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Who is Brahma? World Meditation Peace Day 1-18

January 17, 2007

Father of HumanityOn January 18, 2007 more than 900,000 Raja Yogis from around the world will gather in meditation and loving mental service for a day of Silence and Peace. Imagine it as a day to serve the world with your powerful thoughts and connect with the Seed of the Human World Tree. The power of my mind transcends the limits of time, the universe and space. Let me share with you a unique story of a man named Prajapita Brahma who has changed the world of many souls including myself.

In 1986, my life was in disarray, I had just had a NDE in a car crash and somehow God was sending me a message. Seeing my life flash before me and then traveling to a land of peace and silence gave me new insight to the mystery of the soul, God and Nature. My life has never been the same and to this day I still dream of this man who inspired millions to understand the truth about and Time and souls in a new clear way.

The year was 1936 and the world was in conflict. There was a need for a new vision, a spiritual awakening and God had a plan.

What if you were to receive the news today that you were going to be granted a Divine Vision…. That happened to Dada Lekhraj in an ancient city in India.

Divine Visions

Dada Lekhraj born 1876 had a very humble beginning as the son of a schoolmaster. Born in a middle class family, he rose quickly in his profession through hard effort, honesty combined with cleverness and focused intellect, to become one of the richest men in India. He was a very pious, humble, accurate, disciplined, noble, Godly, spiritual minded and devotee of the highest order. He was trusted and respected by all people who knew him, including kings during that period. His diamond business was instrumental in creating crowns and special jewels for the Royalty of India. He was an ordinary person in the sense that he was neither a mass leader nor a politician; neither a saint nor a scientist. But he was a man with special qualities.

Dada was contemplating a life of retirement as was the custom when you reach 60 years of age. A life in complete devotion to God and service for humanity.
But little did he realize that something out of the world would happen in his life. Something so extraordinary and amazing that his life would never be the same. He was stunned by a series of divine visions that took many years to understand, but as God works in mysterious ways he had the faith that he was being chosen for a special task.

Dada was sitting in the back hall of his bungalow with a group of fellow disciples of his guru, he began to get a strange feeling and an experience of lightness. He recognized these unique inner sensations as the onset of a spiritual encounter, but still he didn’t understand the cause or why it was happening. Yet there was exquisite sense of heightened perception, a new clarity of mind and vision. A powerful intuitive grasp of reality was growing in him. He went to his meditation room to get away from the company of his visitors. As he sat alone, absorbed in the incomprehensible manifestations of a peace, new levels of his being was emerging. He was filled with a divine intoxication and waves of bliss surged on him, drenched him in ecstasy. He had gone beyond all consciousness of his body; he was a pure soul, pure light, floating in an ocean of bliss. Then a revelation: a vision of the four-armed deity of Vishnu, the symbol of the perfect man and woman. “Hum So, So Hum, I am you and you are me.” He didn’t understand.

Few days later, Dada received a double revelation: first a vision of Shiva Paramatma ( The Supreme Soul whose eternal form is a Point of Light ), This Loving Light seemed to be an Ocean of Peace and Bliss. Shiva was manifesting Himself on Earth as he promised many years ago. When the World reaches its most degraded state, I, Shiva must return to restore balance and peace to my children. After this vision he saw a great war on earth with natural calamities and many souls suffering. Dada was crying and didn’t understand what this all meant, but deep inside he felt that peace that only God can give.

The vision of Shiva (meaning world benefactor) helped him to understanding his own identity. The Supreme Soul is a Point of Light. His children, souls are also tiny stars, sparks of conscientious light. We the souls take bodies and play out our roles on the stage of the physical world, while Shiva remains in His eternal form in Nirvana. By taking birth and rebirth, we forget ourselves, we become trapped in the body and lose our peace. God knows the entire cosmic play, the beginning, the middle and the end of the drama, the Alpha and the Omega. At the end of the play, He-She comes and tells us the story of life and teaches the ancient Raja Yoga to become Kings again. Raja means king and it is a mastery of the inner kingdom. Perfection is possible as Brahma became the perfect example of service to God and the World. Abraham or Brahma means the Father of Humanity.

Dada saw very powerful bombs with guided missiles that created havoc on earth. Gigantic fireballs, cities in flames, war and suffering were raging everywhere. When he received these visions, America had not dropped the first atomic bombs. What did this all mean?

Dada also saw civil wars mainly in India, culminating in an awesome wave of natural catastrophes: floods and tidal waves, earthquakes and volcanoes, nature was out of balance. Dada began to tremble uncontrollably witnessing the scenes of this great world wide transformation. But there was no escape. Then the silent aftermath. Dada, who had never shed a tear, was weeping now. “Oh, God, please stop this, please stop this!” he cried. “What a terrible war! Please, now show me your other side, your beautiful form.”

In the midst of this chaos, Dada saw a group of people dressed in white meditating on a mountain top. He could see a wonderful light leaving their 3rd eye and traveling to a world of peace and silence. Then these lights returned to the world of heaven. It was like deities being born on a new earth again. A Golden Age where love and peace was the rule. All memory of the past is gone and the cycle spins eternally.

With these visions, everything changed for Dada, even his name. God said, “Now you will be Brahma.”

Brahma Baba, as I like to call him, could not apply his mind to his diamond business any more. It simply had no interest. He decided to wind up his affairs. He had owned his shop for so many years, and yet it all looked so strange to him, so meaningless. He walked down the aisles of his jewelry warehouse, looking at the trays full of glittering diamonds, millions of dollars worth of gems, gleaming symbols of the greatest wealth, and he felt that they were simply stones, worthless hunks of mineral.

Later, Baba saw the moment of his uncle’s death. He saw the soul leave the body, exiting through the forehead. Life energy, rising like mercury in a thermometer, moved up from the toes and concentrated in the head. In an instant the soul departed. Thus he understood the process of death. Only the body died, not the soul.

These visions continued periodically over several months. They gave him new insights into the innate qualities of human souls, revealed the mysterious entity of God and described the process of world transformation. The intensity of the messages conveyed by the visions was such that Brahma Baba felt compelled to wrap up his worldly business and devote himself to understanding the significance and application of this revealed knowledge. Although the visions ceased, their Source remained with him for the next 3 decades, guiding his transformation as well as that of those around him.

Brahma Baba’s Legacy

70 years have passed since Brahma Baba received those visions. Who could have guessed – besides those touched by similar visionary experiences – that the young women he placed at the forefront of the institution he founded would now be on the world stage, sharing platforms with political and religious leaders at the highest level, and leading a lifestyle revolution currently followed by nearly one million people from all backgrounds of culture and religion, race and society? Or that millions of others – at this time when loss of integrity in human hearts and minds has plunged so many into despair – would be taking benefit from the teachings he transmitted, finding empowerment in the present and hope for the future?

The living skills that Brahma Baba taught have stood the test of time. The young women that he put to the forefront, now in their eighties and nineties, have become beacons of love, peace and happiness in a world increasingly troubled by disordered relationships, greed, addiction, anger and violence. They are now angels waking amongst us.

Brahma Baba passed on in 1969 at the age of 93. The Tower of Peace on the Madhuban campus is a tribute to the invincible spirit of this ordinary human being who achieved greatness by rising to the challenge of the deeper truths of life.

Last night I was watching the news and saw a documentary about the future of war and it seemed the visions Brahma Baba had, I was watching on TV.

What impressed me the most about Brahma Baba was his understanding of the need for women to be spiritual leaders. He never said he was God, only an instrument for the Supreme. He only saw the good in each soul and for 14 years he isolated himself in Karachi to study this new wisdom from the highest source.

When I walked into the Raja Yoga center in Bogotá in 1986, I saw the photo of Brahma and when I looked into his eyes…I felt I knew him before. Deja Vu big time.
Chills ran up my back and here I was with Dadi Janki, a spiritual leader who knew Brahma since the beginning. She saw him in action and today she is considered one of the most stable minds in the world. A true example of walking the talk, peace is your birthright and now is the time to receive it again.

Another aspect of Brahma’s teachings is the need to purify the soul on all levels. Purity is deeply connected to self respect. Since a little kid I wanted to be a priest, but as I grew up, I lost some faith in the Church and didn’t agree with the idea of hell. Reincarnation for me was a fact, not what we hear from the pulpit today.

I took the Raja Course in 2 days and was invited to a spiritual retreat in the Colombian mountains. One of the last lessons is the disciplines of a true Raja Yogi.
They told me waking up early in the morning is helpful…now I sleep 4 hours a day and like clockwork my eyes open at 4 am, sometimes I stay awake till 2 and wake at 6 am to go to my song divine class. We call it the murli and it is like God’s love letter to me. I have found that taking an hour for meditation and reading something spiritual before 7 am gives me so much peace, wisdom and power, my day goes by like a breeze.

My teacher at that time was an Australian named Ken O’Donnell, he now runs the BK Centers in Brazil and is an amazing musician, writer and biz consultant.
We were talking about purity and the need for deep soul consciousness. He told me he had been practicing celibacy for 10 years and I couldn’t believe it.
What now I have to give up sex? At that time I had a girlfriend who I loved very much. But I had jealousy and sometimes it was hard to trust her because she was not always honest. I knew if I got married, I would be divorced in 3 years looking for the next one. Deep inside I knew true freedom was being pure and simple. I did not want a ball and chain and one day I had a dream where I saw myself as an angel of light taking all these beautiful women to get married with God. From that day I decided to become pure, it has not been easy but the freedom you feel seeing everyone as a soul and not needing to take power away or give my power away has been a blessing. It seems that this kind of courage attracts God into your life as you are going against the grain. My friends at first thought I was crazy, but deep, profound change can only happen with a pure, honest and clean mind.

Brahma Baba showed us that we can become angels, perfect men and women in balance with our ying/yang and live like brothers and sisters.

I have a golden ring on my finger that was given to me by Dadi Janki many years ago. This is my magic ring to see each one as divine beings of peace.

May this day be blessed with peace, love, purity, power and wisdom. Once we were all this and one day we will all return to innocence.

Enjoy the sounds of a new creation. U becoming a song for the Universe and a melody and harmony of love and bliss.

From the heart,

Lucho “Prakash”

Visit this site for guided meditations.


Once there was a Unique Man…..

He had a series of Visions in 1937 and his life changed forever.

He saw the Future and understood the mission.

We have to change so the World can change. We must focus on God.

He saw a Vision of God and the Future Deities.

He saw a Vision of the Tree of Humanity and saw this time as the planting of new seeds.

He was special to millions of souls, his friends called him Baba.

He was a Perfect Instrument for God, the Eternal Light.

He surrendered to God everything and become Adi Dev, the First Man….

Brahma Baba gave Women the Power of Love.

He gave us Light, Peace and Purity.

He is showing us the Way Home.

Can we see the Eyes of God?
Can we experience our true eternal nature? Brahma showed us how.

There once was a man named Brahma and He knows who You are.

Brahma Created a World Wide Family.

Today this Family covers the world.

Today His Memory stands as a Tower of Peace and He created heaven on earth, a place of visions called Madhuban, the Forest of Honey.

On the 18th of January 1969, Brahma left this plane to the Subtle Regions where He continues His work.

On January 18th, Millions will gather for a day of Silence and Meditation….

Once there was a Unique Man named Brahma Baba and He is with us today and everyday.

Join us in a Celebration of Peace, Love, Transformation and Happiness….Om Shanti.

For Immediate Release

World Meditation to be Held Around the Globe-
January 18, 2007

Worldwide (January 18, 200): World Meditation, January 18 200. Millions of people around the globe will stop to meditate today to focus on inner peace and healing for the planet.

World Meditation Hour began in 1978 when people from all over the world were invited to collectively meditate for one hour for world peace. Over the years this practice has become very popular and has spread to over 90 countries around the world, currently attracting nearly a million people. In many cities, public World Meditation Hour programmes (enhanced by music and commentaries to help guide your thoughts) are held either at the local Brahma Kumaris centre or at a nearby public venue. #rd Sunday of the month.

Our outer world is a reflection of what lies within our collective inner worlds. By directing our thoughts in specific, positive ways, we have the potential to guide the world towards becoming a more loving, peaceful place.

January 18, 2007 is a particularly significant occasion, because it honors the 38th anniversary of the death of Prajapita Brahma in 1969, founder of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University. As a result of a series of visions in 1937, Brahma Baba, as he is affectionately known to thousands of Raja Yogis around the world, founded this unique Spiritual University.

The University’s students honor January 18 as a day of silence and meditation for world peace.

At the Headquarters in Mt Abu, Rajasthan, India, more than 20,000 yogis will be uniting in a day of silence and spreading vibrations of peace and love to all humanity.

World Meditation invites people to take responsibility for creating inner peace and power while reflecting on our role for world harmony. Add your peace to the world and join millions sharing light and peace for our planet.

Come and share in the personal experience of Brahma Baba’s vision of a new world founded on the values of peace, harmony and love. And see how he inspired and continues to inspire people from diverse cultures and backgrounds to make that vision a reality. Is it possible to learn from ancient wisdom? Can you spare time to meditate on peace? Discover your essential qualities and attributes through the wisdom of Raja Yoga Meditation.

Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University is an international organization working at all levels of society for positive change. Established in 1937 it now carries out a wide range of educational programs for the development of human and spiritual values throughout its 5000 branches in over 100 countries. The University is a Non-Governmental Organization in general consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations and in consultative status with UNICEF. It is also the recipient of seven UN Peace Messenger awards.

Main International Site.

For more information on the Brahma Kumaris please visit –
In the UK- http://www.bkpublications ~

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Global Harmony House
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New Year Thoughts and Who is Shiva?

January 9, 2007

Dear Family of Light,

In ageless times, we awaken our real mission. While all is in transition

Visions of the past and memories of the future.

2007 comes from Sevens Heaven and a year of Transformation and Determination welcomes your call. No fear to fall, just fly with new wings.

~~*~~ They have been there all along.

Stop the world around U… become still as a star beyond this world.

Sit next 2 God and Feel His~Her Energy soothe your mind.

Sometimes we need controlled amnesia to forget the past and remember who I really Am. A flying bird with the wings of a condor.

I Am Light, Peace, Love, Bliss and Power.

A Flower is awakened like the Lotus above it all. Call your ancestors, there love has never died.

Honor who U are and stop doing what U don’t like, flow like a river and be love in action. Use your mind to heal the world –then U will heal in the process.

A few days ago I got a great email. It was about a woman who had a vision of Shiva. Many years ago, I also had a vision of Shiva.

I was sitting on that same sacred mountain in India and was going thru some turmoil. I had a book and opened it to any page and the words came out.

“Be still and know I am with you…As the Sun of Peace come to me and be free.” I am Shiva.

I was watching the sunset and felt myself leave my body as a star of light floating into the sun. When I came out the other end, all was released. I was clean and pure, like a massage of the soul and showing me who I really was.

Every now and then I reemerge that vision to remind me of my mission.

Who is Shiva?

The first worship in the copper age years before Christ was to Shiva, the Seed of the World Tree, the Benefactor and the Light.

Shiva also means “One who purifies everyone by the utterance of His name” or “the Pure One”. The name Shiva is the Holiest of Holy names and for me He-She is alive and well. He is only a thought away. Tune into the right signal and receive the transmission.

So back to the email and the visions of Shiva…

Enjoy and have a blessed New Year,

From the heart,




A Funny Thing Happened On My Way to Nirvana

by Sharon Janis

I am neither the conscious nor the unconscious mind,

neither intelligence nor ego, neither the ears nor the tongue

nor the senses of smell and sight,

neither ether nor air nor fire nor water nor earth.

I am consciousness and bliss. I am Shiva! I am Shiva!.



Chapter Twelve



IT WAS MARCH, 1980, and I had been going to the meditation center in Ann Arbor for nearly a year. By this time, I’d moved into a large house owned by one of the local devotees. He wanted to make it into a kind of annex, where people could live with others who were also on the spiritual path, without having to follow the strict schedule of the meditation center itself. We called it “Mike’s House.”

There were four or five people staying in the house at a time. The owner lived in the basement, and rarely came upstairs. He was a complete recluse. I hardly ever saw him, even though we were living in the same house. Mike was quiet, pale, and seemed unemotional, with an odd sense of humor to boot. He reminded me of my sister’s nerdy boyfriend from high school, who had once developed a plan to take over the world by blowing up Australia with anti- matter. I couldn’t figure out if Mike was a potential psychopath or just a good yogi, spending his time in silence and contemplation, but he was always respectful and friendly to me, so I wasn’t too uneasy about it.

Then there was Hari, who lived there for a while during my stay. I had never met anyone quite like Hari. He was thin and had a very flexible, yogic body. You could tell he practiced hatha yoga, the physical exercises, because when he sat in the lotus posture, which is like crossing your legs with your feet on top, he seemed to do it perfectly.

This guy was passionate in an unusual way. He may have been a contemporary version of the archetypal “mad lover of God,” or possibly, he was totally nuts. I guess I think of him as a little of both.

Hari was always falling in love. His heart was so open that he would walk through the woods nearby, weeping as he hugged each tree. He would feel love- energy flowing into him from the leaves and would lie on the ground embracing Mother Earth.

Hari used to tell me about this clear, blue light, the light of consciousness in the space of the head. He explained that the bones in his skull were somehow blocking his flow of kundalini, the powerful force that is said to move up through the nerve centers along the spine. I had not yet learned too many details about the ancient science of kundalini, and so this all sounded a little far-fetched to me. While we were meditating or chanting at the center, I’d occasionally look over and see him undulating with his hips, as though a spigot there turned on a flow of energy that seemed to move up his spine and into his head.

Hari fell in love with a different woman every week. He would become totally obsessed with each one, worshipping them as manifestations of the Divine Mother. When I moved out of the annex, he fell down to the floor and grabbed my ankles, shouting, “Goddess! Don’t leave me!” I guess you could say I was flattered. I had certainly never thought of myself as the goddess type, and this was my first experience of being worshipped! I couldn’t imagine that he wasn’t faking this whole divine love thing to some degree, but looking back on it now, I can’t imagine that he was. For him, the experience was very real. Maybe it also had something to do with drugs.

I never saw Hari take drugs, but occasionally we spoke about them. By age seventeen, I had stopped taking anything more than an occasional pipeful of pot. And now even that had fallen away. Drugs did not seem to be necessary or accepted on this spiritual path.

One day, it was announced at the center that a holiday called Shivaratri was coming up in two weeks. Shivaratri means the “Night of the Lord,” and is a widely celebrated holy day in India. The meditation center was going to celebrate with an all-night chant of the powerful mantra, Om Namah Shivaya, which means “I honor Shiva, the source of the universe.”

I thought to myself, “I can hardly stay conscious when we chant Om Namah Shivaya for ten minutes during the evening programs. How on earth am I going to chant all night?”

Along came Hari with a suggestion: peyote, hallucinogenic cactus. I had never taken peyote, but thought it would be a challenge and adventure, and accepted his offer. Hari bought eight grams of peyote for me, and meticulously cleaned it all, He then was kind enough to boil the cactus for six hours, so I could drink the drug without getting sick from the plant fibers. Peyote was known for its side effect of nausea. We hoped this process would protect me from a potential puke-fest, which would have been really out of place in the holy and peaceful meditation hall.

I was a little nervous while drinking the nasty-tasting brew. After all, once it’s in, it’s in. Each sip made my body convulse, as if someone were shaking me violently. Finally, I managed to choke it all down, and went to the chant. As I sat in the meditation hall, my vision became more acute. I could see the colors in the picture at the front of the room glowing brightly. Through the dim lighting, it was still possible to see some faces. I began to see a bright yellow glow emanating from some of the people sitting around me.

Then, for the first time, I experienced my personal power in a tangible way. There was a wonderfully strong, bright, deep golden radiance surrounding me like a big ball. My personal power. My will-power. My aura. I could see it in my mind’s eye as a bright golden light. My focus changed from that of the physical body to this explosion of power that was also there. I could feel the energy pulsing through me so vividly. It seemed to be a new perception of a force that had always existed inside and around me, though perhaps not as powerfully as in this moment.

I perceived the same glow around other people, and noticed a few lines of light-energy stretching across the room from one person to another. My intuitive understanding was that these represented the strands of relationship. I saw some particularly strong energy lines connecting from one of the married people sitting up front to a woman who was not his wife, and wondered if there was a deeper relationship going on between them that I wasn’t supposed to know about. The thought made me smile. I thought, “This must be what it is like to be psychic — watching people pretend to be one thing while you can see through to who they really are or what they are really thinking.”

The chant began at 8 pm. and continued until morning. In the deep dark hours of this holy night, I had the most subjectively REAL experience of my life.

Soon after I closed my eyes, the inner show began. I saw myself as a white bird with large, expansive wings. I could feel myself flying, becoming aware of how familiar it was to soar so freely.

The sensation awakened memories from my childhood. I used to fly every night in my dreams. I’d fly to distant lands, gliding through the sky. This had been one of my main modes of transportation in dreamland. But as I grew older, I had found myself unable to fly as high. My dreamtime flying abilities declined like an elderly person’s ability to run. I kept getting lower and lower, slower and slower. At one point, I was unable to soar at all. I could only hover above the ground. One night, while floating from my bedroom down the stairs around age eight, my feet touched the ground, and I had to walk down the rest of the steps. After that, I couldn’t fly anymore. Even in the dream state, I grieved for the loss. And here I was after all these years, soaring through this expansive space of personal consciousness with huge, white wings. It was breathtaking.

I saw amazing things that night.

At one point, there was a scene from what I assumed was a previous lifetime. I was a young, bald monk wearing light blue, silky robes. A man who seemed to be my teacher at that time was also in the vision. He was oriental, and quite old and thin. I can still see his kind face in my mind’s eye.

This was interesting to me, because I had been recently having thoughts about being a monk. Right after I started going to the meditation center, they had showed a video about the rites of passage involved with becoming a monk or swami. I had never, ever had any thought, in any way, shape or form, about monkhood before this. They would have had to call me “Swami Atheistananda!” Yet while watching this video, I had been surprised to find a deep longing inside myself to renounce the materialistic world in favor of a contemplative, monastic lifestyle.

After this inner vision, I again became aware of the chant that had been moving through me. Even without any kind of drug, chanting can be totally intoxicating. The powerful rhythms, deep breath cycles, and open-hearted devotion, put the mind in a uniquely peaceful and fertile state.

Throughout the night, we were chanting the mantra Om Namah Shivaya, over and over. I started to contemplate, who were we really singing to? Who was this Shiva? Was he just a Hindu deity, or was Shiva an integral part of my universe in some way? Who’s name was I chanting? The peyote had created a more intense focus on my actions. I was no longer content to sit and simply sing this phrase without deeper contemplation. I was filled with a determination to know what it really meant.


Traditional image of Shiva

In my mind, I began to repeat my own mantra along with the chant:

Who is Shiva…?

Who is Shiva…?

Who is Shiva…?

My voice continued to chant Om Namah Shivaya with the group, but my mind was splitting its attention between the two lines:

Om Namah Shivaya…


Who is Shiva…?


Om Namah Shivaya…


Who is Shiva…?


After several hours of this focus, I experienced another shift. With my eyes closed, I could see and feel the expansive world around me. As I watched, this world began to fold in on itself, as one might fold in all the flaps of a box to flatten it. I perceived a large, multidimensional area of the world and my various points of interaction with it, which kept bending and folding in. Flap after flap of this reality I’d been living in moved from being multidimensional into flat, two-dimensional, compact forms.


As this folding process took place, I began to see faces of people from my life. Some stood out for a moment, while others passed by in large groups. Some manifested symbolically as a particular type of person or relationship. I acknowledged each recalled presence with a silent Om Namah Shivaya, as they appeared and then folded in with everything else.

I saw people I liked, people I loved, and people I’d had a hard time with. But in this space, I loved them all. Each one was precious, a special part of my experience of life on this planet. I repeated the mantra with as much care and intention as I could for each person, each face or archetype that appeared before me. Every one received a well-wishing repetition of Om Namah Shivaya, as they dissolved into the psychic void. I knew something important was taking place, and participated with full attention.

Now there were several things going on in my mind at once. Externally, I was chanting the mantra; inside, I was repeating “Who is Shiva?” and, in my vision, I was saying the mantra to all these faces from my past. It was my way of thanking them for whatever role they played in this life and universe that now seemed to be undergoing a massive transformation and collapse into itself. It was as though a black hole had appeared in reality, drawing in everything that was familiar to me.

I wondered if this was it, if this was the end of the world as I knew it. I wondered if I would ever be able to, or would even want to recreate that construct of reality again. Even if I desired to put all the boxes of that life experience back together again, would it be possible? This was new territory, and by now it was profoundly out of my hands. There was no congressman to write to, no friend to confide in. There was no turning back, because the land I had come from no longer existed – never to return.

Everything I knew had been stripped away, folded up and dissolved into the black nothingness. It was obvious to me, watching this reality folding in on itself, that none of it could have ever been real. It was like seeing a sideshow disassemble after the carnival; watching the tattooed man washing off the ink, and the sword swallower reset all the retractile devices in his swords. I had been fooled. I had been so gullible and naive. I had fallen for the illusion of this world. I thought things were important and they didn’t even exist! I should have known better. How could I have fallen for all this again!

As soon as the idea of again popped up, I slipped into the awareness that this had all happened many times before, perhaps many times before. Then, the final folding of the universe took place, to the farthest reaches of anything I had ever conceived. It all folded in and smashed through the entire physical universe, until there was only flat, infinite darkness.

But right in the middle of this vast darkness was an amazing, still point of light. It was like a star or a small flame with no flickering at all. It was more peaceful than anything I had ever known. I knew this was the seed from which had sprouted the entire world, including who I thought I was and every thought and idea I’d ever had. This point of light was my innermost source, the source of all. Everything originated from that point, and now, had folded back into it. So this was Shiva, the source of the universe!

For a moment, I wondered if this point of light existed in me or if I existed in it. But then it was so obvious. Both were true. In this place, even opposites coexisted perfectly. I remember thinking that, for many people, this experience is available consciously only after they leave the physical world. I knew without a doubt that I had been there before. In fact, this space was absolutely the most familiar place I had ever known. It was familiar in a deep way that nothing else had ever come close to. I later found a poem by T.S. Eliot that described this experience wonderfully.


At the still point of the turning world.

Neither flesh nor fleshless;

Neither from nor towards; at the still point,

there the dance is,

But neither arrest nor movement.

And do not call it fixity,

Where past and future are gathered.

Neither movement from nor towards,

Neither ascent nor decline.

Except for the point, the still point,

There would be no dance, and there is only the dance.

I can only say, there we have been;

but I cannot say where.

And I cannot say, how long,

for that is to place it in time.




Resting in the presence of this still point, I was suspended in a space between me and not me. There was just awareness. I was somewhat conscious of the personality and circumstances I had been living in, but I was not identified with being those circumstances.


I wondered if I would ever go back to the illusion. It didn’t seem possible to return to things as they had been, because it was clear when everything folded in on itself that it would never reappear in exactly the same configuration. If the seed of my life sprouted again, it would be a whole new illusion, a new life-dream, a new flower on the branch of this soul – although I might not realize it from within the mirage. What a play!


I hoped I would never be fooled again. I wanted to stay with this peaceful light and not jump back into the mirage. Well, not only did the mirage reappear again, but it has reappeared in new and different manifestations again and again throughout this dance I call “my life.”


After seeing this “faceless face” of God, I no longer considered myself to be an atheist.

Journal notes:

This is an attempt to capture the depths of this experience in words:



How can the Ultimate be described?


The mind always tries to categorize and organize,


Yet when it turns toward That


and ceases to manufacture its intellectual illusions,


it is shattered, dissolved,


or deflected by defenses arising from


…a distorted sense of self-preservation


…a fear


…a passive submission to the sleep state


…a bright silver toy, dangled above


To distract one’s attention


and re-crystallize,




re-move one’s awareness


from the process of dissolution,


turning one back


– again –


thus maintaining the underlying,


fundamental process of oscillation.


The continuous oscillation of contraction


and expansion, being manifest through


infinite dimensions


of cycles and frequencies,


Patterns upon patterns


upon patterns.


The highest, most infinite states of expansion


and the most compact states of contraction,


being (not becoming!) one,


in a simultaneous, eternal…






Bringing into one’s awareness the highest truths


whose very being form a total lack of knowledge,


a lack of mind.


A state of awareness far beyond the world


and universe.


Not beyond in space,


but right under, or under-lying


in an all-pervasive, enfolded kind of way.


Yet it is really not enfolded…




And nothing else is.


It’s not that this array of worlds and universes is not,


but only that point of infinite space,


time, knowledge, love and emptiness IS


Manifest as the point of light


Shimmering in the darkness,


A symbol of a state of transcendence


over the illusions


that bind one in so many ways,


and on so many levels,


to contraction…


or to the cycles of expansion and contraction,


as these cycles underlie and maintain


the qualities into which they crystallize.


Thus all of these qualities,


and their underlying cycles,


and the time flow that sustains them,


and the infinite other dimensions of pattern,


are all contained within this point…


Yet they’re not really there at all,


for the point contains nothing,


perhaps like a channel of unlimited potential


that is always manifesting, pulsating, creating,


yet which never moves or changes at all.


It is we, who by interacting with this potential,


manifest or create these patterns


of world or universe.


And yet we ourselves are,


at our most fundamental level,


completely one with both that potential


and its manifestation


or lack of manifestation.


Om Namah Shivaya


I honor Shiva, the source of the Universe.

Blue Thunder in Miami – 12-27 Key Biscayne Library

December 27, 2006

Dear Family of Light,

Hope everyone enjoyed the Christmas time with family and awaiting a glorious New Year. Keep this thought, ” AS YOU THINK SO U WILL BECOME,” Only think high quality thoughts.

In Jan 2006, I got an email from Bennie Le Beau, Blue Thunder – Shoshone Tribal Elder, see bio below…and it tiggered a memory. Time to unite tribes and reveal the prophecy. I even posted it on my blog, see

This past Solstice, Benny came to Miami and we did a ceremony at the Miami Circle. 7:22 pm at the exact time the Solstice came in, we had a fire, singing and drums.  It was quite unique and you could feel the power. The second we put out the fire and we were starting to leave…the rain came down, like a cleansing.

Benny will be with us this tonite, Wed at Key Biscayne Library. at 730 pm.
299 Crandon Blvd, Key Biscayne, FL 33149 – (305) 361-6134

He will be giving a slide show of his Medicine Wheel and healing the planet.

Those from a far just take time tonight and look at the stars.

It will be a special chance to tune into the wisdom of the Gran Tetons

See his web for more info.

Call me if u need more info, 786 663 4626.

Many blessings,



Msg To Indigenous Nations Leaders

Bennie E. LeBeau, aka BlueThunder Eastern Shoshone Wind River Indian Reservation, Ft. Washakie, Wyoming – – (307) 851-6249
January 17th, 2006

Greetings my Fellow Brothers, Sisters & Relatives; All Nations, My name is BlueThunder, aka Bennie LeBeau, Eastern Shoshone, Wind River Indian Reservation, Ft. Washakie, Wyoming.

This is a message to all wisdom keepers within the Indigenous Nations of the America’s. I have been asked to spread the word of White Eagle, a sacred Holy One who is working from the East-bringing message towards the west with sacred messages for peace. As an Eastern Shoshone messenger, a Peacemaker; I pray that leaders within the Dakota/Lakota Nations, Navajo Nations, Shoshone Nations, Chumash Nations, including all other Indigenous Nations that receive this message with a peace in their hearts.  This is to be considered and sent out to all Leaders/Advisors and Spiritual Leaders within the Indigenous Nations of the America’s. Please consider forwarding this to those influential individuals that you know far and wide.

Those that want to get in touch with me please call me at 307 851-6249 or my email at I thank you all on Behalf of White Eagle and White Thunder, Gerry Brolan as Peacemakers from the past, spiritual messages sent now that will help bring peace to the America’s. This Peacemaker White Eagle was recognized by many sacred names in the Tribal Nations of the America’s and the World.

May the Great Spirit Continue to Bless Each and Everyone in Wisdom and Knowledge for Mother Earth as the Great Spirit intended within the Central Sun, the Creator our Father and our Universal Mother of Creation the Universe.

Many Zahaunts, meaning many thank you’s for your help in sending this message for peace, within the America’s for the world at large. Those leaders of men and women that receive this message I respectfully request that you consider contacting me at my telephone 307 851-6249 or my email address, Blessings Be Peace.

Bennie E. LeBeau, aka BlueThunder, Eastern Shoshone,

Wind River Indian Reservation, Ft. Washakie, Wyoming


*Spoken Truth… Warriors of Old – 16th January 2006


The attached message was received this afternoon from White Eagle with the instructions from White Thunder to forward to All Wisdom Keepers. As you know, we do not have e-mails or addresses for them over here in the East we are asking that you Bennie (Blue Thunder) and Marshall (Golden Eagle) please help us. It has been shown that Navajo Nations, Lakota/Dakota Nations and Hopi Nations must receive this attachment as must all or as many of the Wisdom Keepers that you know between you.  Please will you forward on and keep in touch with us for we have been shown we need to know who receives this message.

Many Blessings Gerry Brolan (WhiteThunder) – Lyn Shelton (MoonStar), Paul Brolan (RunningBear)


*Book Of Trust

Spoken Truth – Spiritual Messages From the Warriors of Old

Nations Unite Within Souls We Walk

Brother to my people, Saviour to many Nations.

Open with me, walk beside all.

Offer own hand of peace; Challenge no meaning Trust in all Spoken Truth

Knowledge I give, Wisdom I share.

Open the mind, share amongst those, teach through visions shown.

Feel the wisdom I bring to enable walkways of harmony to balance Nature’s forces

Touch the heart and soul of those who walk within the shadows of darkness.

Radiate with the love and warmth I bring in peace.

Understand the hand I offer.

Search no more, wisdom I bring. Each Warrior bring forth meanings of the soul.

Tether no more. Wisdom Keepers unleash knowledge of old.
White Eagle

Many walkways of peace shadowed by mysteries of doubt. Each pathway shown by me throughout past time glistens with true vibrations of Natures Glory. Many wish to walk upon footsteps laid down by Ancient Ones in the hope of balancing all Tribal Nations throughout.

Each Warrior understands the true beliefs handed down through time. Peace Brothers give much from within depth of own self, teachings of wisdom shared by many who walked upon the lands that were once of plenty. Eyes closed by the blinkers of doubt change nothing; eyes open bring forth new beginnings. Walk with me along pathways of brightness. True beings of Old walk beside those of true belief. Hands cross many palms of all races, each palm toughed by those chosen by me, share the vibrations of love.

Each barrier of doubt cast shadows from which fears dwell deep within. We acknowledge those of troubled minds, peace from within will shine once more, begin the journeys forward, enhance the true meaning of life itself. Bring forth the true meaning of trust, open own heart to walk the pathway forgotten by many. I bring Truth and Honesty back for all to share, and walk beside the one who carries the hurts and sorrows for all Nations.

Walk within the Golden Rays I bring. These words I have been given to pass through the Wisdom Keepers of many Tribal Nations. I offer the openness of my being to share with many Nations the teachings I bring from many Warriors of Old to enable the worth of many to flourish and to begin the sacredness of journeys of time past.

Each Warrior of today releases energies from within to shine the true colors of Peace and Harmony for which the walkway to eternity forms the Rainbow Bridge of many colors.

White Eagle

Bennie E LeBeau, Sr., Elder spiritual leader and advisor, is an enrolled tribal member of the Eastern Shoshone Tribe, Wind River Indian Reservation, Ft Washakie, Wyoming. He has many years of experience in indigenous tradition and culture with the Eastern Shoshone Tribe. Through the encouragement of his tribal elders, he studied Cultural Anthropology and Applied Indigenous Studies at Northern Arizona University, located in Flagstaff, AZ. Studying methods of communication at NAU, which now has allowed Mr. LeBeau to speak from a truly Native American perspective. An indigenous viewpoint of what needs changed in the educational institutional classrooms across America and the world.

Mr. LeBeau is a member of the Spiritual Elders of Mother Earth (, an organization of indigenous prophecy carriers of North America. In this capacity, he helps educate his Shoshone Nations people and other cultures to the significance of sacred sites and the indigenous prophecies. His present emphasis is: Informing all cultures of the importance of protecting and preserving all indigenous sacred sites within this country and across the world.
To teach the great significance of sacred rock art areas across the America’s and the world to those who need help interpreting the landscapes of these sacred sites. And, to stress the importance of the language written within stone in the many Garden of Eden’s (the original homelands of Indigenous Nations) that are currently and rapidly disappearing around the world due to uncontrolled land development.

Native American rock art sites, as well as other sites around the world provide a tremendous amount of important knowledge and wisdom, which can be combined and re-taught to other traditions and cultures of the world. The wisdom given in dreamtime to Mr. LeBeau has given him the tools and a foundation that allow him to interpret the rock art texts and the pictures written in stone [petroglyphs- rock art]. These rock art images explain historical events that have happened in the past, can happen in the present or are about to happen in the future. Additionally, medicine people [shamans, priests, priestesses, knowledgeable men/women] find important ceremonial explanations.  The ancient rock art is a text of ancient healing ceremonies and knowledge’s of the universe for ‘all things’ on Mother Earth that have been lost through the ages.

Mr. LeBeau believes there is a great need to undertake a thoughtful visionary look at all rock art sites as part of a spiritual learning experience.  Regaining harmony for all things related that have an association with on Mother Earth, working to bring her back into harmony. There is a need for wisdom of the tangible and intangible spiritual aspects of all life on our Mother Earth. Our true Mother the earth gives us life.  Our Father the Central Sun is known as the mysterious one to everyone across this planet. The Spoken Truth has been written in the stone writings of the original instructions of universal laws.  Great visions of the past allowing us to move into the future that is present now. It’s direction for mankind tells us how to stay in balance and in harmony with nature and all conscious life upon our sacred Mother, the Earth.

Winter Solstice, Silent Tree

December 21, 2006

Dear Family of Light,

Greetings of peace, light and love from the inner heart. Wishing everyone a Magical Solstice, a Spiritual Christmas and Blessed New Year.

Today Dec 21 is the Winter Solstice, the beginning of winter and the longest night of the year. We are ending 2006 and going into 2007, the year of completion a 9. We just finished an 8 year, 2006, the symbol of infinity. When we see our eternal nature, a dot, we can time travel in infinity. You become time. So what time is it? Can you stop time or at least slow it down? As is your thoughts so will be your experience. A space between thoughts brings peace, like the space between notes in music creates harmony.

These past few days have given me a chance to see how the astros affect us. We had the Mercury transit, a couple solar and lunar eclipses in Sept and the reality of a black hole in each galaxy. Pluto is going through our galactic center and we are all vibrating at a new frequency. A couple months ago I talked about a renewed awareness of the need to be Silent and Listen, to become timeless. These 2 words have the same letters. When we listen to our higher self we can see our purpose in life and sometimes it is clearer in Silence. Take time to go to within, to a space where time is absent, in the soul world vibrating next to God.

We are in a solar cross, the Winter Solstice is the actual start of the real new year. It arrives each year sometime between Dec 20-23 (actual date varies because of our un-natural calendar)

Have you ever wondered why the “end of the year” (Nov-Dec) has more religious holidays than any other time of year? It seems every religion and culture celebrates it’s most important holidays during this time – – Ramadan for Islam; Hanukah for Jews; Devali for Hindus; Christmas for Christians; Zoroastrian; Paganism; Wiccan; Quanza; all have High Holy Holidays at this time of year.

While the superstitions of the various world religions embellish their own symbolism for this time of year, all are associated with Light and rebirth of Life. Rightly so because as our Earth reaches Winter Solstice (DEC 21) , the Southern most point of the Celestial Cross at the Tropic of Capricorn, we experience the longest night and shortest day (in the northern hemisphere). The very next day is the “birth” of light as the sun appears to turn and move north. It begins to “stay up” ever so slightly longer (about 4 minutes) after it stops [solstice= sol (sun). stice (stasis), so Sun stands still].

To the average person looking at the sunrise and setting, this annual process simply looks like the sun is rising a little bit further south or north of due east each day. More info at

So imagine the sun in your third eye and you expand to become the solar system, planets revolve around you and you hold earth in between your hands, a golden light shines from the 3rd eye, a blue light from your heart and a red-green light from your eyes. We heal the earth with our thoughts and imagination.

Going deeper into Silence, we slow down our thoughts and peace is the result. We feel the Soul World is our true home. It is like I am swimming in an ocean of peace…. nirvana, beyond sound and I am just a seed of light dancing with dolphins, angels and my family od star beings. No worries of the world down below.

We are beings of peace, so why not become peace in action with a generous dose of love.

Listen to God, really listen….. He is only a thought away and loves you more than you can imagine. We can be at our darkest night, but there is a wonderful Light at the end of the tunnel. You are connected to that Light and He Loves you, now and forever. So smile and be happy!

When we feel that Energy, that original peace that has no words, then the heart opens like a flower. You love the true U, a point of light, love each other then God smiles. One smile from God can heal a million broken hearts. Love flows in timeless directions and Peace is my birthright. Your heart is healed and all the past is just a cosmic video.

Wisdom is knowing this world is just a stage to express your divinity. When you see that Eternal Light and remember who You really are…then Listening with an open heart becomes a way of life. Listen and be Silent, this can set you free.

Many around the world are celebrating Christmas, the memory of the birth of Christ. But it is also a memory of the Christ Consciousness within each one to awaken. Christ came to show God’s Love and His Memory will live forever.

That Love endures today, but how many of us really Love without expectations. Do you really Love yourself and everyone around you? Can you forgive that one person that caused you pain many years ago or today? Past is past and letting go is great freedom. Somehow your higher self is always showing you back to perfection to God’s path of gentleness.

This is Love in action. Peace with no reaction.

The Christmas Tree is the symbol of the world family tree with all the major religions as branches and a Golden and Silver age as a trunk. God is the Seed of this magical tree and He sent his children Abraham, Christ, Buddha and Mohammad to show the way home. We are a global family and everyone is your brother and sister, so why the fighting? Maybe we have forgotten how to Love, maybe we forgotten who we really are, maybe we have become so lost in the maze and the gifts that God is giving us everyday. These gifts are our true virtues and powers and they are only a thought away. You have them now deep in your soul….Love, Peace, Wisdom, Purity, Power and Happiness. This is what we were and will become again. So there is Hope for the Future, that is the message of the new born child. If Jesus were to appear to you today as a child, would you not feel the innocence that is in your heart?

Return to your original nature and be at peace with the world. Don’t focus on the war, your imperfection or the past, live in the present and receive God’s Presents for you now. He can see your past, present and future and only has the highest thoughts for you, so do the same for others and yourself.

The Winter Solstice is a time of magic. In the South it is the Summer Solstice. Its true meaning is the “Sun stands still. ” Let you inner sun be still, silent and listen. Look within you and feel the new U coming into being. Who are we really but the ancestor souls, the roots of the tree connected to the Master Seed who awakens the World Tree.

These days I have been feeling God’s energy on the planet and it is like He is saying, “OK children it is time to create a shift to unify the world through music, art and film. My dream has always been to heal my fellow brothers and sisters with sound, light and color, or wisdom, peace and happiness. When the sound of wisdom, lights our inner peace then happiness is the result. When you see how great you are an Awakening occurs and nothing is the same.

In this New Year of 2007 and during these special days of the Solstice and Christmas, listen more to God and your higher self, spend more time being silent and let the love in your heart heal the world.

When you heal the world, then you are automatically healed and all your dreams will come true. Use your Heart. I got an email from of Go Gratitude

‘Heartist’ is a (k)new word, yet officially in the
dictionary, though its meaning is transparent and
easily received.

Quite simply it is this:

One who creates from the heart.

Imagine for a moment your favorite song …

Let this melody play within your frame, re-awakening
Love, Joy, Grace and Gratitude presently stored as
emotion through the power of cellular memory.
Take notice of the shift within your being, enjoying
being wrapped once again in the bliss of this vibrational

Sri Chimnoy, a well known spiritual teacher, wisely
praises the power of song like this:

“My heart is all gratitude to music,
for it keeps me all the time in touch with my
Universal Self.”

When we intentionally expose our bodies to frequencies
resonating with Love and Gratitude, our mind-body-spirit
remembers how to pattern itself after perfection … releasing
a spirited mix of kundalini cocktails to relax, rejuvenate
and re-(k)new our earthly being-ness.

Flow like a river of love returning to the Ocean and feel the Magic of being a Master, a seed of light creating heaven on earth. The Supreme Being, the Light of the World is with you, so why not share that light with the world. You are powerful beyond measure. We are the ones the world is waiting for.
Open the Heart and let the Light shine thru.

Much love and blessings,

Lucho L Condor
See my you tube site,

Energy, Time & Pluto

December 7, 2006


Dear Family of Light,

Hope everyone is well and in tune with the inner fire. These past few days have given me a chance to reflect on Energy, Pluto and Time.

Energy- the soul in action creating pure thoughts to affect change, Time changes and soul awakens.

All is energy in motion creating time vortexes.

Pluto- Great transformer, God of the Dead.

From Greek Ploutn, from ploutos, wealth (belief that the underworld was the source of wealth from the ground) True spiritual wealth is knowledge, underground – hidden.

Pluto also is Plutonium- a radioactive, metallic chemical element. It has the symbol Pu and the atomic number 94. It is the element used in most modern nuclear weapons. Would not the God of the Dead, use radioactive energy to transform humankind back to gods and goddess? More on that later….

Time- We are Time. My awareness is my soul, spiritual clock. I-Light, eternal spark of creation, the soul move time as we move through space and time, if we are not moving or dead…energy or time would stop. You would step out of this time and enter timeless time or maybe come back into time and another birth. If you can slow your thoughts you can slow time.

This past week I saw a Discovery program where astronomers now see a black hole in the center of ever galaxy. Imagine that a doorway to another world or a time vortex.

See news from

So what will happen when Pluto crosses the Galactic Center? I see a pulse of magnetic UV light that will awaken humanity to a new awareness. We will be able to see the Golden Age dawn before us and understand we were gods and goddess all along…

Changes are here…be a Master of Time and move Energy to heal the World.

Much love and blessings,




Consider the Whole Sky. The word “consider” comes from root words literally meaning “examine the stars.” In examining the stars and all of Creation, Whole Sky astrology provides the baseline of astrology for the 21st Century and beyond. This view of the Universe allows for examination and understanding of objects outside the confines of our solar system, and is not confined to a narrow plane of sight. Like it or not, objects in space profoundly affect us. Our Sun involuntarily revolves around the Galactic Center, much like the Earth does around the Sun. Our Galaxy rotates around another nucleus of thirty-odd galaxies, the Super Galactic Center. All this draws toward an enigmatic point known as the Great Attractor. The relationship of Earth to all these points (and everything else in Creation) remains undeniable. Other objects bombard us with high energy beams that dramatically impact the energy system of the body. Understanding what is out there and how it affects us connects us more to the point of Galactic Origin, enables an understanding of the “vibes” we feel, offers a deeper understanding of our psychological constitution, assists us in coping with the real world, and above all, opens the door for a clearer spiritual belief system.

Pluto, the Galactic Center and Enlightenment (published December 1, 2005)

“This era exceeds, for physical, symbolic and enlightenment purposes, the significance of the expiration of the Mayan Calendar.”

– Philip Sedgwick

In 2006 and 2007, Pluto will align with the Galactic Center three times, ushering in an unprecedented period of cosmic awareness and healing. This passage will also be marked by chaos and turmoil.

Pluto’s conjunction with the Galactic Center occurs only once every 248 years. While some astrologers report Pluto as conjunct the exact center of our galaxy earlier in the year, the alignments are actually in late December 2006 and again in July and October of 2007.

Because of Pluto’s proximity to the degree of the Galactic Center (26’55” Sagittarius) throughout 2006, we will feel the effects all year.

How each of us experiences this transit will depend on our consciousness.

Pluto is the spiritual plunger of the solar system, forcing us to face issues submerged in the unconscious that hold us back from our highest expression of divinity. The Galactic Center is a black hole around which our Sun and other planetary systems revolve.

The nature of black holes, and Pluto, is annihilation.

Pluto’s passage over the Galactic Center will accelerate the natural process the Hopi refer to as the Great Purification. As a transpersonal planet, Pluto influences the collective consciousness as well as the individual. Watch for political upheaval, revolution and chaos, as well as Earth changes that restore balance to human systems and the natural world.

In December 2005, we’re put on notice. This is the time for Lightworkers to heal spiritual, mental, emotional and physical imbalances in preparation for the changes to come in 2006 and beyond.

A crescendo of emotional release and fulfillment culminates in the Gemini Full Moon on December 15. Between now and then, our priority is to acknowledge and release patterns from our past that will not be carried into the new cycle.

Key issues for Lightworkers during this phase include:

– Self-esteem not cultivated in childhood must be nurtured now in order to achieve greater expressions of creativity and leadership.

– Ego imbalances will be corrected. As you recognize and heal issues of low self-esteem and create a unique, individuated identity, check in often to be sure you’re operating from essence, not ego.

– Patterns of codependency must be released. Healing codependent patterns requires periods of solitude to develop right relationship with self and Source, which eventually leads to healthy relationships with others.

– Addictions of all kinds – to substances, relationships, activities, even feelings – are obstacles to soul growth and need to be released.

– Recognize and rewrite thoughts and beliefs that hinder your experience of yourself as Infinite Divine Light.

– Heal the illusion of separation that stems from “original separation” when your soul individuated and descended from Source to experience growth through human experience.

On the path of healing these karmic issues, we encounter many forms of resistance. Emotional outbursts, rage, hysteria, anxiety, depression, illness, accidents, body aches, digestive problems, allergies, acute pain and injuries, chemical and other dependencies are some of the experiences we create as we begin to break away from past patterns.

As we grow in awareness, we begin to welcome these challenges as confirmation that we’re making progress!

Meanwhile, strategies that will help you through the changes include…

– Daily meditation. Twice a day, at least 15 minutes each time, will help you ground, center, reconnect with Source, and integrate the changes on all levels.

– Develop a support network with others on the path of mastery. Release non-supportive relationships that attempt to hold you in past patterns.

– Set clear intentions and express them in ceremony, prayer, poem, dance, song and/or art.

– Explore transformational healing tools including energy and bodywork, essential oils, flower essences and sacred sound.

Many astrologers have been writing and speaking about Pluto’s alignment with the Galactic Center in 2006-2007. Some presentations are fear-based, some hopeful. While the effects of these conjunctions will be dramatic and far-reaching, they’ll serve to strengthen and unify us as the shift to higher consciousness intensifies.

As the World Shifts

If you thought the past few years were exhilarating, exhausting and exuberant, wait till you see what’s ahead.

The countdown to the Golden Age is on. As vast cycles of cosmic time come to a close, new and wondrous cycles are beginning. We live in the transition period, the Shift of the Ages.

The Mayan calendar teaches that the evolution of consciousness is accelerating. There’s a 25-year window from the Harmonic Convergence in August 1987 through the end of the Mayan Calendar in 2012. During this period, special planetary alignments guide us in an accelerated learning lab.

The Grand Fixed Cross Solar Eclipse on August 11, 1999, catalyzed a mass spiritual awakening. This signpost in the heavens was a turning point, a wake-up call for Lightworkers to move more fully into their path of service.

In 2001 and 2002, Saturn and Pluto faced off with three exact oppositions that reshaped our world. Most memorably, the attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City and the Pentagon in Washington, D.C., occurred between the dates of the first two oppositions in 2001.

By 2003, planetary servers had expanded their base of experience, and on November 8/9, 2003, solidified their commitment as six planets created an elegant Star of David/Merkabah pattern in the sky. This alignment, known as the Harmonic Concordance, opened a portal of divine consciousness and called us to a deeper level of union and service.

Last year, Venus danced with Pluto and crossed the face of the Sun in the historic Transit of Venus, transforming our ideals of love and abundance.

At the end of 2005, we stand at the threshold of a major new passage, the conjunction of Pluto, God of the Underworld, with the very center of our galaxy. The Galactic Center is a place of mystery and awe. From the black hole at its center, entire worlds are obliterated, or formed.

Pluto’s conjunction with the Galactic Center in 2006-2007 is at least as important as the ending of the Mayan Calendar just seven years from now. Pluto roots out spiritual sludge and brings to light issues held deep within the subconscious. The effects of this transit will be felt individually, collectively and throughout the cosmos.

The Pluto alignment offers a gift of profound healing, potential enlightenment, new levels of service. On this Sagittarius New Moon, may we aim like the archer for the stars as we prepare for the next round of transformation.

I am rebirth

Let me dance you to death

Let me dance you to life

Will you walk through your fears to dance with me?

– The Goddess Kali

Over the next 18 months, the transformation of consciousness on planet Earth will take a quantum leap. As we stand at the threshold of this cosmic opportunity, we have a simple choice – to be guided and empowered by love, or to allow fear to squelch our divine, creative potential.

World City Magazine and the E-Commerce Boom

October 27, 2006

World City Panel, E-Commerce

This past Oct 25, I was invited by my good buddy, Ian McCluskey, Publisher of World City Magazine for a panel on the E-commerce Boom, an update from the frontier of the Google Economy. I had meet with him early to discuss ways to incorporate video into corporate web sites and giving CEOs a new and exciting format to share their vision.

During my days at Motorola as a PR executive, we would always be looking for ways to show the good news in out of the box markets like the Internet. Well that was many years ago and now the Internet is on Fire. This year, US E-Commerce sales are predicted to top $100 Billion. Not a bad rebound from the dot com bust.

The World City panel had 3 very impressive speakers, Jaime Basagoitia, General Manager of Trans Express, Say you live in India and need to have a US address so you can get your new computer, Sony says it doesn’t ship to India, well now you found Trans Express. What is amazing is Trans Express has over 150, 000 registered customers in over 30 countries worldwide and ships in excess of US$ 40,000,000 worth of consumer goods per year out of its Miami hub. A good example of a brick-and-mortar freight forwarding company moving into the e-commerce intensive shipping mode.

Another example of a great idea is SAFE- T-PAY, a secure payment system that allows non-credit card users and overseas shoppers to make online purchases directly through their local bank. Manuel Montero, CEO of SAFE- T-PAY and former executive of American Express has seen explosive growth as the credit card industry is basically a shared monopoly. When I was in Colombia I would never give my credit information to no one. Imagine about 3 different people from banking institutions, middle man and merchants get your card number and personal information….hackers and fraud experts love this.

SAFE-T-PAY offers shoppers a solution – local payment in local currency through a known and trusted financial institution without the need for a credit card. Sign me up. Launched in Peru, with Mexico and US online, I think this is a company to watch.

The last speaker was Jeff Leidowitz, CEO of the Laredo Group, a training and consulting firm dedicated to helping clients increase sales and decrease costs through knowledge and efficiencies related to online advertising buying and selling, search engine marketing and site optimization.

Jeff selected as one of the Website 100 Most Influential People on the World Wide Web, former co-host of national syndicated radio talk show On Computers and online host of Cybermania, the annual awards show of the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences gave an energetic view of the online world. He mentioned that in 5 years most media will be downloaded. This was something I was very interested in as I am also a film producer and director. The big problem in independent film is distribution, not to mention trying to get investors to believe in your dream. I mentioned once at a Miami International Film Festival conference, that I would rather sell my film online than give it to a distribution company in Hollywood and pray that they pay me. One good press release in The Times of India and 300 million middle class Indians may by it online for $5.

Then you have the You Tube generation and Google paying more than $1 Billion in stock for a great idea started by 2 geeks in a garage in the late 90s. Video online is the way to go and the possibilities are endless.

The future of the movie industry, online video, DVD and multi-media distribution is going to change and those who catch the wave will be in a new and exciting frontier.

E-Commerce is exploding and with the advent of video as a new marketing tool and value added presence for corporate PR, family run businesses, my space pages and blogs you will have a new way of getting your entertainment, news, catalogs and better options to pay for it, as well as shipping needs.

You will know where your consumers are, just see the new tricks Nokia and Motorola are planning. You visit your grocer and on your cell phone you hear a beep, act fast discount to buy a Coke. Nearly 102 million mobile phones were sold in Latin America in 2005 that is a lot of potential customers!

So E-Commerce is booming and time to start my online business.

For more info on Conference and Trade Numbers visit-

Background info.

E-Commerce to Surpass $120 Billion, Says Leadpile

Phoenix, Arizona – October 26, 2006 – Online marketing and advertising firm,‘s predictions last year, that overall e-commerce sales would likely surpass the $1 trillion mark by 2012, appears to be on track, as US e-commerce sales most likely will top $100 billion this year.

Andy Jacob, CEO of commented, ”We are delighted that our pr ediction looks to be right on the money. For the remainder of 2006, we continue to hold steady on our forecast that $100 billion in US e-commerce sales will easily be reached. The US Department of Commerce has already reported 1st and 2nd quarters ’06 at a combined $51.5 billion in e-commerce retail sales. Not only do we believe that $100 billion is a done deal, but it is highly likely that 2006 US e-commerce sales will top $120 billion.”

Mr. Jacob continued, ”Everyone seems to be talking about ‘baby boomers.’ Leadpile believes that the recent focus on America’s aging population has blinded many experts from seeing the explosive growth that will come on the Web from the ‘next generation’ of younger, super-Internet consumers. These Super Kids in Digital Space, or ‘SKIDS,’ as coined by Leadpile in 2005, will lead to explosive growth on the Internet. Leadpile believes that the biggest impact on our world and our culture will come from the ‘SKIDS,’ who will help change the entire way we currently think about the Internet, wireless devices, and our future. With regard to US e-commerce, you haven’t seen anything yet.”

To learn more about Leadpile, please visit:


Global Warming from Green Peace

October 24, 2006

Global Warming is here and if we dont stand up and make our voice heard….there is little chance to stop the runaway train or runaway weather changes.

See this video at You Tube

Please support these NGOs and an important cause.

Open Letter to News Media- Colombia’s Real War?

October 24, 2006

Dear Chris & Steve, AP News, NY Times, El Espectador,

My name is Luis Mejia and I am doing a documentary on the Colombia Peace process with an Indigenous focus. We aim to report a balanced version of the crisis in Colombia.

Chris, I read your report on New Trade Perks in the LA Times and we can see the US has a big interest in signing a free trade deal with Colombia.

But at what cost?

I was also surprised to see the AP report in the Miami Herald, page 8A. Oct 23, 2006, which says, “The government blames the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, better know as FARC, for the blast, which injured 23.

The FARC have yet to comment on the explosion”

They have commented and there seems to be more questions than answers. See news attached.

My concern is that the news has reported the FARC is responsible for this grave act of horror and the evidence points to a covert operation.

I am a journalist and film maker and wish to see if any evidence proves this was the FARC or another US backed 9-11 cover-up.

I do not support the FARC or any illegal armed group, but find it hard to believe this act of terrorism with a military dressed personal and a camera that was not working at the time is all the evidence available.

Quote from Indy Media-

Para buena parte de la opinión pública este atentado puede haber sido también un montaje, teniendo en cuenta que la zona afectada fue una de las más custodiadas y que, se ha dicho en los medios, que la persona que dejó el vehículo con los explosivos hasta el lugar vestía un uniforme de la Armada Nacional, portaba un carné y el carro estaba matriculado para entrar en el sitio, y además coincidencialmente la cámara de seguridad encargada de registrar a las personas que entran en automóvil al complejo militar se había dañado.


Good part of public opinion regarding this attack thinks it is a setup, montage…

The zone which was affected, high security, and reported in local media,that the person that left the vehicle with explosives wore a uniform of the National Armada, had credentials and the car was registered to enter the place, and coincidentally  the security camera that registers everyone entering the military complex was broken.

Another concern is this quote from same AP article–

“The FARC previously demanded the zone be demilitarized to allow rebel negotiators to meet with the government and discuss a possible swap of around 500 imprisoned rebels for about 60 kidnapped prominent Colombians, including ex-presidential candidate Ingrid Betancourt and three American defense contractors.

Solorzano said that the number of rebels in the municipalities, located in the province of Valle, has risen in recent months, possibly as the guerrilla group prepared for talks.

Uribe said the only option left for freeing the hostages is military rescue, something bitterly opposed by the families of the kidnapped who fear their loved ones may die in the crossfire.” End quote-

So resort to war and military rescue and call of a dialogue for peace? When will the blood shed end?

Why is the media not asking the right questions? 

Where is the truth about the real Plan Colombia and the US backed war?

The fumigation war is a genocide on our Indigenous people, all children without a voice and a grave concern to the future of Colombia’s agriculture and water supply.

Adam Isacson said it well in his report to Center of International Policy,

Since Plan Colombia began in 2000, we have seen $4.7 billion spent and 2,500 square miles sprayed with herbicides. Yet U.S. government satellites found more coca in Colombia last year than they did in 2000, while cocaine and heroin street prices have actually declined.

Coca cultivation will decrease only when Colombia can govern its rural areas, where more than 75 percent of the people live in poverty.

Those who insist on spraying instead of governing are doing a disservice to Colombia’s police officers by forcing them to face mortal danger for a strategy that isn’t working.


Director of Programs

Center for International Policy

Please see news below and please offer your readers a balanced report.

Thanks and all the best,

Luis Mejia

Tribal Ink News & The Womb Radio/ TV

786.268.2723 ~

Editors note-

This is a updated version, once read need to add more info.

Emails sent & time-


Date: Oct 24, 2006 3:30 PM

Subject: Colombia Truth






Security boosted after car bombing in Colombia

The Colombian government sent police to secure a remote area that was proposed as a site for negotiations with rebels. The talks were called off after a bombing in Bogotá.


BOGOTA – (AP) — A remote zone in southwest Colombia, once a proposed safe haven for negotiations with rebels, was teaming with police Sunday after the president ruled out talks because of a bombing.


Police Capt. Guillermo Solorzano on Sunday said some 150 police officers were sent to the municipalities of Florida and Pradera to boost the government’s presence in the area and “calm the situation.’’


President Alvaro Uribe, in an impassioned speech Friday, said he’d given up on the possibility of talks after a car bomb exploded Thursday in a military installation in northern Bogotá, just yards away from the Army’s top general.


The government blames the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, better known as FARC, for the blast, which injured 23.


The FARC have yet to comment on the explosion.


‘’We are going to capture the militias of the FARC that have infiltrated the urban centers of Pradera and Florida and we are going to remove any trace of the FARC from the rural areas,’’ Uribe said.


The FARC previously demanded the zone be demilitarized to allow rebel negotiators to meet with the government and discuss a possible swap of around 500 imprisoned rebels for about 60 kidnapped prominent Colombians, including ex-presidential candidate Ingrid Betancourt and three American defense contractors.


Solorzano said that the number of rebels in the municipalities, located in the province of Valle, has risen in recent months, possibly as the guerrilla group prepared for talks.


Uribe said the only option left for freeing the hostages is military rescue, something bitterly opposed by the families of the kidnapped who fear their loved ones may die in the crossfire.


Source AP- and Miami Herald Page 8 A – Mon Oct 23, 2006





17 de Octubre de 2006

Los “positivos” de la infamia

Por: Iván Márquez / Integrante del secretariado de las FARC-EP

En ejecución de la nueva doctrina gringa de la “seguridad democrática” el gobierno Uribe está causando irreparables destrozos a Colombia, a sus perspectivas como colectividad.


Ya no es sólo la represión brutal y la adopción de leyes draconianas para humillar o disuadir la inconformidad social a favor de la política neoliberal; ahora las manos del Estado explotan bombas contra objetivos civiles y militares con la pérfida intención de inculpar a la insurgencia apuntando a su deslegitimación, y de mostrar resultados en busca de oxígeno para la desprestigiada seguridad democrática gubernamental.

La mentira y el engaño son consustanciales a esa política de lesa humanidad y lesa patria.

Con falso dolor de corazón el comandante del ejército reconoce que un coronel, un mayor y un capitán del B-2 del ejército están detrás de los atentados dinamiteros en Bogotá, pero el Presidente, consecuente con su torcida política, parece exculparlos ante la opinión.

No se puede olvidar que fue el mismo Uribe en persona quien incitó a los militares. Les exigió partes positivos y resultados en litros de sangre. Por eso la captura de más de 120 mil ciudadanos bajo la falsa imputación de guerrilleros. Por eso tantas muertes de inocentes. Esa indignante estratagema de asesinar civiles para luego uniformarlos y presentarlos en la televisión y en la prensa como “guerrilleros muertos en combate” no es una práctica aislada de la IV Brigada del ejército en Antioquia, sino la práctica cotidiana generalizada en todas las Brigadas militares de Colombia.

Los estímulos y recompensas económicas corren por cuenta de Uribe. ¿Quién alborotó los sapos en este país con ofertas de dinero? El mismo que incentivó esa emulación criminal de los “positivos”.

Varios generales y coroneles fueron echados de la institución por no presentar resultados, o porque se opusieron a la concepción gringa sobre el funcionamiento de los ejércitos. Para evitar ese albur, algunos se dedicaron a montar carros bombas y a desactivarlos, para ganarse un “positivo”. Y “platica”, como diría el Führer de Palacio. No importa que de vez en cuando estalle uno de ellos y mueran transeúntes y soldados.

Este es el gobierno de la mentira. Y para ello tiene al diario El Tiempo de los Santos en el bolsillo, con Vicepresidente y Ministro de Defensa.

Simón Trinidad, vocero de paz de las FARC, fue extraditado a los Estados Unidos con mentiras y argucias para burlar la expresa prohibición constitucional de extraditar nacionales por razones políticas. A Sonia, la guerrillera, se la llevaron estampándole su huella digital a la cédula de identidad de una narcotraficante. Montaje y farsa fue la “desmovilización” de 70 supuestos guerrilleros en el Tolima, orquestada por el señor Montoya, actual comandante del ejército. Montaje noticioso es el desmantelamiento de laboratorios de cocaína propagandizados torpemente por algunos generales, como “pertenecientes a la guerrilla”. Lo raro, dice la gente, es que no aparezcan ni siquiera un soldado herido o un Black Hawk derribado. Mentira fue la muerte de 10 policías “por fuego amigo” en Jamundí, cuando en realidad fue una masacre perpetrada sin piedad por unos militares al servicio del narcotráfico.

Nos sumamos a la indignación del país y de los buenos soldados de la patria por tanta desinformación y estafa a la opinión proveniente del Estado y del gobierno, y por los crímenes y desafueros de los montajes y “positivos” de la infamia.

La alternativa antifascista clama concreción en Colombia.

Source FARC WEB –,2367,1
Source Indy Media- Colombia

Auto bomba en el Cantón Norte
Ante el último atentado, cancelan el intercambio humanitario y ordenan arremetida militar. Llamado de Uribe al terrorismo de Estado. El jueves 19 de octubre la explosión de un carro-bomba, en el complejo militar más importante del país, dejó más de una veintena de heridos minutos antes de una actividad académica al rededor de los Derechos Humanos, en donde participarían el delegado de la ONU, el comandante general del ejército, el artefacto explosivo fue ubicado al frente de la sede de la Escuela Superior de Guerra y en las inmediaciones de la Universidad Nueva Granada, una universidad pública dirigida por la fuerzas armadas donde también estudian civiles.

En medio de el derrumbamiento de gubernamentalidad del gobierno de Uribe, y ante esta nueva evidencia del fracaso de la “Seguridad Democrática”, ha impartido orden de ofensiva militar total. Mientras que el Estado en pleno responsabiliza a las FARC, el último comunicado de ese grupo guerrillero desmiente el hecho, y ambas partes hablan que la contraparte está en contra de la solución negociada.

Para buena parte de la opinión pública este atentado puede haber sido también un montaje, teniendo en cuenta que la zona afectada fue una de las más custodiadas y que, se ha dicho en los medios, que la persona que dejó el vehículo con los explosivos hasta el lugar vestía un uniforme de la Armada Nacional, portaba un carné y el carro estaba matriculado para entrar en el sitio, y además coincidencialmente la cámara de seguridad encargada de registrar a las personas que entran en automóvil al complejo militar se había dañado.

Dentro de la lógica obtusa de la derecha gobernante, al atentado da la oportunidad para descalificar toda opción de izquierda que se oponga a los intereses del régimen, desde las protestas estudiantiles en las universidades (que ya la semana pasada el vicepresidente pedía persegir con infiltración y castigar como terrorismo), hasta el trabajo de control político que los representantes de la izquierda democrática aunados en el Polo Democrático desarrollan en el congreso.

Ante los hechos que pueden suceder, a los sectores populares solo nos resta incrementar la organización para enfrentar la dictadura civil .
Source Indy Media


Source-Center for International Policy

The Real Solution for Colombia’s Drug Problems

Monday, July 3, 2006; A20

In “More Help for Colombia” [op-ed, June 26], Robert D. Novak employs a tired tactic: slapping the “soft on drugs” label on any who oppose the current U.S. policy toward Colombia.

Critics, Mr. Novak implies, are betraying brave Colombian anti-drug police officers who risk their lives every day.

Why, though, must these police risk all for a strategy that hasn’t affected Colombian coca and opium?

Since Plan Colombia began in 2000, we have seen $4.7 billion spent and 2,500 square miles sprayed with herbicides. Yet U.S. government satellites found more coca in Colombia last year than they did in 2000, while cocaine and heroin street prices have actually declined.

Coca cultivation will decrease only when Colombia can govern its rural areas, where more than 75 percent of the people live in poverty.

Those who insist on spraying instead of governing are doing a disservice to Colombia’s police officers by forcing them to face mortal danger for a strategy that isn’t working.


Director of Programs

Center for International Policy


As of July 5, 2006, this document was also available online at

— =============================================================================

Biological Weapons in the Drug War

A Review of Opposition in South America

With Examples from Other Regions, Intergovernmental Agencies, and NGOs


Under heavy US pressure, Colombia is choosing to ignore its neighbors and the international community and support the US strategy to use biological weapons in the Drug War. Although the plan is opposed by government officials and civil society both domestically and internationally, the Colombian Environment Ministry has prepared a US $7 million project proposal for work on illicit crops including a major component to develop biological weapons to forcibly eradicate coca crops.[1]

While Colombia denies that it will use US-developed biological weapons, the US State Department’s anti-narcotics chief Rand Beers says the US will keep the pressure up, recently telling the BBC “I am never prepared to admit it is over.” [2] The inventor of the US government’s preferred agent, a strain of the Fusarium oxysporum fungus called EN-4, is using the private company Ag/Bio Con (co-owned with a former US Air Force general) to promote use of the fungus. The inventor, whose work has been funded by the US government for over a decade, told journalists on camera that he believes biological weapons should be used by force on target countries.

The agents are to be used against the Colombian government’s enemies in an escalating armed conflict that has displaced one and a half million civilians and taken tens of thousands of lives. Colombia is the third largest recipient of US military aid in the world (after Egypt and Israel). Biological weapons have been proposed as part of a military offensive aimed at regaining state control of coca growing areas, most of which are de facto administered by guerrillas or right wing paramilitaries.

Colombia’s proposal mimics US usage of the deliberately confusing misnomer “biological control” when referring to coca-killing agents and spray technology. In fact, they are not legitimate biological controls; but weapons designed to provoke massive disease outbreaks and remain in the soil for decades. The term is being abused by when applied to this biological weapons research.

In other parts of the world, a program in Uzbekistan supported by the US, UK, and United Nations Drug Control Program (UNDCP) is developing weapons to eradicate opium poppy. These agents are to be used in conflict-torn parts of Asia, including Afghanistan and Burma. In Africa, concern has been expressed that anti-crop biological agents may be proposed for use on cannabis fields.

There is no exemption in the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention (BTWC), a key international arms control treaty, for the use of biological weapons in military, law enforcement, or civilian actions to forcibly eradicate illicit crops. Countries North and South recognize that prohibiting any use of biological weapons is critically important to stop arms proliferation, uphold treaty commitments, and protect human health and the environment.

The Agent Green[3] biological weapons controversy has generated important attention and statements from governments, intergovernmental organizations, and NGOs. This is especially true in South America, where the debate has been most intense. This paper organizes and presents important examples of government and other positions on Agent Green, providing an important reference point for policymakers and civil society working on policies to halt the use of biological weapons everywhere.


Despite the widespread opposition detailed in this paper, the Colombian Environment Ministry’s proposal to develop biological weapons for the eradication of coca is proceeding. The only donor country that has expressed interest is the US, making the Americans the logical funder for the proposal despite their prior statements, including to the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity, that it would not bilaterally fund this biological weapons research. Earlier this year, Colombia refused to sign a controversial US funded contract with the United Nations Drug Control Program (UNDCP) for the testing of a US-developed Fusarium oxysporum strain named EN-4.

Colombian President Andres Pastrana and Environment Minister Juan Mayr are attempting a dangerous and shortsighted political balance between global and US interests. A very small number of senior Colombian officials have deceptively said that Colombia will not allow the testing of “the fungus”  (“el hongo”), claiming that the US EN-4 poses risks to the environment and human health because it is “alien” . The effort is a public relations attempt to deflect scrutiny of their decision to proceed with the development of a domestic “hongo criollo” (“Creole fungus”) biological weapon to accomplish the same ends, and potentially cause similar environmental havoc, as the purportedly discarded EN-4 strain.

Thus, Colombia has only renounced a single US government-developed strain of Fusarium oxysporum. Ignoring the pleas of its neighbors and civil society, and with strong support from US anti-narcotics and security agencies, Colombia is moving ahead with “native” biological weapons developed from a wide variety of local pathogenic organisms.

The following sections of this paper present an important (but not exhaustive) list of examples of the lack of endorsement and broad rejection of the US-Colombian plan by Colombia’s neighbors, other Southern and Northern countries, intergovernmental organizations, and civil society… but first:


The anti-coca biological agent preferred by the United States is Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. Erythroxyli strain EN-4, a particularly virulent coca-killing type of a fungus genus that attacks many crops.[4] The strain was investigated along with many other Fusarium types (including samples from Colombia) in research contracts between the US government and Dr. David Sands, a plant pathologist at Montana State University in the USA. After the successful identification of EN-4 and development of formulation and dispersal technology, Dr. Sands established a private company called Ag/Bio Con to promote EN-4 and other agents to eradicate illicit crops. Ag/Bio Con has briefed the Colombian government, including President Pastrana, and sought contracts with the US Government for coca eradication research. Dr. Sands was interviewed in September 2000 by the BBC investigative journalism program Panorama and explained, in the frightening excerpts below, that he believes biological weapons should be used by force, with or without the consent of target countries:[5]

SANDS: This fungus is the closest thing I’ve ever seen to a silver bullet … I have seen it take out 99% of plants in a field. I think that’s incredible and I think people should know that this technology exists … This would be a green kind of warfare …

Okay, but we’re talking semantics here. You call it green warfare. Other people call it biological warfare. That is semantically correct, it is biological warfare.

That can be right. It’s biological warfare or green warfare. I just want you to understand my opinion is it’s a good thing if it’s done to eradicate something that the entire world feels is noxious.

What happens if consent is not forthcoming … I put to you a hypothetical – you never get consent – what should happen then?

You’re saying that two countries [Colombia and Afghanistan] that knowingly are unleashing a chemical, a drug, on our children, an addictive drug, that they are consenting to do that and they are not consenting to do biological control, I think they should suffer the consequences of that decision.

Which means that we should go in without consent.

: I think somebody should.

And it should be treated as an act of counter terrorism?

Well it’s a pretty high stakes game. Just go to any rehab clinic and check it out yourself.

You’re saying yes?


Source- Sunshine Project

Background info–

The Sunshine Project

News Release

15 March 2006

US House Votes to Advance Offensive Biological Weapons Plan

In an titanic fit of myopia, the US House of Representatives has passed a bill that advances a US plan to wage biological warfare against Colombia and other countries where illicit narcotics are produced. If passed by the US Senate, the bill (HR 2829) will require the US Drug Czar to quickly formulate a plan to field test biological weapons designed to eradicate illicit crops.

The Biological Weapons Convention (BWC) prohibits all biological warfare, including attacks on crops. The BWC has no exemptions – not for the Drug War, nor for the US Congress. The US eradication project thus violates the BWC’s Article I, which prohibits development and stockpiling of biological weapons.

The Sunshine Project will call upon the BWC to prevent violation of the treaty by the United States. In April, the Sunshine Project will distribute an Agent Green dossier to governments attending a preparatory meeting for the BWC’s upcoming 6th Review Conference. If the US bill is signed into law, the Sunshine Project will press for multilateral action by the BWC 6th Review Conference itself, when it meets in November.

Opposition in South America, the primary target of the plan, spans the political spectrum. When first confronted by US biowarfare pressure in 1999-2000, the Colombian government decided against testing and use of biological agents to eradicate illicit crops. Other Andean countries also oppose the plan, as do many environmental and peace NGOs. So do indigenous peoples who grow coca for cultural purposes unrelated to the drug trade, a constituency that includes Evo Morales, the recently-elected President of Bolivia.

Speaking to the Colombian daily El Tiempo on Monday, former Colombian President Andrés Pastrana, now Bogotá’s Ambassador in Washington, emphatically reiterated Colombia’s opposition to the plan, telling the paper, “During my government we opposed it. And Colombia’s position, now under President Álvaro Uribe, has not changed.”

The main biological weapons agents under US consideration are strains of the fungus Fusarium oxysporum that attack coca and other illicit crops. With its serious human health and environmental risks, F. oxysporum has been dubbed “Agent Green” by civil society opponents, who liken it to the defoliant Agent Orange that was used by the US in Vietnam. In the US conception, huge amounts of specially-formulated Fusarium would be sprayed from large military aircraft to blanket large portions of Colombia and, potentially, other countries.

The HR 2829 provision does not specifically mention Colombia or Fusarium, although it does specify that the testing plan should be for a “major drug producing nation”. This opens the possibility that the tests could be conducted elsewhere, such as Central Asia, where the US has supported development of biological weapons for use against opium poppy. Given past events, however, the bill’s language is widely interpreted to refer to Colombia.

The Sunshine Project hopes that the US Senate will catch this egregious mistake and that the provision will be struck from any related bill that it considers. With US fear about a biological weapons attack and spending on biodefense both at unprecedented levels, it is difficult to envision a more unwise US policy than for it to field test biological weapons and to seek to perpetrate a biological attack on other countries.



The Sunshine Project maintains an Agent Green web page, including a detailed background report (updated in September 2005) on the human health and environmental risks at:

Independent researcher Jeremy Bigwood has also extensively investigated the issue. His Agent Green website is:

In 2000, the BBC’s flagship investigative journalism program Panorama interviewed proponents of the plan, including the US “inventor” of Agent Green, who concedes that it constitutes biological warfare and says that it should be applied by force:


HR 2829:

PDF copy (see page 30):

HR 2829, titled “An Act to reauthorize the Office of National Drug Control Policy Act”, was sponsored by Rep. Mark Rep Souder, an Indiana Republican. The Agent Green provision was placed in the bill at the behest of Rep. Dan Burton, another Indiana Republican who is an enthusiastic supporter of using biological weapons against Colombia and other countries. As reported to the US Senate this Monday, the provision reads as follows:



    (n) REQUIREMENT FOR SCIENTIFIC STUDY OF MYCOHERBICIDE IN ILLICIT DRUG CROP ERADICATION.-Not later than 90 days after the date of enactment of this Act, the Director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy shall submit to the Congress a report that includes a plan to conduct, on an expedited basis, a scientific study of the use of mycoherbicide as a means of illicit drug crop elimination by an appropriate Government scientific research entity, including a complete and thorough scientific peer review. The study shall include an evaluation of the likely human health and environmental impacts of such use. The report shall also include a plan to conduct controlled scientific testing in a major drug producing nation of mycoherbicide naturally existing in the producing nation.


The Inca, the Kogi, & Corn

October 21, 2006

The Inca, the Kogi, & Corn

with Luis Mejia

by Lora Spivey
Lora: Can you tell us about the contribution the Incan peoples made to our food supply?

Luis: My main knowledge is with the Inca and Kogi, as I have been living with them and feel that I’ve had many past lives in the Andes.

The most important crop for the Inca, as well as the Maya, was and still is maize — corn. This corn was used in ceremony, offered to the Apus — the mountain Gods — and planted during sacred rituals timed with the motions of the stars. We have even found corn carved in gold under tunnels in Peru, showing how the Inca worshipped this food. According to Galinat (1972), it’s been found that corn was used in ceremonies in Ayacucho four thousand years ago. The first mention of corn is found in the writings of Pedro Martir de Angleria in 1492.

The Spaniards said that the bread of the Inca was maize or corn. Actually, it also was their wine. They brewed their corn and made a drink known today as Azua or Chicha. It’s similar to beer. They have a purple and white Chicha, both quite powerful.

In the higher elevations of Peru, potatoes are now and have been a major food source. The Peruvians grow over four hundred varieties of potatoes, which provide a major source of vitamins, fiber, and nutrition.

Lora: It’s been said that the Inca and Maya “invented” many of our common foods.

Luis: If we look back in time, we see that the Inca cultivated many crops. Whether they invented them or discovered them I can’t say. I’ll list but a few: blackeye beans, chickpeas, lima beans, mung beans, split peas, purple corn, anise, pepper, garlic, onions, habas, ginger, and certain herbs like hucatay, cilantro, oregano, and basil.

Kiwicha was another very important grain that the Inca used. It was very high in protein, amino acids, minerals, calicium, magnesium, and fiber.

The Kogi have always planted a wide variety of foods — bananas, corn, yuca, namé, malanga, potato, sugar cane, onions, beans, guandul, tomotoes, avacados, papaya, mamey, mango, zapote, guanabana, pineapple, ahuyama. . . The wonderful thing about the lands where the Kogi live, high in Colombia’s Sierra Nevada , is that such a wide a variety of food is found and cultivated there.

There also are a vast number of fruits found near the coast. There are some fruits that are found only in these regions.

Lora: Can you speak to the indigenous South Americans’ understanding of the relationship between consciousness and food?

Luis: For the Inca, in the moment they planted their crops they were praying to the Gods.

The Kogi people keep this ancient understanding alive in their culture today. They have a special ceremony for planting. The man, with a bull, opens the ground. Then, behind him, the woman plants the seeds. Only women do this, as women represent the mother, and the seed is going to Mother Earth.

The Kogi feel that they live in the center, or heart, of the earth, and this center is Cheru, which also is the center of the Universe. The Kogi say that all their foods were created from woman except corn, which came from the body of a man.

Lora: Can you speak to their understanding that the plants themselves have consciousness?

Luis: It is true, plants do have consciousness. The Inca, Maya, and Kogi have always known that plants are alive and can feel our thoughts.

For example, the Kogi have a tremendous respect for trees. They believe that if you cut trees without permission you will start growing hair on your face, which is something that the Kogi don’t have. This absence of facial hair came as a big surprise to me. Then, when I saw a few men with stubble on their faces, I had to wonder. The vast majority, even old men in their fifties, have faces like children. Amazing!

They also cook and eat with great respect. The Mamos, the religious leaders among the Kogi, eat in complete silence, and you can feel that they are in tune with the Spirit of the food. It’s as if the food were talking to them and sharing secrets.

Lora: Can you speak of their understanding of plants as medicine and of their relationship with plants that alter consciousness?

Luis: In Peru, there lives the sacred cactus San Pedro, cousin to Grandfather Peyote. San Pedro is considered holy by the natives and is used in ceremony for expanding consciousness. They invoke the spirit of San Pedro and use this sacred plant to this day in healing ceremonies.

Knowing that consciousness affects everything, the preparation of San Pedro is a ritual unto itself. The brewing process takes between twelve and sixteen hours, and is done in a meditative state.

Ayahuasca is another very sacred substance in this region. Ayahuasca is prepared from three main vines. Once consumed, the spirit of these sacred plants transports the person into an altered state where healing and powerful visions take place. The feeling is described as a liquid energy flowing within the veins. It is a powerful purgative that helps eliminate the toxins of this modern world.

The Kogi stress that it is important to fast and prepare our minds and bodies for the new awareness coming in. It seems as though Ayahuasca creates a chemical change within the blood. These plants are not recommended for recreational use. We don’t want to use Ayahuasca simply to “get high.”

When the Ayahuasca ceremony is done in Peru, there is a whole process of preparing the brew, with chanting and singing. It is as if one’s Spirit is put into the brew, and the plant honors the person’s own truth.

The process of taking the drink is also very special and sacred. You show your respect of the plant and honor the truth of this Spirit.

I have had the experience of seeing many people use these plants without respect. The end result is always negative. When we understand the Spirit of the plants and the way they can help us and protect us, a whole new world opens up. In fact, we had two large San Pedro plants at the door of our home in Peru, which provide us with great protection.

Another very important plant — or leaf, actually — is the coca. This sacred tree has been used for ages and has been a major source of vitamins and minerals. Besides inducing clarity, chewing the leaves has a tremendous energy-producing effect. Also, it curtails the need for food.

The Kogi also say that chewing coca leaves helps them “talk with the Ancients,” and that without the sacred coca the Andes people would not be alive today. The Kogi use it constantly, and it is apparent that they worship this plant. They have a poporo, a container used to hold burnt sea shells which are crushed and then eaten in small quantities with the coca leaves to activate them.

In Peru, a black, tar-like substance is used to activate the leaves. There, coca is offered to the Apus and used in the “pagos,” or ceremonies.

Right now, the Colombian government is conducting a fumigation campaign to kill the coca plants. Little do they realize that by killing the sacred plants, they are killing their people. What the governments don’t seem to understand is that the sacred use of these plants is as distant to the use of chemical cocaine as the sacred use of tobacco rolled in corn husks in ceremonies is to the tobacco industry of today. It bears no resemblance.

When I lived with the Kogi, I saw how they greeted each other by placing coca leaves in each others bags. They can go without sleep for nine days in their confessions or rituals. All day and all night they are chewing coca and looking in the fire.

The Kogi tend their coca trees with much care, and even ask permission of the Mamos to plant it. Only women pick the leaves, and a whole cleansing process goes on. Then they cook the leaves in a pan over a fire, sort of like toasting them.

When living in Peru and chewing coca leaves every day I saw the clarity it brings and the sense of being connected to the Ancients.

What a feeling to offer three perfect leaves to Ausangate, the master Apu of Cusco, and feel the Spirit of this magical mountain smile upon the leaves and upon my own essence.

The Kogi say that the coca leaf helps to domesticate man, make him more civil. Just perhaps, we have become uncivilized and warlike because we lost the power of the coca leaves.

Lora: Thank you, Luis!

Luis E. Mejia is president and founder of Tribal Ink News (TIN), a non-profit Internet-based news agency for indigenous people and the environment ( Tribal Ink News is producing a TV program and public service announcement campaign for the environment and for indigenous peoples.

Luis gained international recognition as a leader in saving the Miami Circle, an ancient archeological site in downtown Miami, and was featured in national magazines, newspapers, and television, including CNN.

A true humanitarian and friend, he worked pro bono with Barbara Pyle and People Count TV ( for the World Summit in South Africa September 2002.

As a result of a near-death experience in 1986, Louis became a meditation teacher, sound healer, and Self-Managing Leadership consultant with the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University,
Luis is co-based in Bogota, Colombia, and Miami, Florida. He can be reached by phone at 786-268-2723, and by email at

Sacrifice of A Nakuk Maku Elder, a Sign of the Times

October 19, 2006

 Global TV Live News Alert–

Sacrifice of A Nakuk Maku Elder, a Sign of the Times.

(Miami, FLA) – Oct 19, 2006-   Last night I got a phone call from Marcela Campuzano, a special friend in Bogotá, who our representative in South America for Global TV Live and Tribal Ink News. she is an anthropologist and work with Pacifistas Sin Fronteras. . We have been working on the Kogi film and documenting the different tribes in Colombia. She sent me the Agency France Press release about the Nakuk a tribe on the edge of extinction. 

Her good friend Ruth who works for the UNPD or PNUD in Bogotá, a UN agency , which is helping Indigenous tribes and especially the Nakuk. I heard about this lost tribe in 1992 and was amazed to learn a Colombian nomad tribe was only discovered in the 1988. 

During my time is Colombia this summer, I saw photos and videos of this special tribe and heard about the forced relocation and sickness that resulted in the situation they are in. Ruth has been working with them since the beginning even got sick this past visit because of the poor water conditions and elements of the jungle.

Getting the news of the death of Mow be’ was like seeing an avatar sacrifice himself and a warning to the world, a sign of the times.

Imagine you live in a paradise; all you need is given to you by nature and the ancestral ways. One day, strange people come to your land…they talk different, they dress weird, they carry sticks that make fire come out and kill you. You start getting sick from strange virus and bacteria, which never has happened before and you wonder what is going on.  Then you are forced out of your land because of a war you don’t understand and 160 of your  people are taken to a strange place, where they give you pampers, beans that you don’t know how to cook, medicine that your body never had, you see your children die,  and orders to do what you don’t understand.  

This is the reality of the Nakuk Maku, and Mow be’ a leader from 7 years of age, where he saw his first forced displacement and his father killed 1990. He saw the beginning of the end of his people, the Nakuk Maku, Jóo pi’ clan from the western region of Meu.  These people have survived from ages past and now they may disappear.  

The ONIC, an Indigenous NGO based in Bogotá says that Mow be’ wanted take his people go back to his land even under the hostile conditions between FARC, Para-Military and Fumigation in the region. He was seeking funds to return but the sadness and inner agony was too much….they say he drank some poison, for me it was a sacrifice. A Sign of the Times.

In 1988, when they were first contacted the Nukak Makú were about 1,300 in numbers, now they are less than 500. The are asking for International Help and if nothing is done a nomad tribe with ancient knowledge will disappear before our eyes.

They called him ”Belisario” I call him a warrior, from Wayári’ who now is a beacon of Hope and Bright Light for the Colombian people and the world.

We are going to be posting more news on this and hope to register the final message of a special tribe from my home land. 

For more information see Tribal Ink News and 

Open to feedback and can be reached at

Lucho L Condor



Acaba de fallecer Mow be’ en un Hospital de Villavicencio. Dicen que se suicidó, que estaba desesperado porque no podía conseguir los recursos para que 160 Nukak regresen al oriente del Guaviare, a su territorio que aman y al que quieren volver ya, a pesar del riesgo de la guerra y los grupos armados.

Mow be’ joven del pueblo Nükak fue líder desde niño. Le tocó asumir desde los 7 años el primer desplazamiento forzado. Su padre murió y en 1990 en medio de una epidemia de las varias que han asolado a su pueblo en los últimos años, él, su hermana y hermanito se quedaron con los colonos, que llamaron “Belisario” a Mow be’. Belisario era conocido en toda la región. Cuando creció decidió volver a su gente y tener esposa en un grupo Nukak.

Mow be’, del clan Jóo pi’, era de la región occidental del territorio, Meu, donde los grupos Nukak fueron más golpeados por la colonización y las epidemias. Se casó en la región oriental, Wayári’. De allí tuvo que salir su gente atemorizada, con la esperanza de encontrar seguridad y futuro en otro lugar. Caminaron divididos en dos grupos uno de los cuales llegó a San José en noviembre y el otro en marzo. Aunque la prensa aseguraba que querían quedarse por las novedades que encontraron allí, lo real es que los Nukak querían y quieren regresar, a pesar de que les guste tener objetos como botas, machetes, linternas o grabadoras y a pesar de que necesitan gran apoyo en salud contra las epidemias.

243 Nukak fueron llevados a Puerto Ospina donde hay un bosque relativamente pequeño y donde se enfermaron a los pocos días, falleció un niño y se agotaron los recursos, pues la vida Nukak exige la movilidad en la selva para permitir la renovación de los recursos. Los Nukak del occidente se fueron ya para su territorio que queda relativamente cerca. Los del oriente no están en condiciones de hacer lo mismo, necesitan que se financie el transporte por río o por vía aérea, hastacerca del territorio.

Desde el 18 de septiembre los 170 Nukak del oriente que estaban en Puerto Ospina exigen que se les ayude a retornara su territorio ancestral. Una comisión de la Misión Internacional de Verificación los visitó el 27 de septiembre para oírlos sin mediación y comprobó que habían huido por miedo, pero que querían regresar. “Hemos emprendido una campaña para lograr esos recursos y Mow be’ estuvo en Bogotá para hacer oír su pedido, así lo expreso en el Foro por la Vida y dignidad de los pueblos indígenas y en rueda de prensa al final de la Misión. Después nos llamaba urgentemente por teléfono para preguntar qué habíamos conseguido, se le sentía desesperado, creo que no aguantó la presión de su gente por el deseo y necesidad de regresar a su territorio ancestral. Ahora nos enteramos de su partida lo cual nos reta a mediar y conseguir recursos para que al fin puedan retornar”, precisó Luis Evelis Andrade Casama, Presidente de la ONIC.

Llegamos a apreciar a Mow be’. Lo sentíamos como un hermano que luchaba por su gente como cualquiera de nosotros. En su memoria, por su última lucha, por el querer de los ancianos y de todos los líderes del grupo Nukak desplazado, llamamos a apresurar los esfuerzos para que los Nukak del oriente regresen a Wayari’, para que se consigan los recursos, para que además se concerte ya un acuerdo humanitario para que tras el retorno los Nukak puedan vivir tranquilos en la selva donde han vivido por siglos.

Mow be’, Gran Perdiz, paz en tu tumba, seguiremos la lucha para que tu gente retorne, hasta que retorne y viva tranquila en Wayári’, su territorio ancestral.

Contacto ONIC: LUIS EVELIS ANDRADE 315-8572995 / Comunicaciones 312-6394123. / 2811845

Source ONIC 


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AFP- Via email –   


Los Nukak Makú, la última tribu nómada de Colombia, en riesgo de extinción

BOGOTA, 10 Oct 2006 (AFP) – Los Nukak Makú, una de las pocas tribus nómadas que sobrevive en América Latina, se encuentran al borde de la extinción tras una reducción de su población a menos de 500 personas en 18 años, alertó la Organización Nacional de Indígenas de Colombia (ONIC).
En 1988, cuando fueron contactados por primera vez, la población de Nukak Makú sumaba 1.300 indígenas pero ahora son menos de 500, de los cuales 160 se desplazaron a zonas urbanas tras la aparición de enfermedades desconocidas y la irrupción de grupos armados en su territorio, según la ONIC.
El gobierno colombiano dispuso hace dos meses el traslado de 160 miembros de esa etnia que se habían refugiado en el poblado de San José (sureste), capital del departamento de Guaviare, a un terreno de 20.000 hectáreas en la reserva forestal de Barrancón.
Pero una misión internacional que visitó hace dos semanas a los Nukak Makú asegura que los aborígenes están inconformes con la ubicación que se les asignó y reclaman apoyo para retornar a su territorio original de casi un millón de hectáreas.
Los Nukak reubicados en Barrancón dicen ahora que prefieren vivir bajo la amenaza de inseguridad en su territorio original y no sin perspectiva, “en condiciones deplorables de higiene y salud”, según relató a la AFP Philippe Matay, un cooperante belga.
“Ellos nos han dicho: ‘Nos ayuden o no, emprenderemos pronto una marcha para regresar a nuestro territorio'”, señala Matay, miembro de la llamada Comisión Internacional de Verificación sobre la Situación Humanitaria y Derechos Humanos de los Pueblos Indígenas de Colombia.
Los indígenas han solicitado que se les facilite transporte fluvial para acortar la enorme distancia que los separa de su lugar de origen en la selva, a varias semanas de camino.
Según Matay, los representantes Nukak expusieron a los verificadores internacionales que tienen problemas de insuficiencia alimentaria y de salud en la reserva que les fue entregada por el gobierno. Incluso, algunos de ellos han debido ser remitidos al hospital de San José para ser atendidos.
Los indígenas aseguran que en Barrancón existe un único tipo de bosque, lo que no les permite acceso a las más de 200 especies vegetales y animales que constituían la base de la alimentación que tenían en su territorio original, de un millón de hectáreas.
La ONIC advirtió en un documento que “las concepciones de retorno y reubicación permanente y temporal de la población indígena no están claras, o su uso confuso es premeditado”, lo que puede ocasionar, según ellos, el despojo a los Nukak de su territorio original.
Según Matay, la ayuda humanitaria otorgada a los desplazados tampoco ha sido adecuada: “las autoridades departamentales tienen buena voluntad pero hay una incomprensión entre los dos mundos: les han dado frijoles y lentejas (que no saben cocinar) y toallas higiénicas y pañales para niños que los Nukak terminaron utilizando como sombreros”, dice.
El delegado de la ONIC para los asuntos de los Nukak Makú, Iginio Obispo, indicó que la intención de la organización es tramitar una ayuda solidaria para trasladar a aquellos Nukak que se encuentran fuera de su territorio.


 In Memory of Mo be’ , Your Light will Shine