour that will bring them back to the United States, Europe and elsewhere to present their powerful and entertaining musical message to new audiences throughout the globe.

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