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Ray Of Light, U the Pulse is Coming

October 17, 2006

Dear Family of Light,

Many of you have felt the energy of Mother Gaia for some time and She moves in a Universe in ways we don’t understand.

Just see what happened in Hawaii and North Korea with Nuclear test, a couple days latter earthquake in Japan.

Each bomb we set off affects our planet and it is like she is full of holes and negative energy. Each solider that dies in war leaves a vortex-fear-based hole in that spot.  This is why nature is so off balance.

We have inner bombs of anger and negative energy that come from within. These emotional bombs need to heal and know our thoughts affect the Earth and every soul living in present time. Imagine if you are the Roots of the Human World Tree, your Emotions, Energy in Motion~> of love and peace go up the trunk and to each branch or religion of this magical living tree affecting each leaf, each soul of the Tree of Life. All your brothers and sisters around the world are affected by what we think —positive or negative….So please take time to change your thoughts and change your world.

So what is going on? What does all this mumbo jumbo really mean?

I had a dream where I saw this UV pulse beam of Light coming into the earth.

This Ray of Light was a blue -green frequency, vibrating aqua and gold and it was a part of my future higher self coming to activate me in present time.

Imagine if your 1st Birth on Earth was one of Pure Love, a frequency of Peace, Bliss, Harmony and Purity.

Your aura at that time is the same color of this pulse beam and every thought you create, becomes reality in 1 second.

In the Golden Age to come, we are all living in a frequency of Love. Pure and Simple, Love is the greatest Healer and what is most needed now.

Love yourself, with all the imperfections, but knowing that you are a seed of Pure Perfect Light praying to come out.

Love God, this is the Key to Happiness, Peace and Protection. In a world at War, my love for God becomes a service 4 others and a protection from the negative souls that are in darkness.

Love your family and enemies. Enemies are just karma unresolved, Ego in the way and Love waiting 2 heal. Loving all souls on the Tree of Life brings a frequency of lightness and counteracts on the negative forces.

Love Nature, She is in pain and suffering. Send good wishes to the Ocean, the Mountains and our Mother, she will reward U in ways unknown.

What will we do when a super volcano explodes and the world goes in darkness for 3 days…All the past thoughts of love for Nature will keep U safe.

Never Fear what U don’t understand just tune to the Supreme Light and all will be answered.

God is only a Thought Away and He ~ She Loves U!

This is the magic of the Future coming to remind us of limited time.

We are still in the Vortex of the Eclipses of this past Sept and in Nov will have a Mercury Transit.

The Sun is changing frequency and so are U. Your Past and Future Light Pulse comes to say, Wake Up!!

We are in a time to move the negative energy out of our lives and let the Real U come into full glory.

We can use these days to be still, Listen and be Silent. The Real U the Seed of Pure Light is coming into Earth with a Quickening.

Remember, You are a Soul. Light that is Eternal. Un-destructible and never created. U have always been and will be again. Nothing is new under the sun…we have seen this all before. As is my past will be my future and in my present I create my Perfection.

The World is like a cosmic video in the Mind of God. Light on Film, we create what is in our minds.  God as our Mother says, see the perfect seed under the tree and connected with the Master Seed. See the Angel within and know that God will not give U a test U can not conquer.

Love conquers all. A Ray of Light, U the Pulse is Coming!

From the Heart,


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see more info below…a bit long but worth the read…

Great site for beginners in Meditation




A cosmic trigger event will be occurring on the 17th of October, 2006. This

is the beginning, one of many trigger events to come between now and 2013.

An ultraviolet (UV) pulse beam radiating from higher dimensions in

Universe-2 will cross paths with the Earth on this day. Earth will remain

within this UV beam for approximately 17 hours of your time. This beam

resonates with the heart chakra; it is radiant fluorescent in nature,

blue/magenta in color. Although it resonates in this frequency band, it is

above the color frequency spectrum of your Universe- 1 which you, Earth,

articulate in. We call this UV beam trigger event the “818” gateway.


Due to the nature of your soul and soul groups operating from Universe-2

frequency bands, it will have an effect. The effect is that every thought

and emotion will be amplified intensely one million-fold. Yes, we will

repeat, all will be amplified one million times and more. Every thought,

every emotion, every intent, every will, no matter if it is good, bad, ill,

positive, or negative, will be amplified one million times in strength.


What does this mean? Since all matter that manifests is due to your

thoughts, i.e. what you focus on, this beam will accelerate these thoughts

and solidify them at an accelerated rate, making them manifest a million

times faster than they normally would. For those that do not comprehend:

Your thoughts, what you focus upon, create your reality. This UV beam thus

can be a dangerous tool. For if you are focused on negative thoughts, they

will manifest into your reality almost instantly. But this UV beam can be a

gift, if you choose it to be.


Mission 1017 requires approximately one million people to focus on positive,

benign, good- willed thoughts for themselves, and, the Earth and Humanity on

this day. Your thoughts can be of any nature of your choosing, but remember

that whatever you focus on will be made manifest in a relatively faster than

anticipated time frame. To some the occurrences may almost be bordering on

the miraculous.


All we ask is that positive thoughts of love, prosperity, healing, wealth,

kindness, and gratitude be focused on. This UV beam will come into full

effect for 17 hours on the 17th of October 2006. No matter what time zone

you are in, the hours are approximately 10:17A.M. on the 17th of October to

1:17 A.M. on October 18th. The peak time will be 17:10 (5:10 P.M.) on

October 17th.


While you do not need to be in a meditative state throughout this time, it

would be beneficial. Perhaps at the peak time it would be well if you can

find a peaceful spot or location to focus your thoughts and energies. The

optimal place is out in the vicinity of grounded nature, such as near a

large tree or next to the ocean waves. Focus on whatever it is you desire.

What is required for the benefit of all Earth and Humanity are positive

thoughts of a loving nature.


Please forward this message to as many people as possible who you know will

use this cosmic trigger event to focus on positive, good-willed thoughts. At

least 1 million people across the globe are needed to actively participate

in this event to measurably raise the vibration of the planet and to trigger

a shift for humanity from separation and fragmentation to unification and



This is your opportunity to take back what is rightfully yours – Peace and

Prosperity – for all the Earth and Humankind. This is a gift, a lifeline

from your universe, so to speak, an answer to your prayers. However, what

you do with it and whether or not you participate is your choice.


Watch your thoughts, they become your words…

Watch your words, they become your actions…

Watch your actions, they become your habits…

Watch your habits, they become your character…

Watch your character, it becomes your destiny!



Manifesting (Y)Our Destiny

by Flesymi


Manifesting is the making expressed or visible that which is implied or

invisible. How do we manifest our collective destiny, while simultaneously

involved in a personal one, when everyone seems to be heading in different

directions? To make matters more challenging, some people see their destiny

along a predetermined course of events, while others see it as a hopeless

struggle against forces that bring sadness, pain, fear and despair. Yet

another potent group see their destiny as inseparable from the human

species’ ability to manifest higher possibilities of a greater pattern or

design, which some call G-d , Cosmic Consciousness, Infinite Presence,

Christ, Buddha, the Messiah, etc.


How do we co-create a collective destiny that is aligned with our greatest

potential? The answer appears too complex on the surface; yet, there is a

simple way…a very powerful way.


The way out of this paradox and confusion is as simple as 2 X 2 = 4. The

recognition of this simple way is closer than your own breath, nearer and

dearer than your own heart. And it costs you nothing. It is as obvious as

the fact that 2 X 2 always equaled 4; it didn’t wait until we recognized it

for it to be true. But while this way is simple, it is not easy. It is not

easy because we have for so long looked in the opposite direction and have

locked our attention on the problem instead of the solution. It is time to

change our attention. It is time to change our minds about our world.


Destiny is a matter of choice, not about predetermination. Destiny is about

choosing which patterns and structures out of the infinite possibilities in

us and before us we shall draw out and make expressed. Destiny is the power

or agency that determines the course of events, and that power is us! It is

our divine privilege to choose and to consciously evolve.


Descartes once remarked, “Cogito, ergo sum,” I think, therefore I am. I

prefer the affirmation offered by Professor Amit Goswami in his book, “The

Self-Aware Universe .” Professor Goswami offers, “Opto, ergo sum,” I choose,

therefore I am.


Yet the power is not in the choice. The power is not in the pattern, or the

in object of the choice. When I say, “I choose therefore I am,” it is the “I

AM” that is the power. I AM is the source, the idea and the fulfillment of

the idea. When we say I AM we are engaging the power to effect whatever

follows it.


I AM broke.

I AM hungry.

I AM tired.

I AM lonely.

I AM afraid.

I AM hateful.




I AM love.

I AM abundant.

I AM whole.

I AM nourished.

I AM peace.

I AM nurturing.

I AM courageous.

I AM powerful.

I AM creative.


Look at your life now and see if what you find there is not a perfect mirror

of with what you follow “I am…”; make a list and you’ll be surprised. Now

look at our world and see that it also reflects our collective vision of “I

am…” The principle is unfailing because we unwittingly engage the power

that creates our realities when we affirm whatever follows I AM. This is how

it is closer and dearer than our own breath and heart. I AM is the clearest,

least distorted statement in the human language that expresses the Infinite

Presence that infuses all matter of being in the universe. I AM is our

quintessential nature and our nature fulfilled. Our reality, individually

and collectively, is an out picturing of how we see ourselves, how we follow

the powerful statement, “I am…”


Of course another word attempts this feat, “God”; but how can we fit

something that is infinite into a limited concept. The word “God” is a

concept, a limited linguistic expression of that which is infinite. The word

“God” has been used immaturely and to create boundaries instead of union. In

the name of “God” more violence and blood has been shed than any other

single cause in the history of humankind. We can forgive our past

transgressions and move on to more fulfilling, productive destinies when we

return to “God” as an infinite Presence that unites us, rather than as a

concept that divides us.


This is what was revealed to Moses as “God’s” name: “I Am That I Am”; it is

a profound and eternal message of Truth. This is what is revealed to us

today through a confluence of religion, science, technology and an exciting

global awakening:




This is who I AM        This is Now               Now is This

This is That               That is This


This is Here               So is That                  This is All

That there Is              This is So


That                I AM


It sounds too simple, I know. Yet I AM describes the entire universe from

beginning to end. It describes all the mathematics of motion, position,

probability, relationship and change within the universe. It describes pairs

of opposites across all levels of existence, from the positive and negative

subatomic forces, to the love and fear of man and woman for themselves and

each other. It describes our greatest dreams and our darkest nightmares. It

describes all that we can become; it describes all that we can destroy. It

describes all these things because it points to something that is infinite,

the Truth of which can only be experienced, not discussed, measured or

taught. Our challenge is to “follow the finger that points the way instead

of sucking it,” as Alan Watts proposed that Christianity do in relationship

to Jesus Christ.


We must seek the experience of Truth in all our activities instead of using

concepts of Truth as pacifiers.


We must live the Truth we know if we are to know the freedom we seek.


If you were infinite and someone asked your name, how could you answer in

any other way that would reveal your infinitude? The mighty utterance “I AM”

is a superb feat of infinite, impeccable logic because “I am…” can be

followed by an infinite list of attributes and relationships, and thus,

allows for infinite progression of expression.


Saying I AM in the genuineness of its true meaning allows us instantly to

transcend the perceptual limits of time and space and manifest a destiny

promised by our innate affinity for infinity . When we say I AM with the

recognition that we are calling into action the Presence that creates stars,

and with the recognition that we are one with that Presence, and with the

recognition that we are individual expressions of that Presence, then we in

that moment transcend all that separates us from our own infinite Essence.

This is how we co-create desirable and mutually fulfilling futures.


We must awaken to the fact that we are divine in nature and are unified

within that divine essence, and celebrate that divinity in all life. This

awakening allows us to become conscious of our abilities to co-create with

the I AM Presence. This is our charter if we expect to advance to the next

level of human evolution. This is the simple way to manifest a collective

destiny because here all struggle ceases and life becomes enjoyment of

experience rather than lessons to be learned.


We do not need more lessons once we accept our place as heirs to an Infinite

Throne instead of begging for crumbs outside the kingdom. If G-d, the I AM

Presence, is infinite and all-knowing, what could there possibly be for G-d

to learn through us? If we are individual expressions of that Presence, why

would we be created to learn a lesson when G-d already knows everything

there is to learn? The struggling that goes with an ego-limited life lived

to learn lessons and satisfy lower desires is what creates confusion and



We live to experience, we live to express, and we have lessons because it is our nature to learn from our experiences, not visa versa.

The growth we see as evolution, personally and collectively, is merely the

unfolding of that which is infinitely enfolded, like the perennial

blossoming of the fragile rose in the dancing and eternal light of spring.

The Divine Idea, “ROSE,” exists in the Cosmic Mind as a necessary antecedent

to the physical manifestation of the rose. The Consciousness of “ROSE” and a

Living Energy is what animates the rose that we enjoy with our senses, and

we know the Truth of it by our experience of it in the now. Is there any

other way to truly know a rose?


Understanding creation in this way answers the befuddling riddle: what came

first, the chicken or the egg?


Ultimately, the only way to truly experience reality and leave “lessons”

behind is to use I AM in wholesome ways and to consciously affirm with our

thoughts, feelings, words and actions that which we want revealed in our

world collectively. This desire must come from a higher place than our own

self-centered concerns. This is how we can co-create with the knowledge and

responsibility that we owe our Source and owe our six billion other soul

mates with which we have incarnated now. Done with the humble recognition

that “I AM” this Presence, by virtue of our Divine essence, and because

everything is this Presence, we naturally tap into the Source that is

inherently harmonious within Itself. If this were not the case, the universe

would have extinguished itself long ago.


When we access this aspect of our own higher potential, we co-create without

trepidation, and thus more powerfully. We don’t waver because we know that

we are co-creating a world where everyone is abundantly free and expressing

his or her divine gifts freely. Think of anything you want in a fulfilled

life, anything: abundance, love, peace, security, adventure, joy, perfect

health, spontaneity or creativity. Who wouldn’t want a life of these things?

The Force that lies back of all form and function naturally fosters these

things because they are aspects of Its own Identity. We have only to align

with these aspects collectively and affirm them with our life force – our

thoughts, feelings and actions – and they will be in our experience “in the

blink of an eye.”


We must always remember that reality is plastic and fluid. The universe

instantly reflects back to us whatever we are projecting by our own minds

and beliefs. Consider that “mind” is a projector that uses reality as a

screen upon which to project its own version of things. It projects its own

fears, beliefs, conditioning, likes, dislikes, attitudes, concepts and

models onto reality, then confuses this motion picture with reality itself.

If we choose to distort the out picturing of our nature by holding fear and

lack in our hearts and minds, then we will experience realities that reflect

these distortions.


Instead, we can allow our true nature to shine and see that brilliance

reflected to our senses.


It should be self-evident that reality is infinitely moldable to the life

that animates it.


Can you not see this in the world about you, both natural and manmade? War

and violence exist because these things are in the hearts and minds of

humankind. Peace will reign when peace finds a lasting abode in our hearts

and minds. If things appear rigid and inflexible it is our own rigid, false

sense of identity that is rigid, and what we observe in our daily life is

merely a reflection of that stiff, narrow sense of self. We experience this

seeming insidious reflection of our lower nature so that we may know our

greatness by contrast. What we need to evolve beyond our current level is a

broader sense of self…a living, breathing recognition that we are part of

a larger Being in whom our complete fulfillment lies…but we are it…not

separate form it. We only need to nurture the complete and collective

consciousness of this Truth in order to see it manifest in our experience.

The beginning of this experience is the moving from self-centered

consciousness to whole-centered consciousness. Herein lies the promise of

the ages: paradise on earth.


Simple mathematics can prove that if we concern ourselves with everyone else

as well as ourselves then we can have orders of magnitude more of

everything. It is the mathematics of a utopian economy: You live in a world

where only you are concerned about you; therefore, you have only one person

on your side. On the other hand, if you lived in a place where six billion

people were concerned about you, but you and everyone else concerned

themselves with the fulfillment of everyone else, then you would have six

billion people interested in your welfare, and so would everyone else! Which

would you rather have? Which world would be more likely to foster the

manifestation of that which is (y)our highest potential…(y)our destiny?


This is the “secret” to manifesting a collective destiny where everyone is

fulfilled and where we experience abundance in all areas of life. But how do

we get there from here? How do we alter this in a world that seems bent on

fearful, destructive, self-serving motives and activities?


We start in our own hearts and minds. We as individuals must affirm with our

deepest feeling nature the I AM Presence every moment and commit to living

and being now as we would in a world that already expresses a higher

potential. Is there anything that is stopping us right this instant but our

own forgotten choice to act out of fear instead of love? Will it ever become

a reality until we do? What are we waiting for? Be It NOW!


If we are to act as a collective – act as the one Being we are – then we

each have to take responsibility for our individual selves. We have to stop

trying to fix other people and start “fixing” ourselves. How can we take a

splinter from our friend’s eye when we have logs in ours? We take the logs

out of our eyes by opening up to greater expressions of our Essence and

release patterns in mind and heart that distort our true self. Then we

express our divine gifts freely and accept the abundance and bounty of

soulful living as our reward. The only thing we owe others is the nurturing

and celebration of their Essence, just like we each want for ourselves. We

must know and trust that this Essence can, and already is, doing what it can

to guide us all to higher possibilities.


Once we settle into our own inner peace and recognition of our innate,

glorious nature, then we can look for those with whom we have an affinity.

When two or more gather in the name of Higher Potential, powerful forces are

activated because “work” is being done that is resonating with an existing

pattern, i.e., the energy of the I AM Presence seeking conscious union with

Its own creation.


What we observe as evolution is just patterns of form, function and

experience that express more complex relationships of that Infinite Presence

to Itself.


By allowing affinity to work in our lives, we naturally attract those with

whom we share a common vision for an exciting, wholesome future, and cause

to materialize that good which is already trying to break through in our

lives. We co-create and align with a new morphic field that contains all

that is needed to materialize any desired possibility.

Tribal Ink News & The Womb Radio/Krib TV
786.268.2723 ~ 305.673.5953

Who is the Man Behind This Web….

October 13, 2006

Luis E Mejia

Producer, Writer & Director

A native of Bogotá, Colombia, Luis Mejia is President, Global TV Live, a Film, Multi-Media Production and PR company based in Miami, Florida and Bogota, Cololmbia.

Luis has extensive experience in magazine publishing and was Vice President, Communications for Americas Publishing Group. He worked as Director of Strategic Alliance/ Associate Editor for LatinCEO Magazine. and South Florida CEO . He is also a consultant for Leaders Magazine.

A humanitarian at heart, Luis is presently producing a Humanitarian Tour with the Kogi Indians and raising funds for a hospital in Santa Marta, Colombia.

As an artist, Luis is an investor and producer with The Womb Internet Radio/TV , media properties include- Krib TV , Mezz TV , & Womb Music . We are Creation Stations in the forefront of the Digital Video-Music Revolution.

In 1998 Luis founded Tribal Ink News (TIN), a non-profit Internet-based news agency for Indigenous people and the environment. ( Tribal Ink News produces Documentaries, TV programs, media campaigns and Public Service Announcement (PSA). In September 2002 TIN was involved with the UN World Summit for Sustainable Development in South Africa promoting the Ubunto Village and one of the UN Wisdom Keepers, Dadi Janki of the Brahma Kumaris.


Luis gained international recognition as a leader in saving the Miami Circle, an ancient archeological site in downtown Miami. His fight to save the Circle was featured in the Wall St Journal, the Miami Herald, CNN, all the local TV stations, and Internet Radio. Tribal Ink News was receiving 10,000 hits a day during the peak of the Miami Circle media frenzy. TIN has an office in Peru with Sacred Valley Productions

Luis has more than 25 years experience in the business world, as a journalist and public relations professional. He was communications manager for Motorola’s Latin America division in 2000 and was responsible for creating media campaigns, writing speeches for the CEO and Internet development.

He produced the 1st ever TV-multi-media internal communications program for Motorola’s employees in 15 countries. This program won 3 major industry awards for creativity, production and editing.

In 1995 Luis was hired by Ford Motor Company to work in Sao Paulo, Brazil as the Ford 2000 Communications Director for Latin America. In Brazil, Luis played a key role in promoting a $1million grant to Conservation International for preservation of the Amazon Rain Forest. He produced CEO Alex Trotman’s live satellite link up to Latin America and created internal communications campaigns for employees in Brazil.

After a successful campaign in Latin America, he was promoted to the International Public Affairs department at Ford’s WHQ in Detroit covering India, Japan, Australia and South America.

In 1993 Luis created Inner Voice Communications, Inc. (IVC), a full service communications and marketing company. IVC produced numerous events and specialized in the Hispanic Market.

He was named to the Who’s Who Worldwide of Business Leaders in 1995.


Luis brings creativity and professional execution for Events Productions, Media campaigns and multi-platform marketing. He was one of the key producers for the Hurricane Relief Concert and Celebrity Auction produced by Emilio Estefan, HBO and Comic Relief in 1993. These events raised over $ 2 million for the victims of Hurricane Andrew.

An accomplished writer, Luis has worked for Miami Magazine, Miami Business, Leaders Magazine in New York, Disco Show International, Entertainment News & Views, and has published articles in the Miami Herald,

Vista Magazine, The UN’s Global Visions Book, El Tiempo, Community Newspapers and numerous other publications.

In the early 90’s, Luis was on the Executive Committee of the International Co-Production Film Market and the Hispanic Media Conference produced by the City of Miami. He was responsible for awards given to the CEOs of FedEX and Procter & Gamble, as well as Latin celebrities, Lucia Mendez and Luca Bentivolgio.

As a strong environmentalist, Luis created the Earth Station Foundation in 1989. This eco-media organization produced 3 Earth Day concerts, PSA campaigns and awarded Emmanuel, a popular Mexican celebrity, with the Earth Station Humanitarian Award

Luis is a member of the Executive Council of Airline Ambassadors International, ( ) a humanitarian organization helping children in need. He is involved with numerous organizations including: the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences,, Miami Latin Film Festival, Miami Int Film Festival, UN Forum On Indigenous Issues , Images and Voices of Hope , Living Values, , Artists 4 Mercy, and the One World Radio

Tribal Ink News, The Womb and Global TV Live

Based in Miami, Florida & Bogotá, Colombia ,


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Welcome to Global TV Live

October 11, 2006


Welcome to Global TV Live, a unique site where you will see the news and TV in a different fashion.  We are media professionals who see beyond the PR and corporate spin.  Have you not been tired of seeing the news the old way? Blood, War, senseless killings, corrupt government officials, greedy CEOs, you name it, we have seen it!

In today’s world we are bombarded with countless images, sexy ads, useless videos, background noise, controlled media people, robots in space spying on you, and then you turn the TV and watch the 11 pm news and all the major networks have the same news with a different slant.  What use do you get out of all this, if the truth is not told?  Truth stands by itself…we present it and each one makes a choice to switch the channel or hit the delete button. 

We are an Internet network of media organizations, TV producers, journalists, Film Makers, Native Elders, Eco and Humanitarian NGOs, artists, VJs, renegade writers,  and Corporate Leaders ready to bridge the Digital Divide and share the news live and in a way you have never seen before.

We are open for free membership and always looking for those few eagles that soar above the rest.  If you have video or news that will not get any play on NBC, CBS or ABC…then you found your home.

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